Shivika Ishkara Rumya TS~A Memorable Trip~ (By Anya) Part 1

Hey guyzzz…Anya here…I’m once again here with a TS or it must be An SS also, depends upon the flow of the story…but hopefully it will end till 5 shots though.
I’m first time writting on the three couples so plzz bear with me.anyways here is the 1st part.Hope you all will like it.

Kindly ignore grammartical mistakes and typos

1st part~Making Plans~

The whole oberoi house was going to be deserted for a few days as the whole Oberoi clan was going out.All of them for some different work.Tej and Shakti Oberoi were already abroad for a bussiness trip while dadi and pinki had gone for vaishnav devi ke darshan and would not return after 1 month hopefully.Janvi had gone to meet her sick mother while priyanka had gone on trekking.Sahil was also in his boarding school.So almost all the members had gone out expect Obros and AnIshYa.

It was a usual day in OM.shivaay had gone for office,Om was in his studio completing yet another statue,Rudra was as usual sulking around the house with out any work and he was feeling bore.The climate of Mumbai in June was terribly bad this year.He wanted some excitement to happen in their life.So he headed towards his annika bhabhi’s room who was his partner in crime.Annika was free now a days as there were less marriage happening in Mumbai acording to her.Ishana was in her dance class but came soon as her class was done.Soumya was telecasting her love angle show.So eventually all were buzy in their work expect Aniru and ishana.

“Annika Bhabhi”rudra screamed and enter her room.Annika who was having a cup of tea with ishana and talking to her looked up and saw rudra ,he came and sat on the bed with a sulking face.

“what happened Rudy”both the ladies asked their cute brother in law.”I’m feeling like I’m going to die”he said while holding his head with his hand and moving his head round and round.”Ok now what happened to my drama queen”annika asked him while sitting beside him”yes ! tell rudy”ishana said while rolling her eyes.”Annika bhabhi and ishana didi sorry soon to be bhabhi see na I’m really feeling bored in house and we have not gone in a vacation for a long time so let’s make a plan to go somewhere”he said the last part excitedly.

“so this was the reason behind your feeling to die soon?”ishana asked rudy.Rudra just noded his head with a puppy face.”We have went to paris last month and you are telling that we have not gone anywhere for a long time”annika asked Rudra.”arre bhabhi for me 1 day seem like a year so you can understand 1 month must have been how long”rudra said defending himself and at last does his logic sign.

“but rudra shivaay will never agree for it”annika said as a matter of fact.”please bhabhi only you can make bhaiya ready for this please don’t say no then your little baby with get upset”rudra said with faking tears and a sad face,Annika being the innocent one come in his trap as she can’t see her baby brother cry and agreed for it.”Ok rudra I willl make shivaay agree for it” while ishana looked lovingly at the bhabhi devar convo.”and I will make Om agree to it as well as saumya”ishana jumped in.

Rudra was so happy that he just jumped over his two adorable bhabhi’s arm,they both had to take the support on the table behind them as rudra just jumped over them for a hug.”control Rudy control”annika said gigling while hugging him tight.”you would make us fall’ishana too said gigling and hugged him.”You don’t know my bestest bhabhi that what have you done I’m just really happy!!”he said and kissed annika and ishana cheeks one by one.While anIsh kissed rudra cheeks on different side at the same time.

“you two are the best!!” he exclaimed happily while the two of them just smiled looking at their baby brother.”ok so were we are going?”ishana asked looking at both of them.Annika jusk shook her head and looked expectanly at rudra for an answer.Rudra just looked at them confused”why you two are looking at me like that?” he asked them with a raised eyebrow”because we don’t know where we are going?” they said in unison.”Hmmm that…I know we are going to…”he said and streched the last word”to…?”annika and ishana asked”To…”he again started”that toh I havn’t decided”he said after a pause with a cheeky smile.both of them just shook their head in disbelieve.

“annika bhabhi do you have any suggestion”rudra asked after thinking alot to where to go”.”yes anni do you any place in your mind as I also can’t make out any place”ishana said.”hmmm..yes but I don’t think you all will like it especially billuji”annika said hesitantly.”arre bhabhi say na…everyone will like it”rudra said.”yes just say it anni”ishana said.”can we go to Nako,it is a village near the tibetian plateau.We can first go to delhi and from there it is a 5 hours journey by train”Annika said excitedly.”but billuji will never go by train”her lighted face soon fell down sadly.

“Wait a minute bhabhi I will just check out the place on google as the way you are telling I think it will be an awsm place”Rudra said and soon after both IShana and Rudra had there heads peeking on the tab’s screen.”WOW!!!””BEAUTIFUL”these were the words whick came out of their mouth as soon as they saw it.”I told you it is one of the beautiful villages of india”annnika exclaimed proudly.”yeah bhabhi It is awsm”rudra exclaimed happily while looking at the screen.”Ok so now it is final that…WE ARE GOING TO NAKO” rudra started and soon ishana joined him and both hi-fi each other.

“but the problem is that shivaay will never travel by train and the route to go their is only by train as the railway tracks had been made in between the mountains”annika said with a defeated sigh and sat on the bed.Soon saumya joined them as she had finished her telecast.”what’s going on guyzz?”saumuya asked as soon as she enter the room.”We are planning to go on a trip as we all are feeling very bored at home,See here’s the place where we are going”rudra said while showing somu the pics of the place.”Wow cry baby it is ethereal,I’m in!!”she exclaimed cheerfully .”but I didn’t knew that you have such a good taste in choosing places beside Crying whole day long on stupid stuffs”saumya exclaimed mockingly.”hey sumo,just shut your mouth!!’ rudra whined.”no! why would I? see ‘CRY BABY’ ‘CRY BABY’ ‘DUMBELL SINGH OBEROI IS A CRYBABY! “saumya shouted while moving around him in circle.Rudra just kept his hand on his ears and was going to say something when annika interupted”Sumo just stop it why you are making fun of my baby brother?” she said while taking rudra in her embrace.

Rudra just hugged her “see bhabhi see!! she always do this to me you are the only one who take’s my side”rudra said in a childish tone”why on earth i made her my girlfriend i don’t know”he said while coming out of annika’s embrace looking upside showing that he is complaining to god.”Rudra!!! how dare you say that”soumya exclaimed and started running behind him while he ran around the whole room for his dear life.Annika and ishana just laugh out loud.

“okay now enough!!”annika said gigling.’saumya and rudra stop fighting like small kids and come over here”ishana asked them stricly.Both stop running and came to them.Saumya gave a hard glare to rudra while he just made a puppy face.

“ok so where we were?” ishana asked”that how to make shivaay accept to go there”annika said in a trobled voice.”bhabhi just fake some tears in front of bhaiya and he will instantly agree for it”rudra said while doing his logic step with a cheeky smile.The three ladies just grin on his reply as they know that shivaay was going to come with them.


Shivaay came home in the evening being hell tired.He sat on the sofa and lossened his tie.”Annika I’m home”he shouted.Annika come with a glass of water and handed it to shivay.”thank you”he said and gulped it down.Annika then asked him to go and freshen up soon and come down for dinner.He noded and left not before kissing annika’s cheek.Annika just grinned.

Annika and Ishana were preparing for dinner in the kitchen.”Anni did you asked jethji about the trip?”ishu asked her.”no yaar..not now will ask him after dinner”she said.”and what about Om”she asked.”Om is my darling the second I said him he instantly agreed for it”Ishu said dreamily.
Annika just giggled and lightly smack her head “get lost in your pranath dreamland later,now concentrate on this”she said while passing her the food vessle to keep in on the dinning table.Ishu just gave Anni a cheeky smile and went from there while Annika just shook her head”iska kuch nhi ho sakta”she said under her breathe.

Soon all of them come down and have their dinnerand retired to their respective room.Saumya was still angry on rudra while he just looked at her with pleading eyes.

While annika was going in her room Ishana and raumya give her a thump sign so as to tell her Alll the best!!

Shivaay was working on his laptop when annika entered.he had changed into his night clothes,soon she also changed.

“Billuji’annika called out while he just hummed in response.after hearing nothing from her he closed his laptop and took her hand in his”What happened Annika tell me”he said softly.

“actually Billuji i can see that you are looking very tired because of work so i think that can we go on a trip?”she asked in a soft cute voice.”but annika who will see after the company as both papa and badepapa are out of country? I won’t be able to go”Shivaay said while making her understand.”but shivaay,in one week nothing will change plzzz let’s go na all of us are very excited about it,plzz don’t spoil aur mood’she said with a sad voice.”but…”he started but was cut off by annika”ok so do you want your wife to be sad?”she said with a pout.”BUt…’he again started but was again cut off by her.”I hate you shivaay,I was only mad that I thought you will agree and so I requested you,But no you are toh Shivaay Singh Oberoi…you always wanted to show Tadi and make your poor wife sad”she said while faking tears.

“Oye drama queen stop you drama.First of all you never lets me finish my words and come into conclusion without listenning what i’m saying”he said and pot his palm on her cheeks”I was aking that where we are going”he added while she just give him her million dollar smile.

“oohh god shivaay can i take it as a yes from your side?”she asked while he just noded.she just hugged him tight”thank you thank you very much baby…Your the best”she exclaimed happily and kissed his cheeks.shivaay just chuckled at her childish behaviour,”Ok now tell me were we are going?”he asked while breaking the hug.”leave that na you trust me right?”she adked “more than myself”he said instantly ‘so leave that on me and promise me that you will go where ever we will take you?”she asked “promise”he said.”no not like that Pinky promise”she asked while showing her pinky to him.he giggled”pinky promise”.Annika just grinned widely as now shivaay will never say no to travel in train.

“Ok I’m coming’she kissed his cheeks again and went towards the kitchen where the whole gang was waiting for her.”see bahbhi came”rudra said as soon as he saw her.All started throwing question at her as she entered with a sad face.”what happened annika>what does shivaay said”Om aked her while the other to joined him.”actually shivaay…”she stopped.”shivaay what “they alll said in unison.”he said that”she started but was cut off by rudra.”don’t say it bahbhi I know that shivaay bhaiya had said no to it”he said while the others face fell down.”no rudra shivaay said yes!!he said that he will go…”annika exclaimed happily while the others just smiled brightly.Rudra just hugged his bhabhi”thank you bhabhi you are the best”he exclaimed while she also hugged him and soon it become a group hug.


After Two days~~

All of them were running here and there to see that all the nessecity things they have taken or not. Finally all of them were standing in the hall with their luggages.”Are we going for a month trip or what?”shivaay asked all of them as he saw they with 2 bags each,one was small while the other was big.”shivaay let it be na.We will carry our own bag.Yes guyzz?”she asked the other people present there.

“YES” they said in chorus while shivaay gave them an unbelievable look.”they are of no use”shivaay muttered under his breathe.

Annika told shivaay about the place as shivaay was constantly asking her about where they are going.She first asked him that he didn’t forget about the promise and when he assures her she said it to him.Shivaay was at first really uncomforable about it but when he saw the place on the internet his discomfort just went the place was really beautiful and he agreed for it.

Annika didn’t said shivaay about the train journey.It was still a mystery for him.OmRu had done all the nessesity as how they will go and wehere they will be staying as shivaay was in coping up the works which will be happening within the week,when he will be not there.

To add more spice in the trip Rudra had came up with an Idea that all of them will not show that they are THE OBEROIS but are common people.Accept shivaay all of them agreed for it.but after hearing the philosiphical talks of Om as well as the blaberring of annika he agreed.”see I’m agreeing for it but anything went wrong I will not leave anyone of you”he said warning each of them.”Are just chill billuji nothing will happen in just a week,It will be so much fun”Annika exclaimed excitedly.

So all of them had dressed casually.Shivaay was wearing a skinny trouser paired with a sky blue shirt.Annika was in her usual way tight jeans and white flowy top.Om was in his usual dressup while ishana was wearing a royal blue colour jumpsuit. Rudra was wearing a cargo short paired with loose V neck shirt and saumya was in a white flowy pleated dress.

So all was set..!! they are finally going to NAKO…!!


So here is the first installment…
And How was it? should I continue it or not?
i hope you all like it…
do comment your reviews on it…I’m eagerly waiting for it…

With Love,

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