Shivika ff – Shivaay is heart Anika his heart beat (Part 1)


Hii ishqbaaz fans i am regular reader of ishqbaaz ff and its my 1st ff. So gyez read my ff and please do comments.
Lets start :
My ff start when shivaay takes his pain killer and express his consern for anika.
In the next morning
Shivaay (in his mind) : Oh god what i have done last night. How can i express my felling to anika. What she think about me.

Anika(in her home) : whatever billu ji said last night is true or not. I have to talk to billu ji.
Shivaay come from his room

om : gm shivaay
Shivaaydoesn’t reply.

Om says two to three times but shivaay doesn’t reply.
Rudy sign om.

Rudy : aree anika di aap itni jaldi aa gyi. Shivaay listening anika’s name come into sense.

Shivaay( without truning his face to the door) : don’t lie rudy in the morning anika in not here.

Omru surprisely ask together : how can you know that anika is not here without truning?

Shivaay: bcoz i can sense her. At that time anika comes and shivaay sense her and turn his face to the door.

Omru sees this and rudy says kuch kuch hota hai om hum nahi samj skate and they giggles.

Anika comes says gm to everyone. Anika : whats up gyes kya ho raha hai and why are you laughing.

Rudy : nothing shivaay bhaiya taught us how to sense a girl. Om smiles.

Shivaay gives angry vala look to omru. Anika sees shivaay.

Anika : billu ji i want to ask you somthing.
Shivaay understand.

Shivaay : I have lots of work i have to go and he runs from there.

Omru : Shivaay nastaa… yeh ho kya rha hai.

They looks at anika.
Anika : I have lots of work and she goes from there.

Rudy to om : dono ke thoughts kitne milte hai na O.

Shivaay (in his room) : how can i loose myself before her. bcoz you lov her shivaay om says.
Shivaay : o come on om thats not true. You know love is doesn’t exist for me. How can i love this roadside gril she is not equal to my status. I don’t love her.
Om : Shivaay you understand these things to me or yourself(yeh tu khud ko samja rha hai ya muje).

Suddenly they hear some sound they turn amd shivaay is Shok. Shivaay(in his mind) : is anika is hear everthing?

Anika : billu ji pinky aunty is calling you. She goes from there.Tears roll from her eyes. Shivaay sees this.
Shivaay : I have to talk to anika right now. He goes behind her. Shivaay : Anika listen to me i want to say something. You understend me worng. He catchs her by her waist and pin her to the wall. But suddenly they hear a voice ‘ shivaay baby’.
anika: billu ji your status is coming now leave me.
Shivaay sees anika. Suddenly rudy sees tia.
Rudy : lady baba bhaiya is not at home.
Tia : ok then i will come later.

Rudy(himself) : you are so smart rudy.
Now come to shivika
anika : billu ji leave me if you not leave me i shout. Now shivaay is angry. He drags anika to his room and close the door. Now anika is shoked. She goes to door and tries to open but shivaay catchs her they fight by there hand loose there blance and fall on the bad. They have an eye lock.

Shivaay : How dare you to talk me like that you theart me in my house. You want to shout. ok shout. I said shout damit.

Anika : billu ji leave me. I am not euqal to you so you think you can do anything with me and i don’t say anything. I am warning you leave me otherwise i shout and said everyone you call me in your room on your bad.
Shivaay is shoked and get up and anika goes from there.
In the afternoon anika’s phone rang and she talks some person and says ‘ i love you’. At that time rudy pass from there and hear these words.

Rudy : is anika di have boyfriend? I have to tell this to everyone. Rudy comes to the pool side where shivom is present and his breath is up down.

Rudy : boyfriend.

Om : rudra girls is not enough for you now you made boyfriend also. Shivom giggles.

Rudy : O not my boyfriend anika di’s boyfriend. Shivaay who drink espresso splits it from his mouth.

OM : Phal gya rayta.
Scen freez.
Ok gyes thats enough for today. I will be back with some interesting twists. Please ignore spelling mistake , if any.

Precap : shivaay sees anika smile …..…anika says i love you shivaay hear this.”

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    It was intense …funny Rudy part n Anika Gud job… U should give him ans in this way…wt he thinks of himself?

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    loved it
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  10. 15novvaishnavi

    Thanx everyone for your support. I will upload next part soon.

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