Shivika ff – Shivaay is heart Anika his heart beat (Part 3)


Hello gays, sorry for late update. Now frist of all recap of peivious part.
Recap : Anika enter in shivaay’s cabin and get shocked and goes from there.

now today’s part :
Shivaay runs behind anika.

Shivaay : anika whatever you saw thats not true. You misunderstand me.

Anika : Billu ji why i am misunderstand you. Who i am? Your life, your cabin you can do anything whatever you want.

Shivaay : Anika just listen to me i want to say something…
Anika cuts his sentance

Anika : Choose one design from these i have lot of work i want to go right now.

Shivaay : anika…

anika : billu ji please.

Shivaay : this blue one.

Anika : thank you.
She gose from there with teary eyes.

Shivaay : phal gya raita. Now what cna i do.


Anika comes to OM goes into her room which is alloted her for her work by dadi.

Anika( to herself) : how can you do this billu ji?

at that time dadi calls anika and anika busy with her work.

In the evening
Shivaay comes from the office

Om : Shivaay is everything is fine. you come home early.

Shivaay : yaa everything is fine my meeting is over so i come home.

But during there conversation his kaanji eyes search anika. Omru understand this. Rudy signs om.

rudy : O don’t know why i want to sing a song at that time and rudy starts

rudy : tuje na dekhu to chain muje aata nhi hai ab tere siva koi muj ko bhata nhi hai…

rudy : O i remember one more song khan ho tum khan ho tum pyaar me tere khan hum gum…
Om smile.

Shivaay gives them angry vala look.
at that time anika comes.

Shivaay : anika i want to talk to you come to my room.
Omru( surprisely) : come to my room alone.
Shivaay sens this and correct his word

Shivaay : I want to talk to you about my dress. I don’t like all these color i want another color.

anika : Say here whatever color you want. I have no habit to do work in some one else room at any time like other people.

Shivaay looks on. His phone rang and he goes.

Omru : yeh ho kya rha hai.
Anika sees dadi and says

anika : dadi i have done my all work can i go.

dadi nods. Anika saye bye to omru and dadi and goes to take her bag and dadi and omru also go to there respective room.

Anika takes her bag and turns for leave suddenly a hand hold her hand its shivaay.

Shivaay : main tumhe chood deta hu.(i will drop you)

anika : Kitni baar ( how many times)
tears rolls from her eyes and she free her hand from his hand and goes from there.

shivaay throw his phone in anger and goes to his room. Shivaay sees anika sits on the car and goes from there, from his room’s window.

Shivaay : what the hell is going on.

next morning kc day
in OM every couple keep fast for each other.

Shivaay : its 9 am why doesn’t she come till the time.

Om : Shivaay lets have breakfest.

shivaay : I am not hungry.

rudy : bhaiya did you keep fast for lady baba?
shivaay wants to say something but anika comes.

rudy : Anika di you know bhaiya keep fast for lady baba.

anika : Yaa rudra i know everything now a days.

tia listen everything from behind.
tia : Wow shivaay baby you keep fast for me how cute and she hug shivaay.
rudy make faces. Shivaay look on anika and anika gives him billi ji i hate you vala look and goes from there.

shivaay excuse himself says he makes urgent call and goes from there and goes behind anika.

shivaay : anika i want to talk to you about last night who is in the car and where were you went.

anika : Its none of your business.
now shivaay is fumes in anger.He pins her on the wall.

Shivaay : how dare you talk to me like that just tell me what are you doing with that person.

anike : whatever i done at least i am not doing the same think which you was done in your cabin.

shivaay is shocked to listen this. He free anika from his graps and she is going from there.

in the evening

anika is ready in sky color lahanga with matching earing and bangle in prinku’s room.

shivaay comes in prinku’s room and sees anika there, he thinks something and goes from there. Everyone is in the hall .

dadi : is Everthing ready? where is anika.
prinku wants to say somthing but shivaay intereputs.

shivaay : I saw anika in the garden she checks the preparation i think you all leave for kc. l will join you after a video call.
All are leave.

shivaay goes to prinku’s room and slowly closed the door. Anika
struggling with her back strip.He goes near anika and he tie her strip. Anika feels him and trun her face.

she about to leave but shivaay holds her by her waist and drags her towards himself.

shivaay : anika i want to talk to you.

anika(angrily) : but i don’t.

shivaay pins her to the wall and tight her hands at the wall. Both are closer to each other.

Anika tries to free herself from his grips but she is fail and due to this her bangles breaks. They share an eyelock. Shivaay going to kiss anika but anika push him.

anika(angrily) : how can you shameless at this stage billu ji. Fristly you going to marry tia than you want to trap me and yesterday in your cabin whatever i saw o my god. Chepde khi ke.

shivaay (in loud voice) : Anika…
and rise hand to slap anika but stop.

anika is scared and want to go from there. But shivaay pull her and both are fall on the bed.

shivaay : Now listen to me carefully. Whatever you saw in the cabin it was an accident.

shivaay narates whole story to anika.

fb shown

when shivaay was in the cabin, a lady employ came and gave the file to shivaay for his signature.when shivaay sat on the sofa. When he deliver the file to the lady a glass with full of water is fall when tha lady step forward she slip and falls on shivaay .At that time anika came and misunderstand shivaay.

now at present time

after listening this she feels relife but she didn’t want to show this.

Anika : So why you tell me all the story. Who i am . Go tell about it to your status otherwise universe punish you . now leave me l have lot of work.

shivaay : anika i wnat to ask you one question.

anika : after this question you free me.

shivaay : yes.

anika : ok ask fast.

shivaay : ok anika i want to ask …

shivaay( in his mind ) : O god how can i ask?

shivaay : anika i know you are very nice girl. But anika this is not right. You can tell me about this. You know if any one know about this it will big disaster for you…

anika(in her mind ) : o bete ki billu ji want to ask me do you love me. isse phle ki rayta phel jaye anika nikal le yhaan se.
anika cuts his sentanse

anika : billu ji i think dadi call me i have to go please leave me.
she push him and get up and truns to go.

shivaay : Anika have you any baby or do you love baby?

anika : oh so you want to asked this question. Thank god. Maine to socha ki phel gya rayta.

shivaay ( Shockingly) : are you mad. is this not serious question for you.
anika : no, actually baby is…

anika (shockingly) : what!! What are you saying i… means you think i have baby… means you think i have a child, my child. Haan!

shivaay : Yaa l was heared that you talking on the phone and said yaa baby so i think…

anika : so you think i have a baby.
billu ji pata hai kya muje lga tha ki shayad aapka uper ka mala khali hai lekin main glat thi. Aapka to koi mala hai hi nahi. Chepde kahi ke. Bagad billa kahi ke. Ek minute rukiye aap main abhi phone karti hoon.(billu ji you know what i think your top floor is blank but i was worng you have not any top floor. Chepde kahi ke. Bagad billa kahi ke. Just wait a minute i make a call now)

shivaay : why are you calling all family member? You can talk to me.

anika : Baat karne ko ab bcha hi kya hai. Maine kha tha apko ki itni dvaaiyaan mat kaiya liken aap meri khun sunege dekha ho gya na ulta asar or main koi ghar vaalon ko phone nhi kr rhi hoon main agra phone kr rhi hoon.( What is left for talk . I was telling you don’t take more medicine but you didn’t listen to me. Now reaction happend and BTW i am not calling family , i am calling agra)

shivaay : why is baby in agra?

anika : he bagvaan lagta hai ab inka ilaag bhi nahi ho payega. Inka privaar ye kase bardast krega. Bechari tia uska ghar to saadi se phle hi ujd gya. Khar jo bhi ho main abhi pados vali aunty ji no. leke pagal khaane phone krti hoon unka beta kam krta hai vhaan.(oh god i don’t think he can fine again.
how wii his family tolerate all these things. I have to call aunty her son is working there.)

shivaay : are you mad! Why are you calling mantel hospital.

anika : billu ji don’t vry you wiil be fine soon.

shivaay shakes anika

shivaay : anika i am fine. Nothing happen to me.

anika : no no you are not fine. How can you think i have a child.
oh now i get it i think you drink fruit punch.

shivaay : Oh just shut up. I am all right.

anika : Means you told all these thing in your fit and fine state.

shivaay : Yaa anika i want to know have you any child or not.

and a full glass of water came towards shivaay and he was fully wet.

anika : Have you any shame? No you are shameless person ,there is no shame in your kaanji eyes.

shivaay : means you have no child and he smiles.

anika (in angry) : No i have no child in fact i have many children. Chepde aadmi. Aapka kuch nahi ho skata.

and another glass of water came and again billu is wetand wants to go from there.

shivaay : What !!many Children!! Where are you going?

anika : to meet my childrens.

scens shifted to garden

anika comes angryly.shivaay comes behind her. Omru sees him.

om : Shivaay why are you wating.

anika intereputs
anika : Actually he is in love with water. Whenever he saw water he starts and goes from there angryly.

rudy( sing a song ) : muje pyaar hua pyaar hua allha miya.

shivaay : shut up rudra.
om smiles.
Someone calls moon came.

tia comes to shivaay and start kc rituals. But shivaay sees only anika.

scen shifted to anika
anika is very angry on shivaay and she collides with a lady and water falls on her duptta.

anika : Sorry aunty ji. lo phel gya rayta.

at this time tia’s chlni is fall from plate and bent down for take her chlni.

at the same time anika drying her duptta by flowing it in the air but destiny first she sees moon by her duptta and after that shivaay.

shivaay who already sees anika from far get schocked, jast than tia stand and start her rituals, anika starts coughing. Shivaay runs towords and anika drink water by his hand.
tia comes

tia : anika are you fine?

anika : yaa , thank you.

tia : shivaay baby lets start rituals.
but dadi intereputs

dadi : billu why are yoy wat.

Rudy: dadi bhaiya is in love with water.

Tia : what! shivaay baby fristly you love shayra bano and now water. are you fine.i think you need mentaly rest.

pinky : O my mata shivaay you are in love with water. tia is right you need rest.

shivaay : main pagal nhi hu( i am not mad ).

Shivaay sees anika she is laughing from some distance and gives its all because of you vala look.

dadi : shivaay go and change other wise you have cold. Who knows mya be you are in love with cold and everyone laugh.

shivaay looks anika and goes from there.

so thats enough for today and please do comments.

precap : shivika in the car ………Shivika shocked…….

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  1. Shivu

    Today’s episode was so hilarious…… Plz update next soon

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      Thank you shivu. I will try to update soon.

  2. Ishqkum

    Wow nice thought seeing moon in duppata bcz of water I loved it.

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      thank you i will post soon

  4. Mukta

    Superb episode yar….. I’m in love with ur ff…. ur ff is one among my top 3 fav ffs….. Lovely…. Awesome yar!!!!!!

    1. Superb keep writing like this
      I am with you mukta

    2. 15novvaishnavi

      thank you mukta for your love to my ff.

    3. 15novvaishnavi

      thank you mukta for your love to my ff. I will update soon.

  5. Priyali

    How cute and hilarious.. mere kahi bacche hai! Killed mw

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      thank you priyali.

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    Lovely dearm..too gud

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  7. Tany

    nice shivika scenes were goodi just want tia out of shivaays life trust she is irritating she called shivaay mad only anika has th right to do that i hate tia how can she even think of taking anikas place i hate u tia….

    1. 15novvaishnavi

      thank you tany. I will throw tia from shivaay’s life, but after some episode.

  8. Superb keep writing like this

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  10. Nansshivika

    Really its hilarious awesome anika dialogues are so funny superb post next asap

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      thank you nansshivika. I will update soon.

  11. superb but what is the history behind syra bano

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      Thank you safaq. Shivaay’s favourite coffee espresso is shayra bano. Anika give this name.

  12. When you will upload the next episode

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      I will try to upload tomarrow.

  13. Wow dear nice update loving it

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  16. Priyanka_22

    really very sorry fo late comment dear
    shivika moments were fab as alwyz ;D
    loved it 😀
    update soon dear

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  17. Sat

    Sorry for the late comment dear
    Actually I really loved your ff
    I am reading them and commenting as well as doing my scho9l works and typing my ff, multi tasking you know
    And shivika romance is too good in prinku room
    And shivika Convo is superb and quite funny
    Please update next part soon dear, I just can’t wait???

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    Liked it a lot
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