ShivIka FF: Just the starting (episode 5)



umm hi guys..i m back…. ab i would like to thanku all for reading it till now..thanku shaza,sat,tiara,priyanka,abiha,tulasi,kristen n akshaya didi(since u called me bacha)….i hope u never leave me…ur comments make me the happiest s oul alive n i feel blessed..though m noot a good writer bt still ur support makes me strong..tysm!
anyways this is going to be a short update…like chapter 5 part 1….

PRECAP(for everyone) PRECAUTION :p (for shaza)
in the last part, what happened was thtat the owner(harshit) of the building was found out to be tia’s bf(note:not best frnd bt boyfrnd)…bt this thing hasnt be told to shivaay as yet..harshit tries to misbehave with anika but shivaay came on time….anika got to know that the building on paper is of harshit,but kapoors actually own it…n harshit told anika that the “no1 lived in the 3rd floor for past 5 yrs”

she had a terrible accident …an accident in which she came in front of speedy car n now she layed on the bed…everyone was worried that wheterr she will be alive or not…afterall she had to answer so many people to give justice to herself and many…
shivaay was stressed…
shivaay: i dont care what it takes bt i want her alive! anyhow…
doc:we r trying…bt her chances of survival are extremely low…
shivaay: if that is so..create chances…cant the best doctors get her alive,alive to atleast answer our questions?
doc: i have already said mr.shivaay singh oberoi that i m trying…u just pray that she dosent go into coma…else survival will turn out to be 0.1%..
just then a hand touched shivaays shoulder……
————————————————————————————–SOME TIME BEFORE……..
ANIKA had told everyone everything said by that harshit…how tia was her gf around 5 yrs n how she took the property…..n how the property is of him only on papers else kapoors run it….it was really shocking for shivaay n he told this to be unbelievable….bt then rudra pointed the fact that 5 yrs back shitia werent together so maybe………….
bt shivaay was still doubtful….it took anika alot of diffuculty to explain him that we cant take any chance…might be possible he is lying bt might be possible that he really dosent which shivaay said that in one day he got so deary to u that u have started trusting him..this irritated anika n she backfired saying that ur trust on tia is also very much but did i say anything,see the point here is that no1 should be trusted n everyone should be treated as a person of suspect…
the discussion continued and the conclusion that came out was…ishaana n om would spy in the empty yet as it is room..n find the traces of her body or the incident..n shivika would stay down,ask people around n take care that ishkara dont get busted…
so the very next day they reached to the building…ishkara carefully went in n shivika were waiting for them to come out n were asking people as well…the place was quite unsafe n scary,looked like a building situated in chor bazaar with lot of strange people…..
shivika soon split to shivaay and anika and were walking parallely on the same way yet different sides of road when…..
guy1: agar ladhki hi ladhkiyp ko dhoondhegi toh bechaare hum jaise ladhko ka kya hoga….(if girls will find girl then what will happen to boys like us)
anika:chameli aaj tera bahaduri dikhaane ka time aa gaya hai…(chameli today its time to show ur courage)..
the guy were almost stepping ahead to come near her n anika was just going to pick up her chameli…when she felt someone holding her nn trying to shift her aside..she got angry n stood with chameli pointing out..
shivaay: bas bakhede create krne jaanti ho naa tum( u only know how to change things topsy turvy)
anika: i was showing the people their right place..
guys were still commenting…
shivaay:this is not the place to show them right place…if u will hit one ten will come..n this is not a movie in which i m hero who would fight with 20 people n save u.. n this is not oberoi mansion n ur locality..where u will show tadhi..
anika:tadhi? huh?
shivaay bit his lips n they started moving to the car..n shivaay still didnt realise that he was holding anika by her waist n anika also didnt feel…
suddenly shivaay phone ringed..n it was tia..he went aside to talk n tia was telling she n her reiki will always remain near him,bt before shivaay could say anything…BOOM.
aaaa…someone screamed…aa(short scared scream) someone else screamed too…n someone kept a hand on shivaay’s shoulder..this was enough to scare shivaay , he turned ,abt to shout anika bt he saw anika was by his side.(that someone else was anika)…..n..
shi: r u mad…why did u shout so badly..
anika was still scared n shocked,teary eyed as well…all she could do is point out towards the direction of accident..

shivaay looked at it…..


she was carried to ICU..n she looked in a terrible state..blood was coming out…
n anika n shivaay were wishing her to be alright…

then the scene at the top…anika keeps her hand on his shoulder n says nothing will happen to tia….the one who has responsibility of giving justice to everyone n saving alot of people,always stays alive…..shivaay says if she dies then the cd thing will never be confirmed….
anika say but atleast we have seen the girl is alive..
actually the girl int he video is still alive….n her name is also tia :p
the night went with shivaay n anika sitting next to each other without any distance giving support to each other…n anika was holding his hand consoling him tht the felony n cowardice will come soon,soon real culprit will be out..her fingers fit in his perfectly as if they were meant to be for his hand only.

in morning…tring tringn..this disturbed the peacefully sleeping shivika(shivaay keeping his head in her shoulder n she keeping her head on his head)..n this tring tring actually
created an awkward was ishaana on phone
ish:mr.sso how is tia now….i just gotta know something, tia is dead on papers on the date she told in the clip….
shi:what? how is that possible?
ish:idk i ll find out….
shi told this to anika…….
anika: how weird…she is dead on papers a long time ago..n when her clip csme out n we tried to to find abt it…she was hit by car! dont u think its..
shi..its planned!!??

doc:shivaay sir she is calling u…
doc:she has regained consciousness n she is calling u,dont ask her anything that gives her stress….

anika n shivaay went in…tia slowly opened her eyes n first thing she said was that they look good together as a couple…
shivika blushed n suddenly seeing their hand perfectly fitted in each other hand..they quicly withdrew…
tia said i wont waste time..idk how much time i m alive..she continued n said…………………………………….thats true! i still live there n i shouldnt….bt i have a reason..i had to make that video due to my own reasons…actually i n tia,tia kapoor were gr8 frnds before she went to london..5 yrs back…..i,harshit,tia n robin were gr8 friends of each other..soon things changed n i got into relationship with robin..he luved me…bt harshit too was interested in me..n tia loved harshit so she got jealous n cut her vein<>..robin came to knew all this..moreover i n harshit were getting close..for me as a frnd for him as something else…robin n i got physically involved…n he took a mms of it…harshit was told a lie…soon tia n harshit came together..n they had my mms n blackmailed me..took my job away forced me to live there n what not n then this….i would say one of them has done this ik who but i cant tell n there is gayatrii involved,bt there is someone anove her as well..the person could destroy everything if the truth dosent come out..the truth abt the girl n the family n many murders…..anika said pls tell..but before she could say anything the girl was dead………..

shivaay was shocked…n she died this made him more shocked…he asked her what will we do now….anika said video…shivaay said this death bed video? -_- … i made a video said anika…..shivaay got happy n they gave a hifi n went……….then they went back to serious mode wondering how she knew too much…………………..

next part of this episode, i will post tommorow …..i m working really hard on the suspense..connecting anikas life as well n many more things…i hope u like it..ik it had nothing the next part is much more in terms of shivika n the suspense taking out will take time..already they r easily getting it out…i just hope u like this one as well…n net one will definately be better thats my promise…i hope u likr it…fingers crossed..lots of luv to u all..happy wednesday!

n somewhere u might feel its going khichdi bt ach n everything has a connection to what i eant to show in future…her dying on papers well b4 as well…
do comment! n this one had a slow pace n was a short 1/4th of what i wanted to show..thats why next update tommorow for clarification..n now i will write some gayatri part as well in next one ……………………………………………

hoping that u really like it

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