Thank you guys I know the first episode was boring (may be) but as the story will proceed it will be interesting I can say that. Thanks to all of you for supporting me and for motivating me to write foth the ffs side by side. Let’s move on to the story.

Anika and shivay are now in class 5. As usual they used to talk only at tuition. One day shivay came to the tuition but was sitting with a sad face. Anika came and asked shivay about the reason behind his sadness.
Anika: ooo tadibaaz why are you so sad today?
Shivay: because of you
Anika: what? Because of me but what did I do?
Shivay: nothing but because of you I was scolded at the class and all my friends also laughed at me.
Anika: will you please say what have I done?
Suddenly then the teacher enters the class and asks shivay that what happened to him?
Shivay: mam I got scolded at class today because of anika
Teacher: what did anika do?
Shivay: mam I tried to copy the style in which anika reads English in the class and the teacher scolded me for that
Anika gave a fhat the wuck look to shivay
Teacher: but why did you copy her?
Shivay: because I love her English pronunciations
Teacher: it is her pronunciations you can’t copy that right so never try to copy anybody in your life ever again.
Shivay: ok mam.

That day the class got over, shivay and anika talked to each other about this matter and it was only anika who cheered up the mood of tadibaaz shivay. On the next day at school shivay walked to anika.
Shivay: hi anika
Anika: hi but you are talking to me at school?
Shivay: because I was missing you
Anika: awwww so sweet
The days passed gradually now shivay and anika also talks at the school whenever they see each other.
Anika: do you know shivay I have a friend named tia, she is very good but watches a lot of bollywood movies and always talks about love.
Shivay: oh really???
Anika: ya achha what if you fall in love in your life
Shivay: miss anika aluwaliah we are too small to talk about this matter we will talk in this matter when we will grow up.
Anika: ok mr. bhagad bille
Shivay gives anika a death glare and anika bursts out laughing. The days passed and they got promoted to class 6. Shivay was shifted to same section in which anika studies. They both were very excited as in class 6 they will be able to sit in same class, pulling each other’s leg all time and doing masti together. By the time they reached the middle of class 6 every one came to know about their friendship. The total school started taunting anika as shivay’s girlfriend and shivay as anika’s boyfriend. They both enjoyed the rumor but never talked directly about this to each other.


Guys today I have posted both the ff together so just read it and tell me how is it.

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