Shivika FF~Take me out of the Darkness~Part 3 (By Anya)

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Part 3

Oberoi Mansion~

When Shivaay left,Om went to his art gallery and rumya were left behind alone in the hall.”Rudra tum thik hona?”saumya asked softy still caressing his hair”Tumhe kya lagta hai?”he asked while she sigh.She made him turn towards her and cupped his face”Rudra humme kuch karna chahiye”

“Dadi abh aap kaisi hai?”Rudra asked as he entered the room followed by saumya.Dadi who was having a chat with janky and Gauri looked up and smiled at them”Haan abh main thora thik feel kar rahi hoon”she smiled and asked them to come near her with hand gestures.They smiled and reached her.”Kya hua puttar kuch kehna hai tum dono ko”she asked them”Wo dadi hum soch rahe the ki”saumya fumbled and looked at rudra who just blink his eyes in assurance”Kya hua bol na saumya”pinky just pocked her to say “yes child say”janvi encouraged her”Hmm..Dadi hum soch rahe the actually kal bade bahiya ki haalat humse nahi dekhi jaa rahi thi toh hum soch rahe the..main kaise bolon rudra you say”she said and indicated him while hitting him with her elbow sideways.All of them smiled at their hesitation”Okay wait”he took a deep breathe”dadi main aur saumya jald se jald shaadi karna chahte hai taake ghar main kuch khusiyaan aaye and for once we all can live normally”he said in one breath while closing his eyes making saumya blush.

Gauri stood up to go”Bhabhi aap kahan jaa rahe hai?”he asked with frightened voice”Arre mithaai laane jaa rahi hoon aakhir tumne itni acchi khabar sunai hai”she said happily while moving out of the room while the other ladies smiled.”haayee! rudra aur saumya tum dono itne bare ho gaye mujhe ye nahi pata tha”pinky said and hugged them tightly while kissing their head”yes Pinky is right I’m proud of you two my childers”janvi was elated with happiness while rumya hugged her.Dadi just smiled looking at them and blessed them just them gauri came.”ye lijiye mu meetha kijiye”she said and made dadi eat the sweets and then the rest too did it.”gauri jaa jaakar panditji ko call kar aur unhe bula la,aakhir shaadi ka muhurat bhi nikal wana hai”pinky said and she went away to call panditji.Rumya just smile at each other with mutual feelings as they were sucessful.maybe this wedding would bring some changes and happiness in their Bade Bhaiya’s life and this is their promise to each other.


“Thank you bappa dekhiye as I promised Iv’e bought these laddoo’s for you aakhir aapko bhi kuch milna chahiye na”she said with folded hands in front of lord ganesha’s statue in the temple.As she was desending the stairs she tripped but made her self steady when a man came and pushed her initially”Abe Oye!Andha hai kya? dekh ke nahi chala jaata ya peekar hai? haan?”she shouted at the man”Sorry ji maine nahi dekha maaf kardo”the man said with a flirty voice while annika lost her control on her anger as she was really pissed off from morning’s incident also”Abe teri toh pehle toh push kiya aur abh aise cher raha hai rukh tu tujhe main batati hoon”she said and put off her sandals and pointed it at him”Ye dekh raha hai?Ye na chameli hai aur jab kissi ko lagta hai toh uski haalat kharaab ho jaati hai”she said and moved it towards the man’s face making him frightened as he now knew that she is not the type of girl who will take all this and moved away from her”Kya hua bhaiya chameli se nahi milan tujhe?’she shouted while he moved from there acting as if he didn’t heard anything.

She wore her slippers while muttering some curses under her breath when her eyes caught a guy looking at her with a smile.She smiled at him and moved towards him”Mujhe nahi pata tha tum lady dabangg bhi ho”he said being amued while she gave a playful smile”Uffo Omkara ji”she just bite her tongue as she saw him glaring at her”I mean Om, aisi koi baat nahi hai wo aadmi issi ke laayak tha”she said while twisting her lips”main tumhare hi paas raha tha par tumhe aise dekh kar rukh gaya abh mujhe tumse bach ke rehna hoga”he said with a raised eyebrow while she giggled at his words.”Arre wo toh maine dusre ka gussa uppar utar diya nahi toh main acche logo ko nahi darati”she said while throwing her hand up in the air in a surrending way.”kyu aaj kya ho gaya tumhare saath?”he asked with an amused tone”Arre Kuch nahi ek kanji aakhon wala bagad billa mil gaya the raaste main,chilla raha tha pagal ke tarah.Main bhi kya lekar bhaith gayi uske baare main phir se mood kharaab hogaya”she said with attitude”By the way you here?’she asked after a pause being anxious”Wo I was going home and stopped here to help you but it seems you don’t need me”he said with a shrug.”yeah I don’t need anyone not now not in the future though”she whispered with a sigh.Om saw a wave of pain and dissapointment reflected in her cocoa brown orbs but it vanished the way it came with in a sec and as she blinked her eyes,it become normal.Om thought that he is thinking too much so just let it go but whenever he meet her there is always some hidden depth in her eyes but each time he let it go as he was a little uncomfortable to ask her about her private life but he promise to himself that one day he will able to help her out and this is a promise from a friend to his friend.

“tum yahan?”he asked after a pause to make her come out of her thoughts”pehle wo sabh choro aur ye lo”with that she forwarded a laddo in his way,he gave a confuse look but opened his mouth and ate it “Wo mujhe aaj ek job milli hai so bappa se milne aai thi q ki maine promise kiya tha ki agar mujhe ye job mil gayi toh I will give him desi ghee ke laddo!”she exclaimed cheerfully with a twinkle in her eyes making him smile at her innocence,she sometimes behaves like Gauri he thought.”Oh great!Congratulations Anni”he said and hugged her sideways”thank you Om”she reciprocated the same.”so treat toh banta hai?”he asked playfully”yeah Why not! tum hi toh ek dost ho mere Mumbai main par is baar I wanted you to bring your wife with you Arre I also wanted to meet the lady love of my friend”she said and ended up with a wink while he chuckled”Okay!I will bring her too”he said”Ok then,meet you I mean you and your wife in grasswood Cafe at 6 is that ok?”she asked “hmm..okay but I need to ask her if she is free or not” “yeah why not”

with that he called Gauri and came to know about rumya’s decision and was really happy.”Okay I will come home soon but listen na I have told you about my friend Annika,the one I used to met at my art gallery so she wanted to meet you and invited us a the cafe .So are you free?so that we can go today?”he asked “Om Aapko toh pata hai aaj kitna kaam hone waala hai ghar pe aur main bhi unse milna chahti hoon par aaj nahi ho sakta kal shayad? please aap unko meri taraf se sorry bol dena”Gauri said in a guilty tone”hmm..ok I can understand okay byyy”he said and ended the call”Hmm..Annika actually ghar pe kuch kaam aa gaya hai so she won’t be able to come but yes if you want then we can meet tomorrow.What say?”he asked”Yeah Okay no problem.then meet you tomorrow Byy”she said with a smile and turned to go”Anni I can drop you.where ever you are going”he asked”no Om mujhe bas pass main hi jaana hai tum jaao ghar par sabh tumahra intezaar karte honge”she said and with a final wave moved away from there.


“Papa stop the car”Naina screamed making shivaay halt in his path.”What happened Princess?Is there something bothering you?”shivaay asked with a panic voice”No But yes I wanted to eat ice cream”she said with a puppy face while shivaay sigh in relief as he was a little scared the way she shouted”So you would have told me calmly also na princess See papa was so scared”he said while parking the car beside.She just giggled in response gaining a confused look from shivaay”Now why are you laughing?”he asked with a raised eyebrow”You got scared!papa got scared aapko pata hai main na Rudy chachu ke wo horror films se bhi nahi darti”she said but soon bite her tongue as her secret was out now and rudy Chachu is in trouble”What you see horror movies with that dumbell?I’m not gonna leave him,how can he just let a small girl see those horror movies?”he said with an angry tone’No papa don’t say anything to chachu.I was the one who asked him to show me the movie but I swear I saw it for the first time and when ever the ghost came I hide myself in Chote papa’s lap’she said with an innocent look”so Om was also with you two?”he asked curiously,she just nodded her head’Sirf chote papa nahi poori family thi except one to whom i was missing badly”she ended with a sad look”Kon princess?”he asked while seeing her sad.

“You!”she whispered while fidgeting with her fingers not meeting his eyes.

Shivaay just stilled in response,he doesn’t know what to do at this moment or wht to say.He realized that he didn’t spend much time with her daughter in the last 2 years because of his own issue.He just made himself a workaholic,oing to office early in the morning and coming home late at night when she was asleep.he just went and see her once and then went away.He realized how he had hurted his princess for not spending time with her.His eyes filled with unshed tears at this thought.He just extended his hands and scoop her little bundle of joy in his arms while hugging her tightly,as tars started to stream down his cheeks,she just tighten her grip on him.”I’m sorry princess!I’m really sorry,mujhe nahi pataa teh ki tumhare saath time spend na karne se I will loose all those moments”he muttered while sobbing,she came out of the embrace and wipe off his tears with her litle hands”Chachu ne mujhe kaah tha ki superman nahi rote than why are you crying papa?”she said with a pout while he smiled at her with tears in his eyes.”I promise I will spend most of my time with you from now onwards”he said and kissed her cheeks while she too did the same.This was a promise from a father to her daughter.

After some time of silence”Papa can we go and have ice cream? Mujhe bahut khaane ka dil kar raha hai”Naina said sadly with puppy eyes,this just made him chuckled as he drove towards the nearest ice cream parlour,making her squeal in happiness.


Shivaay sat on the driver seat with a packet which contain ice cream for the other memeber of the family and on the pasenger seat was Naina feasting on her favourite chocolate custurd flavoured ice cream.”hey princess don’t eat it like that baba! it’s sticking on your nose and yes this is the last time you are eating this as see the weather outside lag raah hai baarish hone wali hai”shivaay said and with the help of the tissue paper wiped off the ice cream.”Papa then how will I eat this? Rudra Chachu also eat llike this”she winched wth a cute pout”he’s a dumbell oberoi so don’t copy him okay?’he said with a smile”Haww! aapne unhe dumbell bola your’e bad papa!Chachu is very good’she said and licked her ice cream with a frown on her forehead,excatly like him.He adorned her”so now Papa is bad and chachu is good? haan?”he asked with fake aner and rubbed her cheeks”No it’s not like that but don’t tell anything to rudra Chachu ok?”she aid in a cute asent”Okay my baby I won’t tell anything to him”he said and buckled the seat belt securely around her when she stopped eating and held his hand and stared at his wrist intendly”what happened dear?”he asked”what’s this papa?”she said”what?’ ‘this”she said and pulled out a small chain which was struck in his cufflink and the chain had a small moon shaped at the end.

“Yeh toh maine kahin dekha hai”he muttered as he touched it ans realize that it was of that lady with whom his cufflink got struck.h ewas l;ost in his thoughts when naina asked him about it once again”No it’s nothing give it to me princess”he asked and took it and kept it securely in his pocket.”okay than let’s go see it’s already started raining”he said while the thoughts of that girl played in loops in his head.


“Baccha Party this is for you all”annika screamed as soon as she entered the orphanage and distributed the gifts to the childrens whcih she had bought.all of them were really happy as their annika Didi had come to meet them.”annika my daughter nice to see you here darling it’s been a while since you came here”Mrs.mary the care taker of the orphanage greeted annika as she was playing with the kids”Hello mother!Actualy I was a little busy so when I got time to thought to come over here”she said and hugged her while she too reciprocated it.”Anika Didi can you please paly the piano and sing a melodious song for us?”a small boy asked while the other followed in.”Okaay! now stop shouting you all have become so much nautankibaaz”she shouted to lower their voice as they were conitnuosly screaming please Please to her.

Annika started palying the piano softly while singing a soft song as the childrens started dancing with their friend happily.Annika smiled seeing them as this was one such place which gave her immense happiness and calmness,Seeing the smile on these childrens faces act as a balm to her older wounds,it always leave her at peace.After a few second a small boy came to her and asked her for a dance like a true gentleman making her do aww..! and started dancing with him,taking him in her arms whiel the rest of the children dance around her.She always love childrens,they are like small angels whose heart are pure and clean given to us by the god.

“hey see it’s raining”a child shouted”no one will go outs..”Mrs.Mary’s voice was struck in her throat as all the childrens along with annika was moving outside in the road to dance their heart out.”Mother let it be na see I have came after a lon time let us enjoy na please”annika pleaded with puppy eyes while she smiled and nodded her head and with that all of them were dancing on the road with annika at the centre.

Shivaay who was passing by saw that few childrens were dancing ont he road and a lady in a white attire was with them.He thought that he saw her somewhere but as he was far away he couldn’t make out who was she.


Well here is the end of this part and I hope You all enjoyed it as I have written a little lengthy of it!
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