Shivika ff – My wife (Leaf 4)

The scene shifts to a building more than a office both Anika and Shivaay are seen entering in same building but misses to see each other.

A(to receptionist):hey good morning I actually have come for the work of catering and event management for functions so could u plz guide me where I have to go.

R: sorry mam u have to wait a little bit sir is busy in meeting.

After one hour

  1. ON the other hand Shivaay is in meeting and meeting goes good and deal is finalized and meanwhile tej passes by and sees Anika waiting there for Shivaay , firstly he was shocked to see her there than a calmness replaces it (in my ff no Svetlana tej is a loving father and loves Shivaay as his own son can do anything for his happiness)

Tej comes to her and takes her to conference hall for her interview.

T:so what’s ur name.


T: nyc ur earlier work is very impressive I personally like it very much I won’t miss a chance to go such a good asset so would u like to join our company miss Anika.

A:sir shockingly , it’s my pleasure to work with such big firm .

T:(in mind) no beta its not u its we , we are the one who are lucky to have u in our lives again ,only u r the one who’s can turn my Shivaay into shivaay from shivaay singh oberoi and I have done my work by appointing u here now u have to work with him but one thing I have to take care is of pinky should not know about u unless I will once again will lose my shivaay )

His chain of thoughts is disturbed by Anika.

A:so from when can I join the office.

T:umn u can join from tomorrow if u are okk .

Here Shivaay came to receptionist asking for the girl who came for the interview of event manager , so he ask receptionist about her to which she replied

R:sir actually maybe she with Tej sir for signning necessary documents in conference hall.

He moved towards conference hall (Shivaay want to meet her because he felt a deep connection with her)
By the time Shivaay reached the conference hall anika was going out of another room , he again missed to see her

Anika has to work with Shivaay next morning arrived Anika came into office and straight went to shivaay’s cabin.

A:may I come in sir.

S: yes miss Anika .

Shivaay’s back was facing her he turned and both in unison shouted


S:tum yahan kya kar rahi ho , now plz don’t say that u are the same anika whom badepapa hired yesterday.

A:shocked actually u r right I am the only one.

Both with shocked expression
“Yeh Ho Kya raha hai”.

So I am stopping here . Plz vote and comment dears .plzzzzz

Hope u all like it.

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