RECAP– RUDRA always comes between shivika during their shivaay decides to assign Saumya to keep rudra busy. Now the episode starts afresh… ANIKETH::anika..come see who has come to meet you. ANIKA:: dadiiiiiii… anika rushes towards her dadi..her dadi is very strict and stern but loves anika to the core of her heart…she will do anything for anika but dadi just like shivaay gives a big deal about khoon khandan and naam.. DADI:: don’t talk to left me all alone..never cared about me. ANIKA:: it’s not like that dadi..I love you soo much. Anika and her family was having a happy family reunion and anika has slowly started to forgive her father for abandoning her chutki because her father and Agasthya Bhai promised her that they will find chutki as soon as possible. Shivaay was feeling overwhelmed that now everything will be set to right he and anika can start their own lovable family..him anika and their baby..but for starting a family first he has to propose anika and express his feelings towards her .then some romance after that some more romance..then little more romance and then completely romance.shivaay was completely daydreaming..but his daydream before having a happy ending was shaken to pieces by the interference of his kiddo brother, the dumbbell oberoi Rudra!!! SHIVAAY:: what is it Rudra?.. RUDRA:: SHAme on you bhaiyaa have started to romance bhabi in your dreams also!!! SHIVAAY:: SHE is my wife..I can romance with her anytime. RUDRA::but..before that hear what’s anika bhabi’s dadi is gonna say..she is going to make some announcement.and bhaiyaa don’t forget that bhabi’s family doesn’t know about this Billu and Billi’s shaadi.what if they fix bhabi’s marriage with some one else. Om and shivaay in unison said “SHUT UP RUDRA”. SCENE 2::the LIVING area.. ANIKA’S DADI:: I have to make an important announcement..before that I would like to thank the whole OBEROI family for keeping my anika happy and safe. Everyone ‘s mind went to flashback zone ..where pinky remembered how she tortured anika with verbal abuse..TEJ wondered how he called her a gold digger when Rudra ‘s marriage video was leaked.. Shivaay thought of all his past torture to her. But dadi om rudra prinku jhanvi and shakti was on the safe zone.. ANIKA’S DADI::: I know that you wouldn’t have said even a single word to bring a small tear on my anika’s face. RUDRA couldn’t hold it anymore..he started to laugh until his stomach started to ache… RUDRA”” sorry..I was wondering how my family kept anika bhabi always happy.. right CHOTI maa… “”. PINKY started to sweat she was behaving awkwardly””yes yes..I keeps anika happy.”” Om and shivaay slightly punched rudra on his six packed stomach. ANIKA’S DADI:: now anika is not your responsibility. Neither ours anika is advay’s responsibility..I have decided to marry off anika with advay..their marriage was once fixed and reached till engagement but came to halt due to some personal issues which was since everything was perfectly sorted I want my grand daughter to settle in her life with advay. SHIVAAY was damn shocked he gave a death glare to RUDRA..who a few minutes ago gave the idea of anika marrying someone else. RUDRA started to wonder”” I guess these days..angel is listening to me very fast.i guess angel might have switched to 4G”” . RUDRA was busy congratulating himself for his smart conclusion regarding his Angel’s fast network contact..while on the other hand shivaay was completely drowning in a pool of sorrow and shock…he was debating inside weather anika will reveal their marriage to the rajvanshi family..if she doesn’t then surely he will..he can’t let go of her..that tooo for advay.. SHIVAAY stepped forward to say about their special relation but his thoughts were cut in between by anika’s melodious voice. ANIKA”” Dadi ..iam ready for the marriage..but I need a change in my wedding this tym ..I want something to get replaced “”. Shivaay was shocked hearing anika’s approval for the marriage..he knew that he had hurted her many times..but now he loves her..she has become one of his reasons for existence .I won’t let her go..SHIVAAY was firm in his decision of not letting her go from his life.

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  1. Aryaraju

    Loved it.. Waiting for ur next update… Hope u won’t separate shivika ?

    1. Anagha

      Nahhh….I won’t separate shivika..thanks for reading and commenting

  2. Somya

    Nice but short epi

  3. Fabbbbbbbb
    She wants the groom to be replaced I think ????

  4. I guess only change she needed was shivaay.

  5. Wow!!! Rudra was soo funny…
    Loved it!! Update asap!

  6. Ahsana98

    Hai Angha finally you coming back with your ff. I was a regular reader of your ff .Today episode was awesome dear. Rudra was happy because his guss was right. I’m also lauging when anika ‘s dadi talk to oberios ” I know that you would n’t have said even a single word to bring a small tear on my anika ‘s face. Shivay was broken because anika was ready for marriage with advay .I know that what she mean she ready for marriage but she want a change in her marriage .she want something to get replaced .she mean that she is ready for the marriage but not with advay .she wants to marry shivay ,her life. She can’t live without him. That is why she mean that she want something to get replaced. But shivay not know what anika mean by. I’m waiting for your next episode. I’m waiting for the reaction of rajavanshi ‘s after finding about anika’s marriage truth. you are an amazing writer dear. l like your story. But I can’t read your next episode, because I leave TU for one and half month because of my semester exams. I will come back after my exams ends. I will surely read your ff after my come back in TU. Bye ? ?

    1. Anagha

      Ahsana dear…I’ll try to post it by Tomorrow itself so that you can read…thanks a lot yaa…?

  7. Dhar

    I think that she wants to change the groom , awesome part, please post the next update ASAP

  8. Awesome… I think the replacement should be the groom.. waiting for the next episode… Pls upload it soon

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  10. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear….

  11. Superb epi… update soon…

  12. Arthi

    I missed ur ff and when u posted after a long time long back but again u posted late do post soon dr and eagerly waiting for next update

  13. Nila

    wow amazing part and 4G Angel Lol I guess the replacement is shivay

    1. Anagha

      Yaa…rudra rocks!! I really miss him in ishqbaaz…thanks for your comments

  14. Awesome…
    Rudra’s predictions came true…
    Bechara Shivaay…
    post d nxt asap… 🙂

  15. just awesome! pls upload soon ..

  16. Alekhika20

    Loved the update

    1. Anagha

      Thanks you ..

  17. Niriha

    Awesome….loved it waiting for next update soon

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    you know you really made me wait for long can you plz post nxt update tomorrow

    1. Anagha

      I’ll try…the thing is that..there is some prob with the network tower over here.. anyway..thanks for your precious comment

  19. It’s amazing. Eagerly waiting 4 next. Waiting 4 Anika’s marriage decision.plz post soon.

  20. Superb update…

    1. Anagha

      Thanks Ankita

  21. Hello dear missed reading your ff…you are really great…I just loved your ff…

    1. Anagha

      Thank you Jane…it means a lot

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