Shivika Ishkara Rumya TS~A Memorable Trip~ (By Anya) Part 5A

Hello guys…I don’t know what I have written and I hope you all will like it..
To be true…mujhe phir se fever ho gaya..aur hum bas itna hi likh paaye.
I thought to update it when I finish this chapter but can’t refrain myself to update it.
So please bear with me..!

Once again I have divided this shot into two parts and here is the first part of this chapter..

Kindly ignore grammartical mistakes and typos..Tongue


5th Shot
~Incredulity encounter~
(Part 1)

Rudra who boarded the train stood at the entrance and was trying to switch on his phone so that he could tell the other’s that he had boarded the train but to his misfortune he was not able to do it.He scrached his hair cursing himself for playing games on his mobile and making the battery dead.He was trying to find a way when he heard someone shouting from outside.

He looked outside to see a pretty girl in salwar kameez runing on the platform with a bag and was trying to catch up the train.He smiled brightly”waah! Rudy now it’s time for some DDLJ scene..!”he thought “When Rudy is here then why you fear”he siad and flick his hair, extending his arms towards her.The train was moving a bit fast now and she was really trying her best to get hold of his hand.”you can do it…!”he encouraged her.”run fast you can do this”he again said to her while trying his best to extend his arms a little further.”excuse me!”some one tapped on his shoulder but he totally ignored it “come on you can do this..!”he again said, she held his hand , he was able to make her climb on the train.”pheew!”she sighed and tried to calm her breath while holding her chest with her hand.

“thank you” she said”yeah! thank you very much”a guy said and hugged that girl.”You fine?” he asked “yeah I’m fine and all thanks to this person”she said while smiling at rudy.As soon as he saw a boy with her his expression change into an irked one.”lagta hai aaj mera din hi kharaab hai pehle Nisha aur abh ye”he thought and cursed his faith.

He was thinking about all this when”BTW I’m Zubair and this is my wife Ahana”the guy extended his hand towards him”Hi..! I’m Rudra…Rudra Singh O…”he stopped midway and realize that he was going to reveal his identity,mentally praised himself for controlling his tougue and shook his hand.”thank you very much for helping her I thought that she would be left out”Zubair said.”accha hota ki chut jaati..maine bikaar mein itni mehnat ki”he thought “no problem bro..!”he said with a fake smile.

He then thought to ask them about H1.”excuse me kya aap mujhe bata sakte hai ki ye H1 kahan hogi actually this is the first time I’m travelling on a train and I got seperate with my family so…”he asked him.”Me too..this is our first train journey and sorry brother I don’t know about it but yes this berth is G2 so I think the H berth should be in the right side”he said being clueless.”ohh no need to be sorry I’ll go and check myself only” he said. “ok then see you”he said and once again thanked him and went from there.

Poor rudy he was now fully confused.”should I go to the left or to the right?”he asked himself while scracthing his hair.”hmmm…chalo guess hi kar leta hoon”he said and started counting “10..”he said and pointed towards the right.”arre waah right hi aaya,chalo issi side jaakar dekhte hai”he said to himself and started to move.Poor boy,he didn’t knew that he was soon going to see an end of the train.

He at last reached the end of the train and was clueless of what to do next when he saw someone through the closed shutter and smiled instantly.


Saumya had messaged Om about her whereabout and within a second got a text from him that they have also boarded the train. She asked a lady that where she can find H1 and the lady said her to move from one compartment to the other then she will be able to reach there.Seeing no other option she started to move towards the left side of the train from one compartment to the other dragging the heavy bag with her not before texting Om that she is moving to the left side of the train. There was pin drop silence as all people were fast asleep.With a lot of difficulty she reached the end of the train which was going to shimla but there was no way to move to the other part of the train as the shutter was closed.

“aaggrrhh…Now what will I do?”she was now pissed off. Suddenly she heard a fimiliar voice”Saumya!” someone said.she just ignored it when again she heard someone calling her.”Sumo!”this time it was clear.She turned around to see Rudy standing at the other side of the shutter.”Rudra tum?”she exclaimed being suprised.”Nhi mein Rahul..naam toh suna hi hoga”he said dramatically while rolling his eyes.”Aye dumbell Oberoi chup raho samjhe”sumo warned him.”tum yahan kaise aur bhiaya and bhabhi kahan hai?”she added.”tum yahan kaise?”he asked confused ignoring her question.”I asked first”she said.”nope you say first”he said.”dekho Rudy bolo jaldi nhi toh..”she again warned him.

He sigh in defeat and told her everything leaving the DDLJ scene”and I don’t know where is Bhaiya and Bhabhi”he ended.”chalo abh tum batao”he asked her.And she told him about the two train fiasco.”ooh…this means that this train is going to be seperated in the next station?”he cut her off “yes”she said.”so now what”he asked her.”hmm…now what..I need to come over there”she said with a sigh.

Just then the train stopped.

Seeing this rudra asked her to climb off the train and come the other side.She was not fully convinced by it but thought to go.As soon as she came to the door her eyes widen in shock to see that the platform was not there instead there were railway tracks.Rudy came to the other side of the door “Sumo just throw the bag and jump!” he shouted.”How can I? rudra..there is no platform” she said being scared.

“Arrre sumo you got scared of this?”he asked amused.
“haan toh tumhe darr nhi lag raha hai toh tumhi yahan aa jaao”she said trying hard not to sound scared.”which train will go to Nako this one or that one?”he shouted”this one you need to come over here not me”he added.
“ok now common throw the bags and jump!”he again shouted.”you can do this sumo..yahi time hai ki tum apne parathon ka taakat dikhao…chalo jaldi se jump maaro aur yahan aa jao.”he encouragd her.She was not able to think anything at this very moment and thought to give it a try.rudy was constantly asking her to jump and she with all her courage was going to jump when suddenly
“Saumya WAIT…!”she heard someone scream at her and drag her away from the door.


So this is the 1st part of this chapter.
I know it is short but I was able to write this much only..will try my best to update it soon…
I wanted to ask you all something…Do you all feel that I’m dragging it or something like that…?should i rush with it or should I write the way I’m writting..?
And please let me know what you like/dislike..I will try my best to improve it…

And as usual will be waiting for all of your feedbacks…

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