Sorry guys..for being late..have an exam tmrw…please pray … anika faints… shivaay takes her weightless body in his protective arms and wraps her around his chest..he rushes towards his room and lays her down in theri bed..he showers her face with kisses…and starts Saying”””anika…why are you taking soo much stress” anika wakes up and stares at shivaay…””shivaay.. don’t allow them to meet me…I don’t want to see them…they all stated me as my mother’s murderer..when I didn’t do anything.. Shivaay..please keep them away from me..but not Aniketh…he is a part of me…”””…. SHIVAAY: okay okay….I won’t let any one come near her… haaa..with Aniketh as an exception. ANIKA:::I know shivaay that you don’t like Aniketh much and I even know that Aniketh also doesn’t like you..but he is just protective about me.. and it will take some tym for him to see you as his “Jijuu” ..because 3 years ago .he made someone else as his Jijuu…sooo….he will take some tym to rub of that image and put your image in that place

SHIVAAY:::WHO WAS THAT?????.. suddenly the door started to bang…..shivaay stormed towards the noise…””what do you people want??””. AGASTYA:::;we are here to take back anika…she is my sister..I want her back!!!!!! SHIVAAY:: wer was you 3 years back??? AGASTYA::that is none of ur business Mr.oberoi. APARNA::WAIT!!!!!!!!..JUST STOP IT..iam ready to tell what has happened three years ago… shivaay watched anika sleeping peacefully and left towards the living room. THE LIVING ROOM… APARNA::: three years ago..on the day of anika’s engagement…everyone was sooo happy on that auspicious day…on that day ..anika cracked a deal on that day..the rival group was sooo furious that they open challenged anika that they will make her majboor to give up the deal…but anika took up the challenge and she came here.for here engagement…. during the function anika got a call…

she was sooo furious after the call and without saying anything she left the function… anika’s mother went behind her…anika was really angry..she took the car keys and drove off…mom couldn’t just stand and watch her daughter driving off so harshly..she knew that anika will end up in something really bad which can even cost her life…so mom drive behind her…at a turning’s car came in front of anika’s car…we all thought that it was her car which hitted mom’s car..which resulted in the car blast… everyone blamed anika for her careless driving and for her anger… everyone pointed anika responsible for mom’s death..nobody even considered the fact that..

GAYATHRI DEV SINGH RAJVANSHI was anika’s mother tooo…anika pleaded in front of us and said that it was not her car which had hitted mom’s car ..but nobody listened..she even tried to say that some other car came deliberately and hitted the car… Agasthya and papa was so much devastated with the death news..that they didn’t hear what anika said and they threw her out of the house and asked her not to take her identity as a rajvanshi..later on..wen the cc TV footage was taken from a shop near the site of accident everything became Crystal clear ..

ANIKA was Saying the truth itself and it was another car which had hitted mom’s car…we thought anika went to Paris…but she wasn’t there..we decided to trace her thinking that she would be using her identity as rajvanshi somewhere in the world..but anika didn’t use it… saying this appu maa sat down and started to cry… Shivaay started remembering how he used to taunt anika by the name of lineage blood and he understood that his anika was forced to keep quiet. JHANVI::but what was the call anika got??…what made her sooo upset and furious after that call?…. I WILL TELL… everyone turned around to see anika .. standing behind

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