Shivika – A ff by Rena (Part-6)

So hi guys and thankyou alle for ur comments when I read ur comments I am very happy and hope ur liking this track and whom do like ayanika or shivika
So here goes the episode
Recap:ayan anika love story video played everyone saw
The video ends and anika and ayan are staring eachother
They both close their eyes
Anoka suddenly :ayan tumm trek hai and goes towards him but slips and ayan holds her
They bith share an eyelock
Abuja was about to go but her mangalsutra got stuck in his shirt
Hamari adhuri kahani plays
Shivaay pov:what the he’ll what kind of story and it is their past what is there in their eyes to stare this much time but anika had beared this much in her life
Pinky:oh my mata mumiji he Kay ho rahi hai
Anika and ayan leaves
Rudr:what a heart touching love story he is crying
Om:it is a true love
Pinky :it melted my heart wish they are together
Shivaay :what!!!!
Pinky:I am tired bye
Jhanvi:tej I remember our story
Tej:i also u know
Jhanvi:but u know what the I will give u divorce as I have got a new partner in My life
Tej:what rubbish
Jhanvi:why not tej u cheated me u loved Svetlana slept with her I hate u u know I will hate myself if live as ur wife go marry swetlana
Om now u don’t Marry her okay u am fine
Om:proud of u mom
Everyone left
Om:shivaay what do u think of ayanika

Shivaay: what ayanika its just a story it doesn’t matter our marriage has finished
Rudr:but I want ayanika
Shivaay glares him
Ru :Gus ni8 bhaiyya
Shivaay : now I understand what is their connection I am feeling to cry ehhhh why the he’ll did she love him I am sad for her but now she is only mine ah just mine I will make her mine be ready anika Shivaay sing Oberon
Will it be anika ayan malhotra no Shivaay don’t think too much before it become like that do something…. think
Shivaay went to his room
Shivaay :anika
Anika:what now u understand right what is love yes I loved ayan more that anyone in this world
She showers her hand where there is a tattoo ayanika
Shivaay :past is past
Anika:what do u mean
Shivaay:now ur mine so this ayanika won’t happen and don’t dream about ayanika it is just shivika
Anoka pov:what did u think Shivaay if ayan come I will go behind him so this is what u think about our relation
Anika:why would u want to be shivika
Shivaay:u know what I introduced u to the world as my wife ok once it is mine it can’t be anyone else
Anika:oh really what about kiln khandhan u said u can’t see me the mother of my child right
Shivaay :i said that it was my first thinking but u changed me anika
Anoka I love u and I will always love u.
Anika:why did u say it now
Shivaay : i will say when I want
Anika::i will live with who me I want
Shivaay :no u will not u are my wife and u will not give u divorce and if u gave u it will be bad news for oberoi family
Anika:so this is why u proposed me right then hear I love ayan and will only love him and u know what I hate u and she sleeps
Anikapov:ayan and I dontblove eachotheir know even he told me if I want to MoveOn I can but I shivaay :anika u can’t disobey shivaay Singh oberoi s words.
Anuka pov:u font know Shivaay what anika Mehta Singh rana can do wait and watch
Hope u ĺiked it plz comment it is rena bye bye

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