ShivIka FF: Just the starting (episode 6)

hey guys..thanku for the appreciation.. it makes me go to cloud 9….. well this is the next part….

precap: in the last part anika n shivaay heard svetlana talking to the phone making them belief what she said is not true..n they asked her t o speak so…bt the truth isint this way…n at the end ishana n omkara found an invisible writing waala letter…..
PS from this part its going to be melodramatic until a few more parts..n then it will slowly turn to obros n shivika concntrated…

gayatri:svetlana..good ob!u made them believe tht all said by tia was a big lie….n forced…now we have got more time
svetlana: bt that annika is turning out to be a big problem day by day…n tht om waali she is hired as a pvt. investigator
roop:i feel it wont be long tht our truth comes out if things happen this way
unknown: gayatri n we cant let this happen..we should give justice to ur husband..who was forced to sucide by them..
gayatri: ofcourse we cant…tht is why i m thinking tht why do we have to kill shivaay lets kill someone else…

ishaana reads what is written by the girl “there is always something beside the other…something appearing right to someone might be also turn out to be wrong..the main devil is hidden behind several curtains..if he gets what he wants then in no time the destruction will rise n prejudice might occur….i did this to get money n go away from his life,his dead wife…bt i knew tht they would kill me if now then later,tht is why i have uttered the truth to your’s them…just dont give them what they want..”

om:iska matlab?

ishaana: this letter,her words have some other meaning…there is something beside..
om:iske peeche bhi kuch hai?kya?
annika: vohi toh nikaalna hai
shivaay: bt even after this..we r not even one step near to the truth..

pinky:oye shivaay! shivaay!(shivaay gets irritated) dekh yeh news waale kya bol rhe tere papa aur bade papa ne sab kiya hai..n humaari company ke stocks neeche jaa rhe hai..(shouting)

anika: i think hume yeh proof dedena chaheye billuji…aage ki story toh pata lagti rahegi..abhi tej uncle aur shakti uncle ka bahar aana zaruri hai
om:bt yeh galat hai anika
annika: shikaari ko vo krna chaheye jo shikaar kabhi soch naa sake..
saumya:do the unexpected rudra..thts what didi wants to say
shivaay:whose phone is tht? (angrily)
annika: billuji…
shivaay: kya? this phone neds to be shut.. (more angrily)
annika:aapka hai!
shivaay:kya anika points towards his phone.. he gets embarrased n says excuse me
tia:shivay baby kya tum mere ghar aa sakte ho abhi..please!
sh:par kyu
tia: shivaay baby hume mile hue kitna time ho gya hai naa…please aa jaao…god ke liye?
sh:ohk half n hr..
tia: i ll wait..n listen please dont tell this to anyone tht i called u..
shi:aah ohk bye..

tia mom:shivaay tum yaha kaise
shi:vo tia…. i have come to meet her…its important…
tia m:its important…with anika also?
tia m:i mean if u had to come to meet ur wife why did u gt annika with u
shi:uhmm she? she had some q. to ask regarding wedding so i gt her along..
tia m:ohh anika beta tum kuch a low voice..zeher pilayu?
i ll call her here shivaay u wait..
shi: no i ll go…
tia m:u dont have to really go..i ll call her naa
shi:i ll go..n thts it!

he reaches near the door of tia..n hears her talking on phone,,
tia: i luv u baby!………tia:what can i do if mom is not ready! i have to do this forced mariage………tia:i miss u………………
then shivaay keeps one step…n tia:oh..ohh sivaay tum kab aaye? shi:right now..why did u call me?
tia:ohh! actually i had got this tie blessed with reikis in is i wanted to give it to u… shi:should i go then..
tia:thodi der wait krke toh jaao shivaay.. shi:naah annika is waiting outside. tia:(in mind:yeh annika bhi naa) oh..ohk u go…

once shivaay turns ,tia smiles wikedly n once he leaves she just thanks god for supporting her in her plan to get his luv n leave shivaay…..


shivaay got furious he held anikas hand…n anika couldnt understand why he did so…bt he held it more tightly n went away…. a part in him was extremely ferocious bt the other part was happy in a way…

so tej n shakti were out with the video tht said something different to what the girl said…ishaana was the best investigator she changed the clip voice…n the clip now said tht tej n shakti r innocent n i did this for money from gayatri………………..the criminals turned acheievers-tej n shakti here

bt this didnt solve the case there was more to it…..
two things they were sure tht there is not one but many against there was one leader…..n tht tht their opponents had to be broken apart…n ofcourse they had got a proof tht was the marriage cerificate of tia n the recording…moreover there was one more proof..a photo of gayatri’s husband n tia’ss father with their wives which was seen by anniika when she had went to use washroom in kapoor mansions….so thus they were sure tht they had some the problem here was that there was no other proof tht could justify the story…
bt they say the one against u is definately two steps ahead from u…the opponents knew tht they might get caught…bt they were not afraid to die or to get caught…all they want was oberois getting finished

n all the oberoi gng wanted was tht the dark truth prevails n their family gets free from the attacks n their heart gets free from the heavyness..of showing the different truth(m talking abt the CD thing)…n doing wrrong..n thus they decided to meet at the cafe


in mall while they were talking to oeach other n discussing their next plan..anika ecused herself from the gathering for a min…after a few mins. shivaay had an urgent call so he went a litlle far from the table at a very khaali yet noisyarea of the cafe…it was christmas time so he was standing diagnal to the big christmas tree n talking on the phone…

ani:ohh shivaay singh oberoi…. shi didnt hear… ani:kanji aakho waala baggad billa shi still didnt here…..
now anika was left with no option as she saw the target being set n she said : shivaay,i luv u n shivaay turned actually being shocked not bcuz she said i luv u bt bcuz she was signing him to move..which unfortunately he couldnt understand so anika had no option left……. (BTW this scene of ily was witnnessed by everyoone) she ran
n hit his chest hard pushing him n pulling herself with him…she got hit by the bullet in hand..this was not yet over..the shooter got scared n thus he fired one more shot…bt anika was almost hugging or i should say leanning over shivaay tht the bullet hit her at back again…{this whole thing happened in the span of 30s}
there was suddden air of pin drop silence…shivaay was shocked….rudy was crying…n anika.. almost closing her eyes she whispered in shivaay ears “billuji aapka kuch nhi ho sakta ,aapko hataane ke liye ,matllab aapki aatma ko shanti toh merko goli lagva kr hi milne thi!hopelees case”…shi slightly smiled..n anika closed her eyes…shivaay shoute terribly annika..then again annika…n anika whispered again:”chillaeye matt…abhi aapko merko jhelne ke liye poori zindagi padi hai..mai itni asaani se nhi haar maanti..aise hi thodi chhod dungi aapko..sataana sirf aapka department nahi hai…..”
shivaay:” tum merko paaka chhod ke nhi jaa rhi?..”
ani:”nahi sambhar vada kha kr aa rhi hu”
shivaay smiled n anika closed her eyes…n by the time ambulance had arrived…he ran down carrying her in arms..
now since the hospital was next building so anika could be saved ….bt still melodrama aur critical situation toh honi hi hai naa

doc:she has lost her lot of blood…its difficult to save her…moreover we dont have enough quantity of blood for drip..
shi:u have to arrange doc…i cant see her like this…
doc:u r blood group is O+ RIGHT?
shi:no not mine bt rudra’s..
rudra: khoon?injection? naah baba naa..humse naa ho paayega
om:rudra u have to do this for ur didi..
rudra:bt mai week ho jaaunga…
om:shutup rudra ! bt they both noticed shivaay who first time didnt even say a word at rudra stupidity..n they saw him looking at ICU…they could see the pain shivaay was going if protien shake ko cheen liya ho rudra if he was physically his heart was there with annika…
rudra:uhhh..uhh..uhh–uhh *acts coughing*
shivaay still dosent comes out…
rudra:i ll do this for bhaiya n bhabhi

n rudra n saumya go along with nurse..saumya bcuz acc to her rudra is a cry baby………

shivaay had been continously praying to god n infact he asked tia to send her reikis to annika…he told god tht this is my first n last wish tht annika gets fine…..
n eventually anika gains consciousness..nothing has happened to her except tht she is weak due to two bullets n cant walk properly bcuz she havent eaten much this morning n she was hungry……………………..

thts it for this part……quite a bore,right? part will have shivika mostly n coming out of the main person behind this whole thing…n a part of annika’s past…….n i will post the nest part after sunday….

n i ll wrap this ff in next 3 parts…since i m quite bored now frankly…os r better since they r short n they r like one shot down..n then it is easier…n i like reding things at once rather thn parts….

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  1. Sat

    Kathi dear you are back, the epi was amazing and you are rocking Yar. And annika saving shivaay at the cost of her life is terribly emotional???. I love your ff and please update the next part ASAP.

    1. Sat

      Sorry it is kashi, not Kathi

      1. Sat its not even kashi its kashika

        PS i didnt login…

        N tysm dear…

  2. Your ff is kind of rejuvinating, dhamakedar!! Loved it a lot!!??

  3. Priyanka_22

    Cool 🙂
    Post it asap.plz
    Don’t take too much time

  4. Priyanka_22

    Cool 🙂
    Post it asap.plz
    Don’t take too much time

  5. Awesome liked it very much.

  6. Amazing plz post asap

  7. Kashi you nailed it yaar! Waiting for the mystery to get solved.

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