Hi guys.. I m Misbah back with my 4th episode,. Guys sorry for late posting.. Actually its d month of ramadaan n I m keeping fast,so I become tired that day,, so I can’t post.. Guys due to Ramadan I will not post regularly…

So let’s start..

Anika wakes up n goes down.,

Sees evry1 was present in dining table..

Anika: gud morning.,

Evry1: gud morning..

Anika sits n ask..

Anika: what happend??

Gauri: v r going to shopping..

Anika: y shopping??

Raj: beta.. Actually oberois says that u n shivaay engagement will be tomorrow,.

Anika(hearing tomorrow): papa, what r u saying??

Soumya: so only v r going to shopping…

Anika:this s not fair..

Raj: everything s fair in love n war..

Anika: papa..

Sakshi: anika,tum bhi jaari ho shopping karne ke liye?(anika,u r also going to shopping)

Anika: mom.. WO.. (Stops)

Gauso: yes mom..

Anika: ha.. Mom

Sakshi: kuch acha dress liyo.. Kal tumhara engagement he..(_buy some good dress… Tomorrow s ur engagement)

Anika: OK mom..

Soumya: mom v can buy gown for anika di ??

Sakshi: gown,, for engagement.. R u mad somu??

Sowmya: then what v can buy??

Sakshi: buy lehenga..

Anika: mom.. If I wear that.. I will sweating b sweating for whole day..

Gauri: adjust karlo..

Anika: mom if I wear that my 2 cute sis also shd wear sweating dress..

Gauso: mom!!!

Sakshi: OK.. U two buy lehenga or anarkali….

Gauso(pout face): OK mom…

After eating,. The trio sisters go for shopping..

Anika,gauri,soumya selected dresses n buy for they 3,raj,sakshi n sahil..

And returning.. They took cab
Driver was driving n they trio back side..

Anika: I don’t want to c that blue eyes man..

Gauso: blue eyes??

Anika: actually his eyes r different… Cat eyes..

Gauri: anika..

Soumya: blue eyes hypnotis Teri kardi he menu..

Anika: stop it baba..

They reached home…

Time skips to next morning..

Anika wakes n sees her house s fully decorated..

(I don’t want u guys to wait for shivaka engagement,, so time skip to engagement)

Anika wear a white n pink lehega with diamont necklace n eating.. She was looking gorgeous…

Every1 complements her..,

She goes n sit after shivaay

Soumya: so,, ladies n gentleman engagement hone se pehle I wanna c couple dance of shivika…

Shivika: SHIVIKA…

Gauri: pet name of shivaay n anika…

Rudy: superb…

Soumya: v welcome our couples to stage..

Anika n shivaay goes to stage…

They two dances on Phir bhi tumku chahunga…

Every1 claps,..

After dancing.. They two make each other wear ring…

Every1 claps again…..

PRECAP: maybe sangeet

Sorry guys for late posting..

Plz plz comment me…

Till than bye..,

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  1. Sagithya

    Wow I was nice…. Pls update a long ff…

    1. Misbah

      Yeah I will try sagithya…

  2. Sagithya

    Wow it was nice… Pls try to update a long ff

    1. Misbah

      Thanx dear..

  3. Dhar

    Plzz make it longer , this was an awesome episode

    1. Misbah

      Thanx dhar.. I will try to make it longer..

  4. Niriha


    1. Misbah

      THanx niriha…

  5. Ashwinee

    Hey misbah , nice and cute update, pls do take care of your self and don’t stress out. Ramadan Mubarak (sorry if I have a wrong timing as I don’t about all these stuff ?)

    1. Misbah

      Thanx ashwinee for commenting.. Thanx for caring abt me..

  6. Kanfi

    Hey misbah..
    It was amaxingg..
    Update little longer no,.!!
    Loved it

    1. Misbah

      Thanx kanfi…. Will try..

  7. Shashi


    1. Misbah

      Thanks shashi..

  8. amazing dear…..but plz make it long….and eid Mubarak dear remember me in your prayers….

    1. Misbah

      Thanks anika…. Yeah I will make it long.. Thanx for advance eid Mubarak.. I have to keep more 27 fast…

  9. AMkideewani

    Amazing and Ramadan mubarak

    1. Misbah

      Thank u crazygirls… May I know ur name??

      1. AMkideewani

        My nickname is Sam and everyone calls me like that

  10. Nikita_jai29

    Nice one dear

    1. Misbah

      Thanx Nikita di..

  11. Haridhra

    Nice one.

    1. Misbah

      Thanx haridhra.. I have post next epi.. Donno when it will publish..

  12. Alekhika20

    Nice update

  13. Arthi

    Hae dr….nice one….post next part soon….

  14. Madhuani

    Update longer

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