ShivIka FF: Just the starting (episode 5 – part 2)


i m so very sorry guys…i had an exam..n infact every sunday i have one…i m really sincere apologies…

ty for supporting me n liking my ff… this tim since i have half n hr…so i wil quickly proceed with the story…

in last episode the girl in the CD died…n legally she has died 5 yrs ago….. so now shivika r destressed…..
(see guys in last epi. i must have left at some other dialog,there might be some variation n for tht too m sorry)

ani: how weird is that? she died when we found her….n then why is her death certificate so old? looks like this all is planned..
shi: n they r twos teps ahead of us right? now i wonder is the girl lying or she was honest?
ani:we cannot exactly say she was honest bt atleast video can proove tej-shakti innocence…
shi: n maybe tht is what they want?
ani: billuji…then maybe we should get deep into it to find out….
shi: hey!dont call me tht…… i ll call ishaana…let us see the death certificate first…

he calls ishana n ask her to meet him tommorow at the mod cafe in a mall……..meanwhile there is a sudden commotion n a nurse hits shivaay..see him inclined eyes..shivaay dosent understand what was it…
meanwhile anika reaches the parking…… here,the nurse says work is done sir…i killed her..n they thought she died due to the action of god..n no1 came to know abt the wrong pills…also she did her work n told them what was need to be spoken……
anika was there…hearing her words hiding… when shivaay came n bent( a little )near anika almost resting his head on her shoulder n whispered “anika! what r u doing”
anika: shh
shi dosent say anything…n anika points there…so shivaay looks at the nurse n wonders what is with her….
the nurse continues , sir i was wondering why did u kill her when she was all ready to lie for u…i mean u killed just bcuz u were scared tht the truth behind tht painting would come out bcuz of her..or they ll give her as a proof for tej-shakti innocence….
“arey rupali…someone says from behind” she turns….shivika r shocked to see svetlana…
anika sneezes..result is tht svetlana turns to see near the car…
bt sadda shivay keeps his hand on anikas face n bumps his head on hers.n they hide behind the car…n go unnoticed… shivika r extremely near to each other looking into each others eyes like mad lovers…then shivaay removes his hand from her nose n lips…they could have kissed bt naah itni jaldi romance nhi hoga…n thus phone ringed n they were back to nrml…

meanwhile ishkara take the death certificate out…..
n now back to shivika since its their ff…n i cant talk much abt others…
——– ani: so she was the painting?
shi: painting here must be reffering to scene
ani:naah billuji! svetlana mein naa(then she does action of dimaag nhi hai) shi chuckled
ani:must be some painting in the appartment….
shi: bt ishaana n om have checked….
ani:hidden hogi naa..maybe vaha nahi par uss harshit ke ghr pr ho..painting ke peeche kuch toh hoga
painting is the key to secrets..haa billuji..chalo painting dhoondhe…
shi: panika! u r saying if it is as easy as throwing water on u..
ani: bhaggad billa, bt its not even as hard as throwing water on me…

gayatri n harshit n 3 more people r there…
gayatri: so harshit..u did what i had asked to do with anika..her bracelet has the chip inserted?
harshit:yes i did, it would activate soon n we can track her ..n she faced my manly attitude also as u said….bt i dont like doing this n this is the last thing i m doing ohk?n dont think it is bcuz of u..its just bcuz of my baby..
gayatri:n this is just bcuz of my husbands death…bt anika was trying to find abt tia…? i think its time to give her some more punishment…
xyz:or maybe someone else who could affect her
they all laughed naughtoriously


ishaana says omkara oh shit! i forgot my lucky bracelet in her appartment…we have to go now om…om says oho ishaana its not safe to go in there right getting caught is more dangerous om…i m going om tells her i m coming with u for ur safety..ishaana looks a him aakhe faadh kr n says oh really?..

n they reach at the appartment once again..they were sneaking in the darkness of appartment keeping each step they hear a they ishaana dosent see anything so she just throws something to see if some1 is actually there bt its a mice carrying a pieace of torn paper?

om says we didnt see any paper here…so they go n just search the chest of drawers again…sadly they r not able to find anything n ishaana agin byechance throws her stuff down…om bents down to get a hold of it n sees a slit of paper…its a white blank paper….om says so we wasted our time for this then they notice one more paper which is the wedding certificate of ….harshit n tia which is of the same day as the cd girl,tia’s death cerificate…
SOCKING right??
now ishaana ke dimaag ki batti jali n she thought this blank paper wont be kept for here with this thing just for no purpose…ik… n she says lets go out quickle…

so then they reach home..n ishaana keeps the paper spreading lime water on it n cooling it…soon the words appear….
they get shocked seeing this………(what it is will come soon)
–this is the true story btw…(ik i made it quite easy for them to find the thing out bt)

———————————————–now shivaay drops anika home n says “see u tommorow”(-_-) …anika shivaay stops her… shivaay says “i ll come to pick u up tommorw for the mod 9”

i thought to cover major segmant in this part n bring out the cd truth atleast bt i cannot….bt i will complete this revealation in 3rd part..of the sme ch…

ik its quite a bit messy n unproffesion this time…bt it had to be bcuz the truth behind all this is as big s oberois…
i hope u like it ..ty for patience…n next part on tuesday–ie the cd truth revealation ..n ssomething regarding shitia wedding as well….

thanku again! i look forward to comments…thanku for n lots of good wishes!

n sorry again…

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    Very nice please update the next one asap. And also check out my ff

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