Shivika love one shot (ishqbaaz)

Hi. Everyone I’m sk. I am a silent reader of many ff. I am a great fan of ishqbaaz and shivika. I thought of writing a one shot. This is my first attempt. It would nice if u guys comment on it. I expect criticism so I can improve myself. I would like to start of with the story.

A simple intro to start with.
All characters same as in IB.
10 years from the current track.
           It’s a fine morning at the oberoi mansion. A girl comes with a cup of espresso, towards the bed, and whispers in the ears of the sleeping person. The sun has risen and u r still sleeping wake up. Billuji…. Billuji……(keeping the cup on the table). A warm pair of hands pull her closer in a hug towards the bed. With a morning kiss. Good morning. Said the person in a loving voice. (It’s our shivika).
 Anika: u r in a very romantic mode early in the morning what happened.
Sso :  with such a beautiful wife.  who won’t be so romantic.
Anika: bahut hogaya. Now get up and get ready.
Scene 2:
At the oberoi kitchen:

Shivay is making breakfast for everyone in the kitchen. Anika comes from behind and hugs him and kisses him on his cheek. He smiles and continues with his work. He burns his fingers. Anika panics and does first aid. She is very tensed while doing the first aid. Anika:  can’t u be careful. Shivay is smiling looking at her with a happiness from inside. Thinking he had taken the right decision of putting away his ego and marrying Anika. Anika looks up at his smiling face and they share an eye lock. They are in the same position for a long time. They break their eye lock with a cute voice. Good morning mama. Good morning papa. It was their 6 year old daughter Shivanya. They awkwardly move and with a smile say good morning chotu.
Anika: (lifting shivanya in her arms) papa is making breakfast today.
Shivanya: wow what r u making papa.
Shivay: your favourite aalo paratta. Now go get ready. It getting late for school.(he says this is to send her and continue his romance with his wife.)
Anika: yes come let’s go get ready. Or else you would be late to school.
Shivay makes signals to Anika to ask her to stay back. But Anika signals i’m not going to stay back.  Shivay makes puppy faces bur Anika leaves. Giving him a smile teasingly. (Anika thinks to herself. ‘I feel complete Billuji. Thank you for being used when u had to take ur decision. And not the outside Shivay Singh oberoi. Thank you for completing me. I love u so much’). She level the kitchen looking at him with a smile. While he is busy preparing breakfast for his daughter.


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  1. Priyanka_22

    Awsum 🙂
    If you re planning for another os then plz try to add some more shivika romance 😉
    And try to make it bit lengthy 🙂

  2. Ow.. Thats so cute… Bt plz make ff abit longer ?

  3. Aarion

    Hello…your ff is too good yaar….pls post the next my ff too..
    With love

    1. Sk2211

      I read ur ffs as soon as you update without fail. AAn. Thank you

  4. Nice!! 🙂

  5. Sk2211

    I was not able to make this long as my semester exams are going on. I’ll be free after 2 days I’ll surely write something long and post it as soon as possible.

  6. Lovely os dear

  7. Vincy

    Awesome ??

  8. Ishqkum

    Wow super shivika scene add more shivika scene if u write another one

  9. Sk2211

    Thank you so much guys. I was really nervous about my first try. Ur comments r encouraging me thank you so much.

  10. Tulasi

    Nyc one dear….sooooo chweeet…check out my ff toooo

  11. Ayath

    wow..awesome story …..what’s ur real name

    1. Sk2211

      I’m shruthi. Thanks for your comments

  12. Priyali

    Perfect family in ur ff dear… do write another os soon

  13. Aarya

    Its nice os….??….loved it….i think u should keep writing….
    This one was short ..simple…yet so sweet nd cute???
    All wishes to u….

  14. Aarya

    If u get time check out my ff too??

  15. Shivikaforever

    That was so amazing and cute

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