Shivika – A ff by Rena (Part-9)

I guys so sorry for being late it is because next five days there is wedding and I was busy shopping the things for that so I can’t post and thanks for ur comments so here goes the episode ……..

Rana mansion
Anika enters holding her brothers hand
All the memories are playing in her head the mansion 100 Times biggest than Oberon mansion
She went to the lift pressed 3rd floor Sid and dev also followed her
She didn’t talk to her parents
In the third floor there are three rooms Sid anika and dev there is also a common room where there is everything a very big bed pool and so everything that we will be dreaming anika enterd her room
Dev :we should give her some time
Sid:ha Bhaiya
Dev and Sid go to common room
Dev:does she want to live with shivaay
Sid:her happiness is most important for us
Dev:or does she want to live with ayaan then I will do their marriage

Anika room
Anoka looks at her room which is kept neat a and clean just like how she usefnher room
She went to the balcony and she sits there in chair and her pov:so I am with my brothers it is the best feelingbin the world
Flash back:anika smiling alone in her room
Dev:looks like she is thinking of ayaan but she didn’t say anything about her likeness towards him
Sid:come lets tease jer
Dev:ani thinking about whom
Ani:no one
Sid:smiling alone is. Not a good thing
Dev:ha and does ayaan disturbs u
Sid:should I beat him
Dev; I will. Kill him
Anika :no Bhaiya he is very nice Bhaiya I love him
And she closes her eye thinking they will scold her but they laughed
Dev:omg my sister loves someone
Sid:why are u being scared
Fev:ur happiness I’d mine
Sid:and he is a malhotra he can. Look u very well
Dev:then studies finish shaadi
Sid tickled her and they three sleep together hugging each other
Anika:shivaay i love u

Shivaay:anika won’t u come back i love u anika and I am goin to propose u in such a way u will accept me
Kushi (sanaya):ha
Ayaan: be ready tomorrow 8pm
Ayaan flash back:ayanik sitting together
Ayaan:u met shivaay and he lovesnu too love him but bcuz of me ur confused and u want to be with me
Anoka :u also have same situation line ke me right u. Met Khushi she also loves u and u too but ur stopping bcuz of me
Ayaan:anika I
Anika: we will be happy if we marry each other but we Will break two persons heart
Anika:some. Love stories are incomplete ayaan but no after what in will never forget u the time I spend with u each memories each special moments our engagement our first date kiss and no one can takeout place in my heart I promise u that
Ayaan:and no one can talk ur place u have. a special place In my heart
Anika :go and propose Khushi she will accept love her live with her
Ayaan:ok but u should accept shivaay
Anikatninks and says ok

Sorry for short update Nd bye plz comment and plz say whom do want as dev and sidh plz day ur suggestion

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  1. Sairan

    Wowww..Wat a twist in tale

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    Nice episode…..

    Dev – shaheer shiekh. (Kuch Rang Pyaar ke ase bhi)
    Sid – shaleen malhotra (as in IB)

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    Shot update but superb updates nice rena

  5. Good one..

  6. Nice one dear…

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    Good one

  8. Shivika


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    Awesome. But do Anyanika still love each other ?

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    Fab part

  13. Nice. I like your twist. I want SHIVIKA and AYASHI together.

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