Shivaay was about to turn around and head towards his room..but anika started to talk “” Dadi..I want the groom to be replaced..I want to marry shivaay not advay .I have talked about this to advay.even Advay has started to move on in his life and even I wanted to move ahead with shivaay as my life partner.”” Pinky was super happy that now anika will remain as her bahu only and her business will merge with Shivaay and shivaay will lead than tej. ANIKA’S DADI::” but anika..I can’t agree for this have to choose between family and shivaay . shivaay was now shocked wondering about anika’s dilemma ..anika will surely Choose her family because she finally got her family after 3 long year’s and he always chose his family in front of anika and now anika will also do the same . ANIKA::”dadi know how much I love you and my family..but Shivaay always stood for me when there was nobody to give me a hand support..I can’t marry advay .I see my life partner in shivaay ONLY. everyone in the oberoi family was overjoyed .finally shivaay and anika will become SHIVIKA in front of everyone.the rajvanshi family finally agreed for the marriage because they will do anything for anika’s happiness. SCENE 2::pool area..

anika was searching for shivaay. he was standing there in the pool brim..when anika came near he pulled her and himself into the pool. ANIKA::”are you mad..what have you done?.”. SHIVAAY::” let me speak ..our story started with water and now our new phase of life will start from water only.look around ..this blue body will witness how iam going to express my feelings towards you..anika you made my life colorful you taught me to take decisions by heart and not by have become my reason for existence..if you are the candle light then iam the moth swirling around you are the paint and iam the canvas..I LOVE YOU ANIKA..will you be my better half and spend the rest of your life with this TADIBAAZ.. ANIKA ::””I love you tooo shivaay . I will love you till my last breathe.shivaay that’s a beautiful way to present something” anika said by putting her hand on his heart. “”Get used to it “”, shivaay said gently . anika kissed his hands . he let his hands Fall on her waist .they kissed in the middle of the pool.

. .. after a few weeks the Mumbai city witnessed the grand wedding of shivaay Singh oberoi and anika dev Singh rajvanshi. /.. ANIKA’S POV when I woke up it felt like early morning.i was lying on shivaay’s arms, our bare limbs entwined.i lay without moving for few minutes so that I won’t disturb my husband.i kissed his bare chest gently,loving the feel of his warm skin.i stretched across shivaay and found my clothes. “”Where are you going?””he asked by stroking her butter soft arms. “”Just outside and to freshen up” she said by kissing his cheeks. Anika went to the washroom to freshen herself and went to the mirror to examine her flawless beauty. Without speaking shivaay put his arms around her and drew her back against him. his lips suddenly fierce against her made her loose her balance. And he wrapped his arms around her and stood looking at each other’s eyes.,with the rising rays of new hope and life lighting them.. ///THE END.

I would like to thank all my sweet friends for supporting me till the end of this ff..thanks a lot.Right now I’m off to write the next one. once again… thank you guys…

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