Shivika – A ff by Rena (Part-11)

Hi guys I know I am late and I am soo sorry for that and thank you for ur comments and I am very happy than ur loving ayaan(bar in sobti ( and khushi(Sanaya irani) and shivika also so here goes my epi
shivaay takes anika to a place
He takes her to an beautiful place where the place is fully decorated with flowers lights candles and
It’s like a resort but is his resort so u know a place is reserved and the platinum luxurious suite also

Anika walks he takes her to a table where he servers her aloo poori
Anika :aloo poori yaha
Shivaay :anything for my lady love
Anika:ok and he makes her eat and she also feeds him they share an eyelock nazdeek plays
Shivaay :so dance with me my love

And they birth dance on janam Janam plays
Shivaay : lifts anika in his hands and takes her to a place where there is a projecter where it showed their video’s pictures and so on
At last
Shivaay:one day someone will walk into ur life and make such a beautiful impact that u bearly know what life is without that special someone
Anoka ur my special someone

Tum meri jeene ki wajah ho
i can’t see a tear in ur eyes I know I have hurt u soo much but more than u I was hurt each time I hurt u I feel something is dying inside myself
Without u I am incomplete without u I am nothing
When I look into ur eyes I get lost and when u smile I am very happy but when I am the reason of ur smile its the best feeling anika u know what I love you I love you more than myself I can’t bear to loose u I love you nika

A lone tear escaped her eyes
Anika:shivaay u know I was the person who believed in love but uvknow right after some incidents I never believed it I never taught I will get my true love I by life even I too love I shivaay
U know if something happens to you I can’t bear it I love u too shivaay I love you she screams
Shivaay was on cloud nine shivaay holds her waits t and was going to kiss but she pulls him and runs but he holds her and lifts her and takes to the suite he kisses her neck her face anika was blushing and he goes closer and closer and they became one

….ayanika date
Ayaan::are u blushing
Khushi :no
Ayaan lifts khushi and takes her to the lake
Ayaan: see how beautiful it is (lake)

Ayaan:khushi I want to day something u know when I met u first I felt something but I ignored it u know my past and after that i thought love will never enter in my life but u ur smile ur antics ur Nick name rude la ad governer I felt angry but u know somewhat in my heart I am very happy u know if u ignore me or don’t talk to me I feel very sad and I am very eager to hear my name from ur mount khushi I know I have hurt u and now ur mine and I can’t see u with anyone khushi I.. I love u khushi I love u soo much so he kneel to the ground will u Mary me
Khushi was happy
Khushi : ayaan yes I love u too

Ayaan hugs her tight and gives a kiss on her face
Go goes closer and closer both lay there hugging eachother

precap:honeymoon shivika with youngsters and ayashi marriage

guyz how was this need ur comments plz and silent reafers plz comment with love rena

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