Hi guys I m Misbah.. Back with my 2 and episode.. Thank u for ur precious comment.. I felt happy.. It encourages me to write d ff…

Guys, I m going to 10 class… So I have so much assignment.. So I can’t post ff regulary.. I have so much assignments to complete.. If my school starts I will b much busy with my studies.. So.. Maybe u guys can understand… Sorry for blabbering ..
(Authors note: guys, in my ff priyanka s married to ranveer.. He s not a police officer.. He s a business tycoon.. His full name s ranveer mehta.. He also stays with oberoi family)

So lets start..

Gauri,saumya help anika to get as oberoi family coming to c her..

Oberoi family evry1 comes except shivaay..

Raj(comes to anika room): come fast.. They had come..

Ansomri: ok papa..

They two take anika down..

Every1 like her..

Raj: where s shivaay??

Pinky: he has a meeting.. So he didn’t come.. He tells that he will meet anika at a coffee shop..


Anika,gauri,soumya goes. But stop bcos raj call them

Raj: om n rudra .. U also go..

The trio sister goes to anika room..

Anika: hi.. I m anika

Omru: hi bhabhi..

Gauya: bhabi???

Rudra: actually u r going to our bhabi.. After marring my bhai..

Anika: I didn’t married yet..

Rudra was glaring at soumya..

Rudra: I have seen u somewhere…

Soumya (glare at him): u forget ryt..

Rudra: yes… I don’t remember u..

Soumya: i m studying in ur college only..

Rudra: my college??

Soumya: u r always buzy in hot girls how can u c me..

Rudra: how u know??

Soumya: I know whole story abt u cry baby..

Rudra: how??

Soumya: u were loving a girl rumi ryt.. A psyco girl…

Rudra: just stop it..

Omangau: psyco girl.?

Soumya: i will tel u later..

They all were talkoing like tat only

Om: u want shivaay number

Anika: no.. Why do I??

Om: just take it.,

Anika: ok.. Gauri given ur phone..

Om: what happened to ur phone??

Anika: a blo*dy idiot man. Broke my phone yesterday.. I have order a new phone.. Don’t know wen its coming..


So anika,gauri befriend with om n rudra.. Saumya also befriend with om.. Saumya does not talk with rudra bcoz he say him ( sumo wrestler) n asked her to ( loss weight)

Everyone goes..

Anika gets epready to meet with shivaay..

She reaches d caffee n calls shivaay

Anika: hello.. I m anika

Shivaay:who anika??

Anika: the one who u want to c at coffee shop..

Shivaay: mr.malhotra daughter??

Anika: yes!!! I have a name anika..

Shivaay: sorry..

Anika: where r u??

Shivaay: reached d shop..

Anika: waiting for u…

Shivaay: ohh… What dress r u wearing??

Anika: why??

Shivaay: to identify u..

Anika:pink frock n jeans..

Shivaayh sees anika feom back..

Shivaay: i saw u..

Saying this he cuts d call..

He pats on anika’s shoulder..

Anika turns n gets shock..

Anika,shivaay: tum???

Anika: tum shivaay Singh oberoi ho??

Shivay: tum anika malhotra ho??

Shivika: yes!!

They goes into flashback

Anika was in d shopping mall… Was going outside d mall..

Shivaay was coming to d shopping mall… Was going inside d mall..

Anika was busy in phone..

Shivaay was busy in watching tym..

The two were coming forward.. Forwaed n then.

They two clash..

Anika falls on shivaay arms..

They two have an eyelock.. But broke bcoz of anika phone brokes..

Anika(taking his phone): how dare u??

Shivaay didn’t say anything n goes.. This make anika angry..

She goes to shivaay n sees his phone in his hand n broke it..

Anika: tit for tat.. I broke my phone.. I broke ur phone..

She goesn leave shivaay frustrated..

Fb ends..

PRECAP: will anika says yes to marriage??
Will shivaay says yes to marriage??

Guys,, plz plz comment me…
Sorry for spelling mistake..


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  2. Awesome yaar… Om Rudy Anika gauri saumya bonding with each other was good… Make shivaay and Anika to say yes for their marriage… Waiting for the next one….

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      Tysm sagithya for commenting.. Stay tuned..

  3. Awesome di please post next ASAP. ?

  4. Dhar

    Face off yehhh , plzz post the next update ASAP

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      Will try to post son dhar..

  5. Misbah

    Thank u so much dwet.. Yeah I will try to post fast.. This assignment make me very very busy.. Don’t worry till night I will post next episode..

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    Awesome epi

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    Ha ha superb dr…..nice one…..

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    Nice part

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    Aweessmee yr….
    Bonding b/w OmRuAniRiSom is ammazing,,,
    Lets see what happens next

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    Nice one dear

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