Shivika Ishkara Rumya TS~A Memorable Trip~ (By Anya) Part 2

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Part 2
~Sorry,I’m not going~

Delhi Airport~~

“So now where we have to go?”Shivaay asked annika while Omru just smirked.”Yes Om where we are going now?” annika asked innocently,showing that she doesn’t know anything. All of them just supressed their laughter while shivaay just norrowed his eyes.”Billuji I don’t..Om tell na how we will reach there” annika said fumbling.

“Ok let’s go you two will come to know where we are going.”Om said and they settled in their car.ishkara in one car along with the extra luggages while Shivika and Rumya in the other car.

“Hey!!why we are going towards the railway station???”shivaay asked panic written all over his face while turning towards the back seat where the 3 of them were sitting. as soon as he was going to turn rudra put on his headphones and started listening to songs with saumya.Annika just acted that she is talking to Dadi on the phone.”Yes dadi we reached Delhi and now we are going to Nako”she started while looking out of the window.”yes Dadi we all are fine”she said as shivaay looked at them.

“Hello?? I’m asking a question to all of you?? are you all deaf or what?”shivaay asked irritatingly.Rumya acted as uneffected while annika acted as she had ended the call and turned towards her husband”What happened Billuji? why are you shouting like a mad man?”annika asked him.”You think I’m mad? hey just stop the car”shivaay ordered the driver angrily.”no driverji you continue don’t be scared of him he is like this only Bagad billa” annika asked the driver and wispered the last line.but shivaay heard it.”annika why I’m having a feeling that you know where we are going?’shivaay asked with a raised eyebrow.”no shivaay I don’t know anything by god,Hey rudra tell your brother that were we arwe going i don’t know anything”annika shook rudra panickly.

“what happened bhabhi ? why you are disturbing me?”Rudra siad while removing his earphones.”rudra tell your BROTHER where we are going?Please…”she pleaded rudra to handle the situation.

Rudra just do the step with his hands to show he will handle it and said”bhaiya we are going to the railway station”He said while the two lady gasp in shock and shivaay eye’s pop out of his sockets.Annika just smack her head with her hand while saumya smack rudra’s head.Before shivaay could say anything rudra continue”i mean we are going TOWARDS the railway station but we are not going from train.We are going by a Camper Van who is waiting for us just outside the station”he ended with a proud expression,showing he handled the situaton while the two ladies sighed in relief but now shivaay was more confused.”but why the bus is over there,it must had come in the airport it self?”shivaay asked confused”Uffo shivaay,what’s the problem in that we are going na,just focus on that”annika said while making him understand, rumya just nodded their head in agreement.

They all were looking at his expression ‘OK!!”Shivaay said , he was not fully convinced by it but just let it go and turned towards the front.The three of them realized that they were just holding their breathe and just bumped their back at the seat in relief.


Om And Ishu had reached the station and were waiting for the rest of the gang to come just outside the entrance of the station.

“Om I just hope jethji will agree for it”Ishu said while praying to god with her eyes closed.”yeah ishu..I too hope so that shivaay agree for it”Om said.

“By the way it will be so much fun to go there as we are going to a village for the first time” she said excitedly. “yes you are right. the atmosphere of the place would be so refreshing”Om said but was cut off by ishu”And romantic also”she winked at him.While he just smiled as her childish behaviour.

“I had come to know that there is a beautiful lake situated over there,we would everyday go over there and sit and talk..ok?”she asked him innocently.Om just nodded his head with a wide smile streched acrossed his face.

“I’m so exticed Om!!”she exclaimed and hugged him tight.”me too”he wispered and hugged her too.

Soon they broke the hug and looked deeply into each other eyes and slowly started moving closer but their moment was broken by the sound of a person.The two of them just looked up to see the rest of the gang standing with their eyes closed with their hand.”O hum sabh ne apni aakhen band karli hai aur humne kuch nhi dekha,Right guyzz?”Rudra said with eyes closed.”yes”they all chorused.

IshKara just come of their embrace and give a cheeky smile to them.”can we open our eyes O?”rudra asked teasingly and removed his hand from his eyes.Om wrapped his arms around Ishana waist and pulled her closer.”Why you all are looking at us as we have done some crime?We were just hugging Right Ishu?”Om asked them while Ishu just hit his arm lightly being embarrased and the rest of them just smirk.

“Yes we can see that O what was going on over here and that too in the open”rudra said with a smirk.”Yes Om we know what was going on over here”Shivaay said with a teasing voice and shivRu Hi-fi each other while the two ladies giggled.

Ishu was now all red with embaressment and hide her face in her palm.
“ooh please you two” Om said.
“Ohh please you two”rudra acted while shivika and Rumya burst into laughter.

“Shivaay you are also laughing.I think you forgot about the corner seat? in our theatre…dim light…where you two…remember?”Om smirked,now it was time for Shivika to turn all red.”or should I say more?”om added.

“No Om that is enough”annika said instantly while this time Ishkara laughed along with Rumya.

“And you? why you are laughing? should i say something about you too?”Om asked Rudra with a smirk.

“What will you tell O? there’s nothing like that….I’m a very decent boy.”Rudar said with a proud expression.

“Is that so?”both shivkara asked in union with a raised eyebrow.
“yeah!!” Rudra said in atitude.Saumya who was absorbing that the tables are soon going to be turned on them now thought to stop them.

“Ok guyzzz just stop this. I’m really hungry can we have our dinner first and then we will start our journey?right Rudra?”somu asked them while glancing at her watch to see that there is still 2 hours left fot the train.
“yes guys I’m also feeling really hungry let’s go.Here is a good hotel nearby we can go there” rudra said while reading saumya thoughts.

“suddenly you two are feeling hungry. first let us finish the incomplete conversation right Om?”shivaay asked Om with a smirk.
“arre let it go na we have a lot of time to continue this first let us eat something”rudra said fumbling.”yes rudar is right”saumya said instantly and started walking while dragging rudra with her into the car

All just laughed out loud at them and soon followed them.they all reached the restaurant but shivaay was not pleased by the place as it was not a 5 star restaurant but with annika insistant he agreed.”FYI bhaiya we are not ‘Oberois’ we are just common people so don’t do much drama and eat it…it’s really good”rudra said while munching on the food.”yes shivaay have the food it’s tasty”Om joined.
At last shivaay started eating the food and he too likes it but didn’t show it.”yeah! it was good but not as good as the restaurant one”he said as soon as he finished eating.The rest of them smiled at his stubborn behaviour becoz they knew that he liked it but does not wanted to show it.

soon they reached the station once again.

actually Om gave a conclusion to go to the station first to check the timings of the train.he found out that it was 2 hours late from it’s actual time and messaged the rest except Shivaay.

So as there was still time, they dicided to have dinner.

“Ok let’s go”Om said and started moving towards the station.”hey!!hey just wait where are you going om?”sivaay stopped Om.”Inside the station… we don’t have time guys lets go”he again started moving.
shivaay looked confused.”But rudra said that we are going to Nako”he said.”yes we are going there only…’ by train’ “om said eyeing each of them while Anisomru looked here and there.

“wpat the wuck!! Train??? from where does it came? Rudra said me that we are going there by a Camper van..”shivaay said while eyeing rudra who was playing on his phone.

“Camper from where does it came from?.For Nako there is only one route that is by train”Om was confused.

” ‘rudra’ ‘annika’ ‘saumya’ ” shivaay screamed at each of them as he got to know that they tricked him.”annika I didn’t expected this from were the elder of these two.Rumya are irresponsible but you were responsible right? how can you do this to me? you know na I never travelled by train?so how on earth you thing that I will be going by a train?You know every thing but still you did this…”shivaay screamed at annika angerly while annika eyes filled with tears.She was looking down at her fidgetting fingers.


Rumya were feeling bad for Annika”bhaiya…”rudra started but was cut of by Shivaay.”No rudra…you just zip your mouth you don’t need to take her side.she always do this!!I know all this was her plan”shivaay said while pointing his finger.

“annika I’m asking you something Dammit!! just answer me”shivaay screamed.Annika just shiver in response.She looked up at him with her tear filled eyes and the world seems to stop for shivaay.his expression soon changed into a soft one but the next moment it again changed.

annika just went from there crying while all of them tried to stop her except shivaay.”Bhaiya what have you done? Bhabhi was not at fault.It was me who persuaded her to make you except it.She was telling that you will not agree for it but I asked her to do it.Now see what have you done,she is crying because of you only..”rudy said sadly while the rest of them noded in agreement.”yes bade bhaiya rudra is right bhabhi does all this for us only”saumya said.Shivaay was now feeling guilty to make annika cry.He gave a puppy look to all of them”rudra you must have told me about it earlier”shivaay said with a puppy face.

“I was telling you only but you stopped me”rudra winched.

“now what will I do?”shivaay asked them helplessly.”what are you waiting for jethji go and bring your paanika back”Ishana said with a wink.Shivaay just rub the back of the neck with a cheeky smile and went from there.”Hey !! shivaay we are waiting at platform no.2…come fast ok?”Om screamed at him while he just assure him and headed towards his wife.

om paid the drivers and went inside the station with the rest of them following him with their and shivika luggages.


In an almost deserted place Annika was sitting on a bench and was crying.”HUH!!!what does this baghad billa think of himself? Why can’t he travel by train*sniff* by travelling does his height will become short? he always show Tadi… *sniff* *wiping her cheeks with her hand*he also broke his pinky promise. he promised that he will come with us no matter what but no! he broked his promise*sniff* I hate him!! I won’t talk to him now!”she was blabbering with herself when she saw a handkerchief being passed to her.

She took it without seeing the person “thank you” and sneezed her nose in that small piece of cloth.She looked up to see shivaay sitting beside her with an apolegetic smile.

“aap?” she asked shock and stood up”what are you doing here?*sniff* ooh I see, you are here to scold me more as you were not satified right? Ok scold me..tell me watever you wan…”she abruptly stopped as shivaay just pecked her lips.she was shock to hell while shivaay just chuckled at her cuteness.”enough Paanika enough..don’t you get tired of talking huh! from where did you get this much energy?”he asked with a teasing tone.

“what did you did just now?”she asked while comimg out of her shocked state.”what I did? I just asked that from where did you get this much energy?”he asked acting innocently.”no no before that”she said.
“hmmm”he put his finger on his chin showing he was thinking something”ohhh this?” he asked with a smirk and again pecked her lips.annika eyes just widen in shock.

“now what was this?”she asked angerly.”I just kiss my their any problem?”he asked innocently.”yes there is a problem you can’t kiss your wife when-she-is-angry-with-you-and-is-not-talking-to-you…”she said with gritted teeth and with each word started moving near his face.”hey wait!! why I’m talking to you?I’m angry with you right? yes I’m angry with you..” she said to herself and turned her face the other way.

When she didn’t heard anything from shivaay,she slowly turned and saw him missing from there.”now where has is gone?’ she thought with a confused looked.suddenly she felt something near her feet and looked down to see shivaay sitting on his keens with his both hands on either side of his ear,with a puppy face”I’m sorry Annika please forgive me..I will never scold you..I promise and I will go by train or which ever vehicle you will tell..i didn’t get water over here otherwise I would have bought it to you..please forgive me without pouring water on me…I’m sorry”he said cutely while annika just stared at him lovingly.”annika my knees are paining..please tell me did you forgive me or not?”he winched in pain.

annika just made him stand “will you travel by train?”he asked while he noded with a small smile.She instantly hugged him”I love you shivaay..You are the best I forgave you”she said happily while shivaay hugged her tight.”thank you annika…i love you too”he said and she kissed his cheeks. shivaay just smiled widely.

“Ok let’s go there is not much time..the train will be coming soon at the we should go”he said while she noded and with hand in hand they go towards the gang who were waiting for them.


So this is the end of the second part…
I hope I didn’t bored you all and you all enjoyed it…
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