Shivika Ishkara Rumya TS~A Memorable Trip~ (By Anya) Part 9

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9th Shot
~Devilish Missions~

As Shivaay entered he saw annika sleeping peacefully hugging the pillow and snuggling into the matress more for warmth,he smiled and went towards her with slow steady steps.As he neared her ,his smile turned into grin and eyes show mischief.with a swift move he scoop annika in his arms who inturn snuggle into him more for warmth,still in deep slumber,he smiled as he saw a small smile crept upon her lips when his lips come in contact with her forehead.She just held him tight while hugging him still in his arms as he took her to their tent where she supposed to sleep.As he moved out of the tent the sun rays hit her face making her wriggle in response and for a swift moment her eyes flicker,Shivaay immediately put his face above her face so that his face shadow would fall over her and she shouldn’t got disturbed.and in an instant a sigh escaped her mouth and her face expression changed into something calmer.

“Oh god why it is so cold” Om whispered and tried to pull the blanket to himself but within a second the blanket was away from him.”Ishana”he groaned in response and turned around to see her sleeping like a smalll child drapped in the blanket as the second skin wth a calm expression.he stared at her for sometime and tried to untangle her from the blanket but it seems Ishana was in some other world and assuming the blanket as Him and not leaving it as her dear life depend on it.he sighed as now his sleep was far gone and being a morning person it felt wierd to sleep till now,So he just thought to get some fresh air and went from there.

As he stepped out,streching his arms high up in the air,he turned and grinned like a chesier cat,as there stood Shivaay and annika well more precisely,Shivaay was standing and annika was in his arms and as they moved,shivaay’s face tilted towards her face,it seemed they were kissing.He was astonished to see them like this,Okay they love each other but showing it in public is not a good habit but he was glad that there was no one around to see them like this and the thought of pulling their legs made him grin even widely.

“wooo hoo oo” Om said as soon as he saw them,Shivaay just didn’t turned”It seems everything is alright between you two, nahi toh in open you two wouldn’t have been kissing each other like this,Well great job”Om said still in a teasing tone making shivaay groan in irrittion,If she wasn’t sleeping than he would have told him the truth but in a fear of making her wake up and destroying his plan.he just gave a light shrug and with two strides entered the tent,making Om chuckle.He just shook his head in amusement and looked around when a specific spot made him went there and he thought to take a tour of this natural beauty.

Shivaay made her lay down on the soft matress tenderly keeping a check not to make her disturb from her beauty sleep and as he moved away to cover her with the blanket , he saw her bracelet got struck with the button of his shirt making him hower over her face.

Few minutes ago she was feeling cold and suddenly she felt the feeling of warmth washed over her,she felt as if she was in shivaay’s arm , as his intoxicated smell of wild mint with a hint of chocolate lingered her nostril making her feel giddy,and she felt his lips on her skin for a moment making her smile in her sleep,but little did she knew that she was actually in the arms of her husband.

She just hugged her pillow more tightly but it felt rigid,she paid little attention to it.Suddenly out of nowhere she felt bright light hitting her eyes making her sleep disturbed but with in a second there was dark and someone warm breath lingered on her lips,she still just let it go as she was feeling the most safest person on this earth right now and a sigh escaped her mouth.But now again she felt the warm breath as well as the smell getting more prominent near her,making her finally open her eyes.

As she opened her eyes it met with greenish orbs which looks like excatly like her husband’s.she was lost in his eyes as it always had the capacity to make her drown in them easily with just a glimpse”shivaay”she called out dreamily making him smile as his name from her mouth always give his soul peace,he with a last push had freed her bracelet from his shirt.He moved forward “Sleep! you need rest”he said against her lips and pecked her who seemed to be still in daze,eyes half opened looking like drowsy.

When he saw her looking at him stilll,he forwarded his hand and put it over her eyes and slowly swayed it down to see her close her eyes and within a seconds she was fast asleep.he stood up after a last glance of her, covered her with the duvet.After coming out of the washroom he went and slept beside her to have some sleep.


“Oh gosh!Sumo wait”Rudra screamed panting badly,his both hand on his knees as he tried to calm his breath .saumya just turned and saw him far away from her making her gasp in shock,”Rudra! YOu dumbell,Come over here you lazy ass”she screamed back while he just nodded his head in east west direction like a stuborn child making her make an irritated face.”rudra just come here”she ordered and stood with folded hands.He just did the opposite and sat on the nearby bench making her curse her stubborn yet childish boyfriend.

She moved towards him with long strides and stood infront of him who was having the last sip of water from his bottle.”I think you should stop going to gmy from now on”she said mokingly making him look at her with confusion”What do you mean?”he asked “See yourself” he just looked at himself getting more confused”what I’m sitting not doing salsa over here”he said irriately while saumya just smack his forehead ligtly groaning in response. “Rudra! you are a big dumbell do you know that?I think you go to gmy just for show off and nothing else”she said irritately and sat beside him keeping her hand on her head.

“You tell me that I eat alot of parathas and I’m not fit,but I think I’m more than fit than you as your protien shake is just for show and that pushups you take are also for fake”Saumya taunted making rudra look at her with a raised eyebrow”What do you mean?”he asked and stood up folding his hand on his chest”I mean that you are a fakester”She said and too stood up,foldin her hands “What you siad me fake?What do you think that this all biseps are fake?”he said showing his biseps ,she just pinched over there making him groan in response.She stood on the bench and with a mocking tone said”See it didn’t even bare the pain of this”she huffed while rudra made an irritated face and too stood up on the bench.

Both of them were glaring at each other standing on the bench”Ok let me show you how in feel”he said and too pinched her on her arm making her rub the area with an irked tone.”you are gone”she said and stood up on her toes and pulled his hair making him whine in pain”ahh! jungli billi leave me”he said and tried to remove her hand from his precious hair”My hair you are destroying it”he said while she continue to pull it and in all this she loosed her balance and both of them fell down on the the opposite side where there was mud making them groan in irritation.”what the wuck” rudra screamed while saumya stood up rubbing her clothes to get rid of the mud but it spread alot more.

“this is all because of you”Saumya screamed while rudra too stood up being equally irritated.”What?For your kind information it was your fault not mine”rudra chidded , and saumya looked up and a gasp escaped from her mouth”Oh Good Lord!”she said and burst out laughing seeing him.She was rolling with mirth while rudra just removed the mud from his face iriitately as he was looking like a burnt chocolate cake and if anyone would have seen him right now they would have not recognised him.

Saumya just stopped laughing as she saw him looking at her with a deadly glare and slowly pulled out her phone and was going to click his photo when he just hold the phone and a tug of war stated between the two while the poor mobile askedd for his freedom.”Don’t you dare take a photo of me”Rudra screamed while she tried to pull ou her phone from his hand.”I wanted to show everyone this photos of yours”she said and with all the force took the phone and clicked a photo , he tried to take it from her hand but she ditched him warning”If you’ll try to have it then I promise I will upload it on social media and the caption will be”Macho rudra turned to junglee bundar which indeed he is”she said seriously and once again laughed out loud at her own thought.

“I know you will not do it right?”Rudra asked scared but didn’t showed it”Any doubt?I will surely do it”she said from a little distance from him as he was trying to get the oppportunity to grab the mobile but she was more clever then him,she turned around and bend down in a way to protect her mobile and had send the photo to Shivika as well as Ishkara.and smiled evilly as now everyone will be able to see him like this.She just waited for them to see and than tease him.It will be a treat to watch.Rudra tried his best to stop her throwing his hand from both sides but he failed”Okay okay! See I have deleted it!See”saumya said while showing him the gallery while he took the phone from her hand and searched the whole thing but on not finding the photo he sigh in relief as now he was safe.

“thank god you did it”he said and sat on the bench with a thud while cleaning his face with the water from saumya bottle”I’m a good girl you know?”she said while fluttering her eyelashes innocently while a smirk was visible at the corner of her lips.”yeah I hope so’he whispered , she just made an O shaped face “what do mean? that I’m not a good girl?”she asked while sitting beside him”No I didn’t said that”he said “No but you meant it don’t you?”she asked enraged and thought that she was right in doing her previous act.

“maybe”he said grinning she just stamp his feet and went from there while he sat their holding his legs whining in pain”Ahh,Sumo wait I’m also coming”he called out and ran to her. but she ignored him and they went towards their camp.


Annika stirred in her sleep as she felt a tight grip on her waist , she realized that she had being hugging the pillow close to her heart but it seems different,something rigid yet soft,she felt like she is hugging someone,but she knew that saumya had went as before she had gone,she had woken her up telling her that she will be going out and she being drowsy just hummed in response but it seems to be a dream.A hazy one and she also dreamed about Shivaay.How much she is angry with him but she can’t stop loving him.He always scold her but in that scolding she always able to see the love brimming in his bluish orbs,his care but she also needs to show tadi to him as she is Mrs. Tadibaaz. How can he underestimate her?

She was thinking all this while squeezing the thing beside her when the grip on her waist tighten and she realized that a pillow doesn’t have any hand so who is squeezing her?She moved her hand upwards and touched it and find in pricky now what the hell is this?As she lifted the blanket she doesn’t saw a pillow but a whole human precisely her husband hugging her as his face was pressed against her bosoms,hands holding her tightly as if he’ll looses it than she will be lost,one leg totally over her form while the other on the matress.

Annika for a moment got lost in him and caresses his hair tenderly while he stirred and she felt a tickling sensation on her neck,and she pressed her lips to stop the giggle which was going to escape her mouth.She continue to do it when the fight with him crossed her mind and she realized she was angry with him and the thing which enraged her is that he was in her tent,but how he came here?was the question which rocked her mind instantly. she removed his hands from her waist and sat up straight making him wake up irritately”what the wuck Annika can’t you see I’m sleeping and who wakes up like this?”he whispered frustated”yeah! I wake up like this , is there any problem?”annika said aloud and shaked him up bringing him out of his drowsy state “What the hell are you doing here?”she screamed as he sat up,yawning and rubbing his eyes.

“I was sleeping with my wife,BTW good morning sweetheart!”he moved forward to peck her when she placed her hand inbetween them and shivaay kissed her palm instead of her lips”Sleeping with my wife My foot”she said mimicking him “I was sleeping with saumya not you”she said and pushed him a little away”and you came in this tent”she added while twisting her mouth in a wierd way”for your kind information this is my tent and you only came to me saying you weren’t able to sleep without me so I just offered you”he said defending himself while trying hard to hide the smirk from his lips,Annika was shocked! She looked around and saw that he was right she was in their tent.How this happened?Does she sleep walk? “what the heck! this is not at all true I know you are lying as my memory is really sharp and I know i don’t sleep walk”she said and stood up from the bed while he pressed his lips in a thin line.

“Does i sleep walk?”she whispered as she wasn’t sure about it,Shivaay raised his left brow”so all the confident went into sand?”he taunted while she fumbled”No it’s not like that! I just asked to confirm my doubt as I know I never sleep walk” she just shrug her shoulder and tried to keep her voice steady.Shivaay smirked as he knew that his plan is working,he saw the scared form of his wife in front of him deep in thoughts.He did him ninja flick and started walking towards her with a devilish smile while she moved backward in reflex”What If I tell that I’m telling the truth?”he said huskily moving a step forward”I will never accept it”she gave back with equal confidence but she knew that she is loosing this battle”confident huh?but I feel pity as you are going to be totally wrong” he was enjoying this more than he thought.


So here is the next part! I hope you all like it.And I had a request do give me some suggestions what you wanted to see in the trip while keeping in mind that they are in a snowy palce where there is mountain chains.I too had a lot of ideas but I think I had drained them out of my head but I hope to get them back and proceed with this.Until then I will love to see your suggestions as well as your review regarding this update.Sorry once again.

And yes I totally forgotted about this.I had a question to ask you all.Would you all want to see gauri in place of ishana or I let it the way I’m writting as I’m totally okay with any one of them.

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