Shivika ff – Shivaay is heart Anika his heart beat (Part 2)


Hii guys i am back with my ff. So lets have a look of previous part. recap : rudy hears anika’s convers-
ation with someone told about it to shivom.
Now today’s part :
Shivaay : Rudra are you drink friut punch? Who made a gf like this mad girl? And how know you? Rudy : Bhaiya i hear that anika di saying i love you to someone on the phone. The cup of espresso is fall from shivaay’s hand.
Om : Lo phel gyi espresso. Shivaay : May be she said it to sahil.
Rudra : May be, but if she said it to someone else.
At that time anika passes from there shivaay sees her.
Shivaay : Anika lets go i will drop you.
Anika( in his mind) : oh god this baagad billa cut my path again. How can i told him that i am not going to home.
Shivaay waves his hand in front of anika. Anika come into sense. Anika : No billu ji i can go myself. At that time anika’s phone rang and name shows on the screen is baby. Shivaay sees this.
Anika : Billu ji i have to go. Bye. She turns and pick the phone. Anika : Yaa baby i am coming. Shivaay listen this and says baby. Anika goes and omru come near shivaay.
om : baby who’s baby.
Rudy : is anika di have baby. Shivaay( In shocking expression) : what the f**k. Shut up rudra. I am very tried i am going to sleep. Om : But shivaay its only 8’O clock. How con you sleep without have dinner.
Shivaay : I am not hungry. I am going to my room. He going to his room but stop turn his face to omru.
Shivaay : But both of you must take your dinner.
Om : But shivaay….
shivaay(interrputs) : Pinky promise. Omru(together) : Cough their mouth. Shivaay understand what he says. Shivaay : woo…main main…
Omru : pinky promise and smile. Shivaay truns his face and smile and goes from ther.
Rudy : O are you listening pinky promise.
Om : haan rudra aag dono taraf brabar lagi hai.
Rudy : Oh my god aag lag gayi O please call fire brigade what happen if i am burning no girls are not look at me. What can i do now oh god please help me. Om : Shut up rudra nothing happen its a phrase.
Scen shifted to shivaay’s room. when Shivaay comes to his room’s window he saw anika and get shocked.
Shivaay : Anike is still here. What she is doing here. I think i should ask her. Suddenly a car is come and anike sits in the car and car goes. Shivaay is again shocked and he is very angry. Shivaay (to himself) : what the f**k. Who is in the car and why anika is go with that person and bcoz of that anika told me no mujhe shivaay singh oberoi ko. Is he anika’s bf. Oh god whats wrong with me why i am thinking about her. I need sleep. Shivaay goes into his bed and cover himself with blanket. After some time he get up. Shivaay: but who is baby, is rudra saying right, is anika has baby. He walks restlessly and sits on couch and sleep there.

In the morning
Rudy comes into the shivaay’s room.
rudy : Why shivaay bhaiya sleeping on the couch. Rudy trun going from there he thinks something.
Rudy(shouts) : o my mata. Hearing this shvivaay wake up with jerk. Shivaay : why are you shouting are your new gf know obout your another gf.
Rudy : Bhaiya not mine your gf. Shivaay : What the f**k.
Rudy : bhaiya, by which name lady baba call you?
Shivaay : Oh rudra she call me shivaay baby.
Rudy : Bhaiya baby. Lady baba call you baby bcoz she is your gf unfortunetly.
Shivaay : so what… and thinks something.
Rudy : Bhaiya baby baby.
Shivaay : You wants to say anika calls his bf baby. No its not true and reminds last night scen. After sometime everyone comes to the dinning table and after some time anika comes. Sees anika rudy sign om.
Rudy(in low voice) : O you know i told my all gf to call me baby bcoz call bfs baby is fashion now a days. Right bhaiya.
Shivaay gives him angry vala look and throw a spoon twords him. Rudy escape from it and anika catchs it.
Anika : Billu ji aapko kya phone ke sath sath baki ka saman phekne ki bimari bhi lag gyi hai kya.(billu ji have you any disease of throwing all the thinhgs along with phone).
Shivaay : Vo … main… rudra…tum… Anika ignores him.
Anika : gm omru.
Omru : gm.
Anika : dadi calls me early in the morning so i have to go i talk to both of you later. She goes.
Rudy : O can you sees the same things which i see.
Om : Ya anika insults shivaay again. whats new?
Rudy : No its nothing like same insult which she does before. Shivaay : What you mean?
Rudy : Bhaiya she insults you with some masala of ignoreness. You know bhaiya i know all these girls donig when some one comes in there life. Shivaay : What the f**k. Om : Shivaay i think rudra is right. Something is different in her. I mean she insults you at least one time in a day.(shivaay rolls his eyes)But in front of you at your mouth but this time she ignores you.
Rudy : ya bhaiya infact she doesn’t say gm to you. I think its all bcoz of her baby. I think she has bf.
Shivaay : Shut up rudra.

In the afternoon anika : dadi i have some important work can i go early i will complete today’s work at 5:00 pm.
Shivaay hears this
Shivaay : Where are you gonig? I doesn’t pay you for all these excuses.
Anika( In angry tone) : apne bf se milne. Do you have any problem? and she goes from there.
Rudy : Again insult with some ignoreness masala. I thing we should find new wadding planner. Om : yaa according to anika’s behaviour i think anika’s marrige happen before shivaay.
Rudy : Anika weds baby.
Shivaay is goes from there withour saying a word. After some time He sees anika in the corridor. She smiles seeing her phone and pick her phone and says i love you. Shivaay listen this and fumes in anger.
Shivaay : What the hell with this baby.
Shivaay goes to her and santch her phone and cut the call He reads the massege ‘meet me at our place’. Shivaay reply by himself ‘i can’t come i am very busy’.
Anika : billu ji what are you doing give my phone. Shivaay : Everyone is busy with their work no one is at home so you van shout if you want.
He lifts anika in his arms in goes into his room.
Anika : Billu ji leave me. Shivaay stands anika on the floor. Shivaay(goes near to anika) : Who was on the phone?
Shivaay comes more near to anika anika loose her balance and she graps shivaay’s coller both of them fall on the bad.
Shivaay : I am asking you something who was on the phone? Anika : Who gives you right to ask me this question?
Shivaay : Who gives you right to put your selfrespect aside for me? Remember what you said to the acp our one night stand.

Anika is speachless and stareing at shivaay.Tears rolls from her eyes. Shivaay feals her pain and wipes her tears. He cares her by touching her and she close her eyes.
Music plays kuch iss tarah teri palken mari palkon se mila de aasu tere sare meri palkon pe sja de aasu tere sare meri palkon pe sja de…
Now he touches her lips by her finger.
Anika : Billu ji tia… Shivaay keeps his finger on her lips she closes her eyes and shivaay going to kiss her on her lips but at that time tia comes and said ‘ shivaay baby’ they come in to sens and hearing this baby word shivaay again fumes in anger.
Shivaay : Anika who is this baby? Anika : you are tia’s shivaay baby. Shivaay : Oh just shut up i am asking about your baby.
Anika is shocked hearing this and run from there. Shivaay wants to go behind her but tia comes. Anika come to the coridor and takes breath. At that time her phone rang.
Anika : Yaa i am coming in half an hour.
Next morning Omru comes to shivaay’s room
Rudy : again bhaiya sleep on the couch.
Om : Again means
Rudy : Yaa yesterday night bhaiya was sleepinh on the couch. Hearing there conversation shivaay wake up.
Shivaay : gm
Om : There is any problem in your bad?
Shivaay : no
Om : So why are you sleeping on the couch since two night. Shivaay : Vo( gives ab kya bolu vala look) i was working here so i don’t know when i am sleep.
Pinky : Shivaay anike comes with desginer you select yout dress for karvachuth night. Afterall its your and tia’s frist kc.
Shivaay was irretate with tia’s name.
Pinky : Tia is going pune with her mom in her friends engement party.
Shivaay : Mom i have a meeting so you said anika to come to my office i select a dress there.
Rudy : In office alone. what’s cook bhaiya.
Om smiles.

After sometime shivaay goes office and anika come to the OM. anika : Pinky aunty designer is suffering from fever so he cann’t come there. But i have all the designes of the dresses. So billu ji can try it.
Pinky : anika shivaay has meeting you go his office and he select the dress.
Anika : Ok aunty.
Anika goes to his office.
Mishra ji told anika that sir is in there cabin and waiting for you anika : Is meeting over? If not i can wait.
Mishra ji : ya you can go.
Anika goes towards shivaay’s cabin and open the door. Anika is shocked to see the scen.
Anika : billu ji. tears rolls from anika’s eyes. But she control herself.
Anika : sorry. Anika goes from there.
Now shivaay is shocked.
So gys Its enough for today. Please do comment.

Precap : Shivika’s Argument… Rumya’s fight.

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