Shivika FF~Take me out of the Darkness~Prologue (By Anya)

Authors Note~

Hola guyzz… I’m back! but it is temporary, only for today or I say only for now..!Actually This Idea was constantly revolving aroung my head and I was not at all able to concentrate on my studies.. 🙁 So I just penned it down.And for the first time I’m writting such stuffs such intense work so please bear with me if you didn’t like it.I know that I have an On going story and I need to update it 😛 but it will be updated after 15th only. So here I’m presenting you the Prologue.And I’m 100% sure that it will take time to be updated. Rotten tomatoes as well as critisize are welcome.

And yes! few things to be cleared are~
1. Gauri and Omkara are married.
2. Rudra and Saumya are going to be married they are just engaged.
3. Naina is Shivaay’s 4 years old daughter.
Rest you will come to know in the coming updates.

Kindly ignore grammartical mistakes and typos[:P]



Pinky was sitting in the balcony lost in deep thoughts.She had a cup of tea in her hand and was constantly stiring it with the spoon.The weather outside was stormy and dark as if it was going to rain heavily.When suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder which made her come out of her cogitation,she looked up to saw Gauri passing her a cup of tea.”Ye lijiye choti maa”she said with a small smile,took the cup of tea with had now become cold from her hand and replaced with the one she bought.

“Hayee..! ye toh thandi ho gayi thank you beta”she said and smiled at her widely , a fake smile which she had mastered in the last 2 years and which had become a part of her life now.”aap kab tak aise rahiyega choti maa? 2 saal ho gaye hai uss baat ko hote hua”she said and sat beside her while taking her hand in her’s.”kya karun beta shivaay ko aise nahi dekh sakti mein,usse aise apne zindagi ke sath naa insafi karte hua mein nahi dekh sakti”she said and the facade just went away and was replaced with a motherly pain.”Tune aaj dekha usse kaise wo kar raha tha? Pee kar poora talli tha apne hosh mein nahi tha agar usse Omru dhoond ke nahi laate toh uska aaj accident ho jaata”she said and floods of tears made their way from her eyes while Gauri just stroked her hand with her palm to calm her.

Pinky kept the cup of tea on the coffee table,”Usse khud ko sambhaalna chahiye..Usse kya hum sabh ki chinta nahi hai..thik hai hum sabh ki nahi par Naina ki chitna nahi hai usse?Us pyaari si bacchi ki kya galti iss sabh mein?Wo uske bina ek pal bhi nahi reh sakti..agar shivaay ko kuch ho jaata toh..?”she said and finally broke down.Gauri hugged her while she cried out loud”Choti maa sabh theek ho jaayega aap sabr kijiye”she said while trying to assure her.Pinky broke the hug and with a feeble smile”wahi toh mein kar rahi hoon beta… sabr bas yahi kar sakti hoon mein apne bete ke liye aur kuch bhi nahi kar sakti kuch bhi nahi…”she said”Waise abhi shivaay kaisa hai?”she added while wiping her tears.

“Omru abhi unke paas hai”she said with a sad smile”wo thik hojaayenge choti maa subah tak”she added “Mujhe pata hai wo thik ho jaayega puttar ye toh har mahine hota hai,Wo har mahine koi na koi ek din pee kar aata hai aur phir agle din thik ho jaata hai aur phir wo ghar par kab aata hai kab nahi kissi ko nahi pata chalta hai…Wo toh Naina hai jo wo ghar par nazar aa jaata hai nahi toh poore din office mein bhaitha rehta hai.”she said sadly while a tear made their way to her cheeks.She instantly wipe her tears”Waise meri Naina kahan hai?”she asked”Haan wo saumya ke saath hai soo rahi hogi”she said and a small smile made their way into their lips at the mention of their little princess.”Accha hua Naina nahi thi wahan par uss time nahi toh wo bechari bacchi darr jaati apne superman ko aisi halat mein dekh kar”pinky said sadly while gauri nodded her head.”Accha aap chai peejiye main aati ho humaari princess ko dekh kar.. ki wo kya kar rahi hai”she said and stood up while pinky smiled at her and nodded her head.

She made her way into saumya room and saw her stroking naina’s hair and was singing a lullaby while Naina was hugging her tight as if she was a teddy bear and was in a deep slumber.she came forward and sat beside the sleeping form of her angle and stroked her hair while saumya smiled at her.”Isne tumhe pareshan toh nahi kiya na soote waqt?”she asked sumo “Arre aisa kuch bhi nahi hai humari Naina bahut acchi hai,haan par soote waqt wo shivaay bhaiya ko dekhne maang rahi thi par jab maine usse samjhaya toh wo soo gayi”she said and kissed the top of her head,gauri smiled at the little bundle of joy who was sleeping peacefully.”accha mein Omru ko dekh kar aati hoon tum yahin raho”she said and headed towards shivaay room.

The senerio she saw in front of her eyes bought a thin layer of tears in her eyes.She smiled sadly while looking at Om and rudra who were sitting at either sides of shivaay’s sleeping form and Om was stroking his hair while Rudy was attending shivaay’s wounded hand.Shivaay was constanly muttering”I hate her..! mein usse bahut nafrat karta hoon..usne apna promise tor diya..I hate her..”even in his unconsious state.The condition of the room was like as if it was struck with a cyclone and all the things were thrown all around the room.Om looked at the direction of the door and smiled sadly and went towards Gauri not before kissing shivaay’s forehead.

“Shivaay abh kaise hain?”she asked”wo abhi soo raha hai par wahi baat bolte jaa raha hai maine usse inject kar diya hai woh thori der mein thik ho jaayega”he said sadly and looked towards her with tear filled eyes.”Mein usse aise nahi dekh sakta gauri aise nahi dekh sakta..mujhe apne app par gussa aata hai ki main usske liye kuch nahi kar paa raha hoon usse is dard se nahi nikal paa raha hoon wo ek andheri jagah par kho gaya hai aur main usse wahan se nahi nikal paa rha hoon”he said and hugged her while she hugged him back and stroked his back to calm him down”sabh thik ho jaayega Om time sabh kuch thik kar dega..”she said while assuring him Om chuckled miserably”tum ye mujhe samjha rahi ho ya apne aapko?”he asked and broke the hug”Main bhi nahi dekh sakti shivaay ko aise”she said and a loan tear escape her dove shaped eyes.”accha main servant ko bol deti hoon ki wo ye room ko saaf karde”she said and went from there as she know that if she will stay over there for more time she will loose control on herself.

She went and stood beside a pillar and broke down in tears.”hai shankar ji aapne aisa kyu kiya?Shivaay ke hi saath aisa kyu kiya?wo Didi se kitna pyaar karte the par aap ne unhe unse cheen liya aisa q kiya aapne?kyu?”she said while looking upwards as if asking god why he done all this to him.She stood there for sometime and wiped her tears and asked a servant to clean shivaay’s room.


So here is the prologue Hope you all like it..
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