Shivika Ishkara Rumya TS~A Memorable Trip~ (By Anya) Part 5B

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5th Shot
~Incredulity Encounter~
(Part 2)

Om had messaged sumo about them that they had boarded the train.”Abh hum kya kare?”Om asked.He saw Ishu being lost somewhere and shook her.”what happened Ishu?”he asked being concerned.”Om mujhe bahut darr lag raha hai..”she said while biting her nails continuously.”kyu?”he asked confuse.”wo rudra..”she said being nervous.”rudra?”he asked , not understanding as why on earth she is scared of rudy.”haan rudra…he will surely kill me if he come to know that all his snacks had been left out in the station and that to becoz of me..”she said with a pout and made a crybaby face..She was looking soo cute and was scared of rudy,Om just wanted to kiss her at that very moment but control his emotions.

“uffu Ishu..he will not do anything haan bas thora gussa karega par maan jaayega…so don’t take stress.Ok?” he asked while holding her hand and assuring her with his eyes.She just noded in response.”accha promise me tum rudra ko ye sabh ke baare mein yaad nhi dilaoge?”she asked him.”hmm…Ok baba I will not tell him..promise…”he said and pulled her cheeks.”hmmm… now where we will go?” she asked “I think..”he said and soon recieved a text from saumya telling them that she is going to the left side and so they dicided to follow her and started to move to the left.

As they were moving Ishana slipped because of some water on the ground and was going to fall down but two strong arms held her in place.Om instantly held ishu to prevent her for falling.She closed her eyes in terror and waited for herself to bear the pain of the ground but nothing came in her way.She slowly opened her one eye and sense that she was not lying on the floor and opened her eyes to came across a pair of honey brown eyes.Both of them were lost in each other when they saw two childrens looking at them with a playful smile and Om instantly let her go which made her fall on the floor with a thud.Both the children just laughed out loud while Ishana was shocked as well as Om.She was lying on the floor when Om helped her instantly and made her stand.She stood up dusting off her clothes and glared at Om being embarresed.The kids just went from there as their mother called them.

Om made a puppy face while ishana made a crying face.”mera na aaj din hi kharab hai pehle station pe giri aur abh train mein”she said while cursing her fate.”and what was this O you just left me”she winched like a small kid.”sorry Ishu..!”he said while holding his ear with his hand.ishu just melted at this and pulled his cheeks”my cutie baby!”she said and gave him a bright smile.

“this means that you forgave me?”he asked witha raised eyebrow.”hmm…”she acted like she was thinking somehting”YES!”she exclaimed happily. He smiled back”Ok let’s go” he said and they began to move forward.

As they were moving the train suddenly stopped.

They reach the end of the train , heard rudra voice and saw that saumya was going to jump off the train that too on the tracks at this time.”ooh God! what she is going to do”Ishu said.

“Saumya WAIT…!” Om screamed and drag her away from the door.”Sumo!” rudra screamed once again.”aye! Dumbell Oberoi move away from the door”Ishu screamed at him from the door.”Hey..! bhabhi”he waved being delighted.”Accha hua aap sabh aa gaye..chalo sabh ek saath jump maaro aur idhar aa jao”he added excitedly”tu na ek no. ka daffod hai!”she screamed.”Daffod…?”he asked confused.”haan daffod…matlab duffer..”she said”Ohh…” he said”but ye aap apne aap ko kyu bol rahe ho?”he asked confused.Ishu just smack her head with his hand and shook her head and moved away from the door.

“Are you mad or what?”he asked while shooking her.”Arre bade baal wale bhaiya…wo rudra…”she tried to sa.”rudra…! tum us duffer ki baat mein aa gayi?”he cut her off angerly.”but BBW bhaiya!”she tried again.”Arre tujhe kuch ho jaata toh aise koi jump maarta hai aur wo bhi tracks par aur upar se itne raat ko…wo toh dumbell hai hi aur abh tu bhi ban rahi hai”he said”Sorry..”she said softly and looked down.Soon the train started. “you should be”ishu said “tu paagal hai kya aise koi karta hai…”she added and hugged her along with Om.

“I’m sorry guys..mein hi paagla thi ki uss dumbell ki baat mein aa gayi”she said while hugging them.”Guys mujhe bhi hug chahiye!”rudy complained from the other side of the shutter.

they broke the hug .”tujhe na ek thappad parna chahiye”Om said and he made a puppy face.”Kyu?”he asked.”Q ki tu paagal hai”he said.”Haww…! aap mujhe paagal bol rahe ho?”he said while keeping his hands on both sides of his waist.”haan toh pagal ko paagal nhi samajhdaar kahu?”O said “aur tum saumya dekho train start ho gayi agar tum tracks par hi reh jaati toh kya hota?”O asked sumo”arre bhaiya main tha na mein usse baccha leta..agar meri jaan bhi chali jaati na tabh bhi mein isse kuch nhi hone deta”rudy said dramatically from the other side”shut up rudra!”both Ishkara screamed at him he just made a pout.

they glared at sumo.”maine sorry bola na..!”she said with a pout.”I swear meri koi galti nhi thi sabh is dumbell oberoi ki galti thi” she added.”Haww! sumo restler…meri galti? mein toh bas tumhari help kar raha tha”rudy screamed from the other side.And with this both of them started to bicker with each other.Ishkara juat shook there head and thought that if they will notstop them then they will continue to fight like this.”Shut up you both!”Om shouted while loosing his patience.both of them at once stopped.”Koi mujhe batayega ki shivaay aur annika kahan hai?”he asked “hmmm…I don’t know…”rudy said while the two girls looked clueless.

“O call bhaiya”rudra said.”hmm…”he said and called him but his phone was stwitched off.”his phone is coming switched off”he said.Rudy just gave a giggled at this.All three of them just looked at him bewildered as if he had grown horns on his head.”does BBW bhaiya said a joke or what?”sumo asked “no”he said confused.”so why you were giggling?”Ishu asked.”Arre mujhe pata hai ki bhiaya ka phone kyu nhi lag raha..”rudy said.”kyu nhi lag raha hai?”Om asked with a raised eyebrow.”bhaiya ne apna phone tor diya hoga…”he said as a matter of fact.”aur tujhe kaise pata?”Om asked.”agent Rudy ko sab kuch pata rehta hai..”he said while raising his collar.

“hmm…abhi sach pata chal jaayega..Om call Anni”Ishu said while sumo agreed.”haan haan kar ke dekh lo..”he said with attitude.


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