Shivika love story – two shot (Part 2)


Hii gyez i am back and as you all know that its only a two shot story so it end today so read and give your opinion about ff and thankyou so much all reader


Shivaay force Anika for maarige Anika confess she love shivaay and she run away from weeding

Part 2

Anika run and reach in hotel ( you remember shivaay om and anika go behind her for spy )

Anika: today i donot leave this tia i have to find her

Shivaay come behind her

Shivaay : Why she come here

Anika enter in hotel she ask on counter

Anika : Can you tell me Miss tia kapoor room number

Recepniost : Yeah sure mam 102

Shivaay also come and listen everything

Anika reach to room

Anika ring bell shivaay behind her

Tia : Donot know who is this time come in

Aniks open door and see tia tia is with robin on bed and shivaay clearly see this from outside

Anika : Wow so your cousin is your husband ya he is not your cousin he is your husband am i right

Tia : Yeah you are right he is my husband so what you know alll so why are you giving me looks

Anika : tia why you are doing this shivaay force me for marry with him i run away from there please go and tell all this to shivaay

Tia : Wow Anika you get your love without any hurdel go and marry with him why are you worried you can enjoy your life with him he is rich handsome

Anika : I am not like you i donot want his money i want his love and he can never give him i want his care , concern he cant never give me so why i do a forcing marrige and with a man. Who give money because he want i go away from his life and not this he think i am gold digger and yeah i am obssesed with him

Shivaay is stunned and think when i say this

Tia : Anika i am sorry but shivaay never say thus that day you hear om and shivaay conversation that my words shivaay told om shivaay not think about this yiu and that money shivaay give for marrige prepration i manipulate the things

Shivaay is now Angry and Anika is in tears

Shivaay come and held Anika hand

Shivaay : i am sory Anika i donot trust you
Now come we have to marry and tia i will see you latee
Tia and robin go from there
Anika : Why i marry you atleast give me one sensible reasone

Shivaay : Because i want
Anika( teasing tone) : its not work
Shivaay : Ohh so its not one day marrige its whole life you have to bear me
Anika : No it cant work
Shivaay : So what work
Anika (teary eyes) Because i love you and you never love me because of diffrence of class you are rich big buisnessman and i am just roadside trash who have no lineage i cant marry you
Shivaay : Shut up Anika donot you dare to say this Again i want you marry i donot know why but after know all truth i want live my whole life with you and i believe obn this class linege but not now because A high class girl tia do such a cheap Act with me she make me a joke but you always save me and my faimly to all problem….. i donot know what is it but i want to marry with you

Anika is emotional and said yes

Shivaay come to mandap

Shivaay sit in mandap they put vermanla in neack and they take rounds around the wire the make her wear manaksutra then he lift her Veil and everyone is shocked to see Anika

Pinky : Donot put vermilion in her forgead
But shivaay us shivaay shivaay put vermilion in her hairline

Pandit : From today you are husband and wife
Shivaay Anika sign on marrige paper
They all go oberoi mansion
Pinky come to Anika

Pinky : you are cheap you destroy my son life why u do this with him you show your middle class cheap act

Shivaay shout : Mom

Pinky going to slap her but shivaay held her hand and stand beside Anika

Shivaay : I love Anika she is my wife and shivaay tell all about tia and now i realise i love Anika and i cant stay away from her she is my life and if anyone have problem then tell me

Dadi bless them : Give me soon grand child

Shivika blush

Omru tease
Rudra : bhayia i tell you you both between have something i know you both love each other

Om ; I happy for both of you gyez

Shiviks go to bedroom

Shivaay come closevtp Anika but shr run away shy shivaay come more close and turn to her his side and he take her in his arms and put her on bed and go closee to her and kiss on her lips anika also reciprocate the kiss Anika hand in his hair and tge do passionatly kiss after they intimate …………

So thats all gyes tell me you all like or not please comment all reader i want to see how many pepole read my ff please gyez its a request…. comment

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  1. i loved your ff …its dialog were ozm……plz write again

  2. Shivika

    It was osum dear u stole my part i need to think anything else now….haha just kidding it was wow…i loved it a lot u keep writing it and give oberoi family a good news and happy ending bit more later plzzz

    1. Rithik

      Ohh donot worry i know you are gr8 writer you can think anything much better than this but thanks

      1. Shivika

        I m not at all that gr8 u think but i love ur ff thats y i don’t want it to be ended so soon

    2. Rithik

      Thankyou dear here very less pepole who like my ff

  3. Lohaniya Devi

    It’s really awesome episode. I love it

  4. Mukta


  5. its awesome ……i just love it

  6. Puvi

    its fablous rithik and y ur continuing ur another ff i really missing it

  7. Wat happened to omika ff missing it..

  8. Huhhh such a lovely moment and you ended ur episode there ?????

  9. Sat_9492


  10. It’s superb…

  11. SamSun

    This was so good. I loved it especially shivaay’s confessio.????

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