Shivika – A ff by Rena (Part-7)

Hi guys I am so so look sorry for being late hope u all forgive me and thankyou guyz for ur comment
So here goes the episode
Morning shivika room
Shivaay putting watch
Anika making the bed proper
Shivaay : anika u just keep some distance with at an
Shivaay :I don’t like him

Anika:i like him okay and who the he’ll are u to say me what I will do
Shivaay:i am ur husband and I lo..
Anika:oh he is my friend and will have all the rights of a freind
Shivaay:oh really u give everyone their rights and come closer
Shivaay comes closer
Anika:what are u doing
Shivaay presses his lips over hers and say I love u my love
Anika blushes
Shivaay :anika ur blushing

Anika”no I am not
Shivaay comes more closer but they fall on bed
S hivaay:u really like me
Anika; what.
Shuvaay:oh and gets up anyway come down and kisesher
Anika: what the..
Anikapov:he is really cute and do I love him oh God what is happening to me one side at an whom I loved like my life who is really my life with whom I want to spend my whole life and other side is shivaay with whom I am confused and again is saying me to love shivaay and I can’t ehhhhhhh let me get ready and go down
Down stairs

Pinky:everything ready drinks and food
Shakti:ok good nothing wrong should happen
Shivaay: yeah its a very important meeting
Ayaan comes there
Ayanika smiles at each other
Anoka went to kitchen
Ayan:uncle who are coming
Tej:rana are coming
Tej:ha beta vikram sigh rana

Ayaan:ha okay
Ayaanpov:oh God phail gayi Rasta anika I have to inform her
Aryan starts going to kitchen
Shivaay :where are u goin
Ayan:kitchen pani
Shivaay :here and gives him water
Shivaay pov:u dont meet anika so often

anija comes there andvdrinjs water
Ayan:so today the ran as are coming
anika spits water
Shivaay:what happened they will arrive in any minute
Anika:nothing and signals ayaan
Ayaan and anika starts acting wierd
anika:Dadi I have to go my freind is in hospital
Shivaay:but they are coming right.
Anika:shivaay I don’t know about them and business she is my freind I have to go
Dadi :ok
Anoka takes her phone and bag
And starts going but she hits someone

And he holds her
Ayaan:wonder full this was left to happen
Shivaay : sidharth rana hi come. In
Sidharth :anika ayaan
Ayanika:i don’t know u
They look at each other
Anika:i have to go
Si:why at u hiding
Anika:excuse me I am not hiding and who gave u the right to question me
Tej slowly :this deal is canceld
Anika:ayaan come with me

ayaan nods no
Anika:i said
Vikram rana:any beta
Ani:are u all mad calling me beta sidhu bhaiya I am not angry with u but this man I hate him because of him today I and ayaan are not together
Vikram :i am sorry beta
Anika:what sorry u know we loved each other and we was engaged then how can u do this to me papa no now u are not my papa
Shivaay:what is happening

Sidh:she is my sister anika Mehta Singh rana what do u have any problem
Obreois he’ll shocked

Precap:some past shivaay shocked
Someone marriage decision and some one entry

Hope u like it if not plz say and plz also say whom do u all want ayanika or shivika I mean I want this story to another level but only after knowing ur response and plz plz plz comment with love rena

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  1. I want shivika

  2. Hey rena..its fab but plzzzzzzz shivika i wany shivika..yrrr
    Post soon..
    Luv u..

    1. Rena699

      Thank you dear luv u too

  3. It is nice one dear and I want shivika…..

    1. Rena699

      Thanks and o.k shivika will reunite

  4. Shivika ofcource…..:)

  5. Awesome epi…I want shivika….

    1. Rena699

      Thanks lilly

  6. No v want shivika plz … Let ayanika be frnds plz…

    1. Rena699

      Ok they can be friends becz there is a new entry

  7. Thedreamsoul

    Shivaye and anika please
    Well , waiting for the next part and the first scene was cute .

  8. Shuklarashi

    Awesome Plz don’t separate shivika

    1. Rena699

      Thanks dear

  9. Pls ayanika in all ff’s shivika only na for a change ayanika pls

  10. Shivika… Nd the epi was awesome… Loved it… Eagerly waiting for the nxt… Plzz… Update asap!

  11. Rena699

    Even I love ayanika but every love story does not have an beautiful ending some become good memories which we can never forget but the thing is love does not happen once it is not in our control even if we don’t want to happen then also it happens and then we are confused .love our relation with somebody whom.we love like our life with whom we want to spend test rest of our life

  12. Rena699

    Thankyou for ur comments

  13. Shivika


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    Superb part

  15. Angela

    post soon i am really waiting for your ff btw its awesome i guess anika took decision of marrying ayan idk no idea

  16. Shivika pls

  17. excellent

  18. Sairan

    U must be imagining something else we can understand bt plz don’t separate shivika they are the heart of ishqbaaz

  19. OMG!!! soo much suspence…… waiting 4 nxt & i want shivika plzz don’t separate then

  20. Awesome I want shivika plzz post next part soon

  21. Nithu

    yaarrrr i love ib nli for shivika pls dnt sperate them that thought nli disturbs me sooo much…….they are heart throbs for many of ib fans……

  22. awesome…plz give Shivika….

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