Shivika ff – My wife (Leaf 5)

Anika has to work with Shivaay next morning arrived Anika came into office and straight went to shivaay’s cabin.

A:may I come in sir.

S: yes miss Anika .

Shivaay’s back was facing her he turned and both in unison shouted


S:tum yahan kya kar rahi ho , now plz don’t say that u are the same anika whom badepapa hired yesterday.

A:shocked actually u r right I am the only one.

Both with shocked expression
“Yeh Ho Kya raha hai”.

S:Mein tumhare saath kaam nahi karounga I am not going to work with u u r fired understand now get out of my office u badtameez ladki.

A:Haan toh theek hai itni tadi kis baat ki maar rahe mein thodi naa Mari has rahi aapke saath kaam karne ke liye aapke saath ton meri jutti bhi na kaam mere !huh!

(So, okay naa why showing so much of attitude I am also not dying to work with u my sandal is also not interested in working with u !huh!)

S: u u how dare u talk to me like this u know who I am (he was about to speak his name when anika cut him in between)

A: yeah yeah I know u are shivaay singh oberoi aur nobody talks to  Shivaay singh oberoi like this but I am also anika and I am not affair of u saying so she took glass of water and rest u all know “SPLASH” water on shivaay’s angry  face .

So here goes the next chappy.

Sorry guys for short and late update but what should I do I am not getting any idea to write further for showing there initial love story  actually I have a perfect story to be started after flashback  So I am getting difficulty in just showing the intial live blossom so if u guys have any idea plz feel free to share and yaa keep voting and commenting.

I can’t assure u when will be next update but sooner I get the idea the sooner I will post it.

Last but not least thanku so much for all ur love and support thanku thanku so much!!!!!


Some of u asked to write this story on wattpad search the username EktaaJindal there…….

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