Shivika – A ff by Rena (Part-15)

Hi guys I am Rena back with another episode hope you all like it and I am sorry for being late
Finally the big day is here yes the marriage day happiness shouting loud notices song dancing everything is perfect
Pinky:oh my mata rudr tum ab tak ready nahi hai
Rudr: choti maa I was making Shivaay bhaiya get ready
Om:ha choti maa he was saying he want everything to be perfect
Pinky:ok go and get ready fast
Shivaay and ayaan room

Shivaay: ayaan are u ready
Ayaan:born ready
Shivaay: UK are u nervous
Ayaan:a little u know after all its my first marriage
Shivaay: oh then what is ur planning to marry many times
Ayaan:no no not like that it’s just
Shivaay: I can understand
Ayaanpov:hm I wish to see khushi how would she be looking but Dadi has denied once this marriage happen she will be mine forever
Shivaay pov:hm Anika I wish to see you hm wait I will call u vide call
Ayaan :shivaay let me go to my room a liitte work
Shivaay: Ok
Shivaay is wearing a white and green Kurta imagine Anika shivaay wedding dress but some little changes
Ayaan is wearing a red and white colour Kurta

Anika room
Anika is wearing a beautiful red green bridal lehenga she was looking stunning
Khushi is wearing a red white bridal lehenga she also looks beautiful
Anika receives shivaay s video call
Anika cuts it shivaay wait for some time
Anika: he Shivaay be n.a.
Khushi:ayaan also called me I did not attend the call after all its a matter of little
Priyanka saumya anjali comes for taking the bride
Anika and khushi are coming down
Shivaay and again are staring

They sits in mandap
Shivaay: oh my god u look beautiful
Anika: oh u look like a billu
Shivaay: what the wack I praised u and I call me billu u panika
Anika: don’t u change my name u kanji aankhon wala bhagad billa
Ayanika are busy in staring and they are not fighting

Om:billu billi if of ur fighting is over can start the marriage
Then mangalam bhagwan Vishnu plays
They completed their marriage and then take the blessing of elders
Shivaay: anika ur my life I will never leave u I love u
Anika :love u too
Ayaan:Thankyou khushi for making me complete I love u forever

Shivaay takes Anikas hand and run
Ayaan also does the same

Then they live a beautiful life πŸ‘ͺπŸ’‘πŸ’—πŸ’Ÿ
I end my my this story chameli tomato and everything is acceptable thankyou for bearing me and my stupid ff love u all from Rena ☺☺



    It’s was an nice episode and short too. I’m angry 😑😑😑on you because you end this ff. I really want an epilogue of this ff. I want an leap and show both shivika and ayanshi ‘s happy life with their kids. and shivika have an boy his name Ansh and Ayashi have a girl, her name is kushi. Destiny not made ayanika together but their kids love each other .Destiny will made ayanika ‘s kids you can end this ff. please I request you write an epilogue of this ff. I’m waiting for that……

    • Rena699



      Sooo sorry ahsana di ok i will write an epilogue happy as ur and Angela so plz don’t be angry with me so I will make their children love okay

      • AHSANA

        that my cute sis .you accepted my request . I’m angry for ending this ff. I’m really love you ❀❀❀❀.You are like my little sister she is studying 7th standard. I’m waiting for your epilogue. update soon…… 😘😘😘😘

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