Shivika – A ff by Rena (Part-10)

Hi guyz and thanks for ur comments so here goes the episode
Rana mansion
Anika room
Anoka gets a message from shivaay be ready at 8pm
Dev and side came dev:why are you smiling
Sidh:we came to ask u one thing do u love shivaay
Dev:i know right ur happiness is mine so say do u love him
Anika :ha bhaiyya I love him and he too love him
Dev:I’d it is like that I wi allow u to live with him
Sidh:our sister has grown up the small little girl who used to run behind us who always says bhaiyya bhaiyya and keeps on saying our names
Dev:h and mom said the first word u learned was bhaiyya
Sidh:now u are leaving us
Anika:who told I am leaving u all I won’t leave h all easily and don’t relax thet I am leaving u I am always there to disturb you

Sid what I thought at least now u will leave us alone and I was happy
Anika:i won’t talk to u both
Sid and dev starts tickling her
Sid:i live u and will always love becz u are my sis
Dev:ha and don’t even think u can leave us like that
Anika:i love u too bhaiyya
Gupta mansion
Ayaan calls Kyushu
Khushi:ha bolo
Ayaan:khushi tum teek hai
Kushi:h Mau teek hoon Mr rude
Ayaan:get ready on 8 pm and open ur cupboard and wear that dress and come
Kushi :mr rude ko Kya hua and she finds a letter khushi wear this dress and be ready

Shivaay was waiting anika came
He was mesmerized by her beauty
Shivaay:come let’s go
Anoka :ok
Anikapov:he looks dashing control anika control
Shivaay:anika u look beautiful
Anika :oh thanks and u too not bad
Shivaay:i always looks beautiful
Anika: tadibaaz do u think u are hritik Roshan
Shivaay:no no but even I am handsome.
Anika:think what u want kanji aankhon Walla Bagad billa
Shivaay:will u stop calling me that

Gupta mansion
Ayaan was waiting
Khushi comes
Ayaan u looks beautiful
Ayaan:come let’s go
And they reach to a place which was fully decorated and khushis hair was playing in the hair
Ayaan takes her to the lake view and there was table and khushi was walking on the rose petals
And they to reached there
Rabba ‘ve…. playes and they share an eyelock
She eats the food and he ask her yo dance with him (She is wearing red saree)
Ayaan: dance with me
Khushi:yes Mr rude
Ayaan holds her bare waist she gets an current
Roke na rune naina plays
Ayaan gets closer he pushes her to him by holding her waist and she closest her eyes and was blushing he kisses her neck her hand and he rubs his face on hers
Ayaan:are u blushing
Khushi:.. no..
the song ends and and

Precap:shivika scenes ayashi scene love is in the air don’t miss it

Hope u all liked it and plz share ur comments and views do u all want me to stop this ff with love rena

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  6. It’s an awesome cute episode. I’m want more SHIVIKA and AYASHI scenes. AYASHI dance remembers me ARSHI dance in Teri meri song in IPKKND. I’m waiting your ff. update soon.

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