Shivika Fs – Fulfilling wishes part 14

Recap: shivika played cricket match and shivay lost the match.

Part 14

Shivika was standing alone in middle of a road and it started to rain. Anika got happy seeing the rain. A big smile adorned her lips. She started to enjoy the rain. Just like a kid she waved her hands in rain. Her happiness has no bound.

She always felt connected to rain. She feel her every pain and sadness being washed by the rain. For the past three months she never got drenched in rain. She felt she didn’t deserve any happiness after hurting Shivay. She always thought her life is only filled by tears. She was always afraid about the fact of losing her loved ones. She never had anyone in her life excluding Sahil. But he is a kid.

She always wanted someone’s shoulder to lean on whenever she is sad. She always wanted someone to comfort her. She wanted someone to hug her and soothe away all her pain. She wanted someone to say that everything will be fine.

She got all of her wishes fulfilled through shivaay. She never thought this kanjhi aankhon wala Bagad Billa will become her life. She never thought stone Singh Oberoi can also be sweet Singh Oberoi. She always teased him by calling cute. It irritated him to core but she always liked to tease him. She decided to cherish this moment because she may not get this opportunity again.

On the other side Shivay was completely immersed in his wife’s beauty. He was very happy to see her happiness. He always felt she lost her smile in this past three months. He very well understood she is in as much as pain as him. He could always sense her whenever she is around him but​ he was not able to decipher the reason for her behaviour.

He hated himself because he was not able to fulfill his promise. He promised her no matter whatever the situation maybe​ he will never leave her alone. But he himself broke that promise. It was him who throwed her out of his house but not from his heart. He always felt guilty for throwing her out of oberoi mansion. She potrayed herself as a gold digger before him but she was never interested in his money.

Even after their separation she didn’t ask for any alimony from him. When he asked Khanna to check about her background he came to know that she took loan from a bank for her business. That clearly indicated him she is not interested in his money.

He tried his level best to find the reason behind her behaviour but he was not able to get any clue. He remembered a flashback between him and anika.


Anika was searching something in her room. Shivaay came to room and saw her searching for something.

” What are you searching Anika?”, He asked her.

” Actually I lost my money”, she worriedly replied him.

” That’s a bad news. How much money you lost 5 lakhs or 10 lakhs? Don’t worry I will ask Khanna to check entire house. I know you give importance to your hard earned money. Don’t worry we will find it”, he assured her.

Anika smacked her head in frustration. she was giving him u can never change your look. Shivay was surprised by her reaction.

” R u mad Shivay. I even don’t know how many zeroes are there in a lakh.”

” Then how much u lost. Tell me the value?”

” Actually I don’t know where I kept my hundred rupees.”

* Have you lost it Anika. U lost hundred rupees and u r giving reaction like you lost 5 lakhs”.

” So what hundred rupees is also a very big amount”, she replied him cooly.

” Anika don’t forget u r anika shivay Singh oberoi. When your husband is capable of earning thousands of crores why you are worried about hundred rupees”.

” Oh hello Mr. Tadibaaz I married you not your money. I never want your money. I am capable of surviving on my own. If u can’t help me then don’t distract me. Moreover your height will not reduce if u help me”, she replied him fiercly.

” Don’t bring my height into this matter”, saying so he went towards her but she ran away before he could catch her.

He remembered that incident. He was now damn sure that anika was not interested in his money. There is some other reason beyond her behavior. He decided to investigate again.

He saw her dancing in rain happily. He was lost in her beauty. She suddenly pulled him to her. She looked at him and started to dance with him. Shivay was not able to control himself. He saw her clothes stuck in her body due to water. Her luscious lips covered by water droplets.

It is not that he was physically attracted to her but they always had something between them. Some strange connection. No girl made him go weak on his knees. Her simple touch passed electricity to his body. Anika was unaware of his gaze on her. Shivaay suddenly pulled her to him and she crashed on his chest.

She was shocked by this sudden proximity between them. Her breath got hitched. He pulled her more close to him. Her heaving chest alerted him about their proximity. He cupped her face and looked into her eyes. He asked her in a husky voice.

” Why u always leave things in middle?”, Shivay questioned her.

” What do u mean? I didn’t leave any work in middle. It’s not my style,” she argued with him.

” Then did u forget what u did in cricket match”.

” First of all I never forget anything. Moreover I eat almonds daily”, but she suddenly realised what he meant. He is trying to tell her about the kiss. Seeing her reaction he understood she got his meaning.

” Mr. Oberoi I actually did that only to defeat you. Do you remember u also did the same thing when we played hand wrestling”, she answered him nervously.

” So it’s like tit for tat but remember one thing anika, shivay Singh oberoi never lose”, saying so he started to kiss her forehead followed by her eyelids and cheek. Anima clutched his shirt tighter. She involuntarily held his neck which resulted in their close proximity.

He started to place few kisses in her neck. Not able to control Anika moaned his name. This aroused him more. His hot breathe fanned on her lips. He was above to claim her lips but something splashed on shivay.

” Fhat the wuck”, he shouted.

A vehicle splashed mud on Shivay’s dress spoiling his dress. Anika was not able to control her laughter. Seeing her laughing shivay got angry. He hugged anika such that her dress is also spoiled by mud.

” What did you do?”, Anika asked him angrily.

” Tit for tat”, he replied with full attitude.

Both of them chased each other and started to run. They at last spotted a tea shop. Anika was hungry.

” I am hungry. Let’s get some tea”, anika declared.

“is your uncle owner of this shop “, he asked her.

” what do u mean? “.

” we don’t have money. I hope your almond eating brain will remember it.”

” yes u r right. What shall we do now?”, anika kept her hands inside her jeans. She suddenly found one hundred rupees note from her pocket.

” Mr. Oberoi look here what I got. Do  u remember once I told you I lost hundred rupees look I got it now. Come on. let’s go.”

” anika I will not eat in such an unhygienic place. ”

” you and your hygiene. Listen to me we don’t have money to afford your hygienic food. Moreover we r stuck here without money. So stop showing your tadi and come with me”.

Both of them had tea. Shivay was not ready to drink it and made face but our jhansi ki Rani made him to drink his tea. They also ate some hot pakodhas. They got a phone from nearby and informed Khanna.

But Khanna said due to bad weather he may not be able to reach them. He can only get back them in morning. Shivay didn’t have other choice. He informed him about his location and asked him to arrange transport at the earliest.

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