Shivika – A ff by Rena (Part-8)

So hi guys I am sorry for being late and guyz thabkyou for ur comments and opinion ur comments encourage me to write this ff and ur comments means a lot to me
So i have to do some introduction here it goes
Vikram rana:the most successful business man and is thefather of dev sidharth and anika
Ketki rana: is a successful business woman runs the Mehta industries wife of vikram mother of Sid dev and anika
Dev Mehta sigh rana: is a business man very arrogant and loves his family his decision is the final decision in his family love his sister and brother love anika a lot anika is his princess and can’t see a drop of tears in her eyes
Sidharth Mehta Singh rana : a business man but not very arrogant and rude he is kind but when it comes to his sister he can ‘ve very arrogant and rude loves anika a lot loves his family and also loves dev anika I his Jaan can give his life for her and also take life for her very possessive about his sister
Some of u may be wondering why there is Mehta also in their surname it is Bcz niranjan me hat and anjali Mehta are parents of Ketki and Only have one child that is Ketki so they are also world’s famous business man and are also a royal family and loves rand and grandchildren a lot
Hope u like my intro so let’s continue the episode
Vikram:anika I am ur father beta I only just wants u to be happy
Sidharth:anika I never thought becz of that u will leave me and dev do u know how much we searched for u then ayaan informed me
Anika glares at ayaan
Anika:its not like that bhaiyya I was so angry when I heard what dad did so I just left sorry I can’t..
Shivaay :dev Mehta Singh rana
Dev enters O berois are very shocked as in their house ran as are there ranans are the world famous business man no one can beat them royal blood and business minded people even they can destroy oberoi

Dev:what happened princess u know how much I missed u now u understand u don’t love me na
Anika:its not like that dev bhaiyya I love u so much there is not a day that I don’t remember u all and i am very very sorry for hurting you bhaiyya and cries
Sidharth and dev runs to anika ncz they cannot bear tears in her eyes
Dev:anika don’t cry plz I can’t see any tear in ur eyes
Sid:mlur my Japan eight plz don’t cry
And they three hug
Vikram was so happy he seeing his children together after a long time
Tej wispers : if they know what we did with anika they will not spare us
Om:anika is a rana shivaay what do u always say she doesn’t have a surname
Shivaay : will she go
Dev:what are u doing here anika
Anika:w/o bhaiyya… hm I..
Sidh:what happened niku and ayaan u here
Anika:I worked here as event manager so I am staying here
She says one min and went somewhere she hides her mangalsutra and indoor was already covered by hair
She came
Dev:what are u doing ayaan and that too here
Ayaan : some deals with onerous
Oberois are shocked as she hides that she is married and mostly shivaay
Dev:ok niku come home
Anika:what I…
Shivaay :how can she come there
Shivaay:ncz she is my wife
Siddharth has his color and say how dare u say anything about my sister
Anika:Sid he is saying right
Dev: what u are u saying how did this happened don’t lie to me ayannn say what is this
Ayaan:explains everything
Siddharth and devs blood are boiling
Dev slaps him :how dare u do that to my sister
Shivaay :i AM sorry it was a ni8
Anika: dev sidhu bhaiyya plz at least for me leave them alone
Dev takes anika and say:come on we are leaving
Anikapov: if I say something now also dev and sidh won’t understand nd they will destroy this oberois it is better I leave and slowly explain them a
Dev:anika come
Anika:u all wait I will come after sometime
They all leave
Shivaay:anika are u going
Anoka :yes
Dhivaay :u can’t go like that
Anika:after confronting my bhaiyya maybe I will come and she says bye to everyone and cries
She goes
Vikram goes in one car
Ayaan in another car and sidh dev and anika in one car
Anoka is sitting in middle of them
Her shoulder is on dev and her hand is holded by sidh
Dev:anika are u ok
Anoka doesn’t replay
Anika:ha I am fine
Dev:anika Wil u leave me again
Ani; no bhaiyya
Anoka pov:I am sorry shivaay even I love u too
Ayaan pov:Khushi I am comming I luv u Khushi anika made me realize that

Guys hope u like it and if not i am sorry for this borring track plz give me ur opinion and guys plz comment it is rena bye bye a

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