Hmmm guys sorry as I did not post this ff for 2 long days. Actually I was busy in thinking about the twists of the other ff of mine. And I think this one is becoming a boring one but I think it will gradually become interesting. So let’s start……
One day tia comes to anika
Tia: I want to talk to you about something
Anika: tell me
Tia: promise me it will be a top secret between us
Anika looks awkwardly at tia.
Anika: ohhh…..okkk but what is the matter?
Tia: do you know I’m in love

Anika: uffff tia not again
Tia: this time it’s real wala pyaar anika.
Anika: ohk fine tell me who is that dumb fellow whom you love
Tia: hey don’t call him dumb he is very sweet you know he and I are perfect match.
Anika: okk ab bol bhi ye badnashib kaun hai
Anika is shocked to hear the name of shivay from her mouth. She then looks at shivay who was standing with om and his friends at one corner of the classroom. She then starts to laugh out loud. Everyone at once move their head to look anika. Shivay also notices her laughing like mad.

Tia: anika what are you doing just stop everyone is looking at us.
Anika tries to stop her laughter but couldn’t. She again looks at shivay and then at tia and again starts to laugh.
Tia: you are just disgusting anika I want your help and you are just laughing at me. Fine I’m going.
Now anika could control her laughter.
Anika: ok ok I will help you but what help do you need from me?

Tia: please don’t tell about this to shivay now.
Anika: ok I won’t tell but then what do you want me to do?
Tia: when you will return back from school with shivay then I will also go with you and you will just go away from that place leaving us alone.
Anika: ok done.
She again burst out laughing and runs from that place. The school gets over tia and anika do the same as they have decided. Shivay was feeling uncomfortable with tia so he returns back home as fast as he could. Anika feels a pain deep inside her heart but she was unaware of the cause so she ignored it. next day at school tia again comes to anika.
Tia: today only you go and tell it to him that I love him.
Anika: ok as your wish
That day also school gets over anika and shivay was returning back to their home.
Anika: shivay can I ask you something

Shivay: from which side did the sun rise today?
Anika: what? Why are you asking this question?
Shivay: because you are asking for my permission to tell oh sorry to ask me something
Anika: ok leave it so I was asking thhhhaa…..aaattt
Shivay: hey come-on tell me what do you want to ask
Anika: I was asking that do you believe in love.
Shivay: not this topic again anika

Anika: no just answer my question
Shivay: ya may be
Anika: oh then I want to say you something can i?
Shivay: today you have gone crazy just say it yaar
Anika: tia loves you and do you love her
Shivay: what?
Anika: no questions just say yes or no
Shivay: yes

Anika was not prepared for this answer. She felt stabbed but then she was happy with shivay’s answer also. She laughed out loud
Anika: you and tia is really a perfect match
After saying that she laughs and run away from that place.
Some days gets passed. Now she speaks very less to shivay. Seeing Shivay and tia together she feels hurt but never say this to anybody. One day she was returning to her seat after writing a question on the board of her classroom. Shivay holds her hand very tightly and she stops and looks at shivay. She very slowly asks shivay
Anika: what are you doing shivay leave my hand
Shivay: if I don’t leave what will you do

Suddenly then the teacher calls out
Teacher: what happened anika beta why are you standing near shivay’s seat?
Anika: nothing mam shivay was asking a word in that question that he was unable to understand.
Teacher: ok have you told him

Anika: yes mam
Teacher ok then go to your seat.
Shivay then leaves her hand and she goes to her seat. She looks back to see shivay and to her shock shivay was also looking at her. They both smiled and then again started to pay attention in class. Shivay then starts to get away from tia and tia was disturbed seeing the change in behavior of shivay. She could not understand but then she was also prepared to go away from shivay. Shivay and tia broke their relationship. Tia felt bad but she accepted the truth. The days passed and all of them got promoted to class 7.


Guys hope you liked the episode. Bye. Will try to post the next part soon.

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