ShivIka FF: Just the starting (episode 4)



Thanku so much! It makes me so happy to read the is like giving a full syllabus test n waiting for results to arrive….anyways……
PS this is not a long one since I have my French summative exam on Wednesday…
Accha, I had one question : does gul give a happy ending to her pairs..if anyone has seen her earlier shows cuz I m quiet worried right now regarding shivika…n I often imagine those amazingly well written stories of shivika which show separation..which I don’t want in the show..cuz its already a long way to actually see shivika together in the show(shivaay has to fall more in luv,anika has to fall,shivaay has to understand lineage,change thinking abt love,forgt money, anika has to also do things, n then the person who dosent even say sorry has to confess luv,n then the people against them.. pheww..thatswhy separation is a disaster) what do u think—tia is negative or positive ?

N yes regarding what I am writing, I do agree on one thing that nothing related to ishaana will happen cuz I am quite biased towards shivika so I didn’t see ishkara story :p n seeing a con girl for omkara didn’t seem a good idea to me…


Ishana was doubtful regarding the third building in front of utkarshita vihar… the problem was that the information was quite classified so nothing could be told easily………when they tried to dig out the secret, n nothing could be found,ishana asked omkara to meet the property’s landlord n thus within a few hours the meeting was fixed….n omkara went to meet the owner… owner was quite vigilant specially when omkara asked about the third floor of the building…… owner told that he dosent share any information regarding the tenants but if he is so keen,he says,then no one lived there since the last 5 yrs….n he wiping out his sweat came…….(owner was a charming guy,a billionare,young,talented yet something was fishy about him)……………….

Ishaana said that there is something the guy is hiding..n that can only be unfolded if….
Ishaana: if there is a girl good enough to mesmerize him n take out his secrets…
Omkara: u r disguisting..this is not the right way to know about someone’s secret..this is totally wrong and unethical

Ishaana: omkara,necessity says survival of the fittest, if we be more late in finding out the secrets anything can happen

Omkara:but we can request him,we will meet him again n again till he tells
Ishaana: this will take life time…for something good n beneficial one needs to be a little bad..n that is what is grey..
Omkara: but.. ishaana:see I have no problem doing that alone! Choice is yours-u wanna come or not?

N after a quite tiring research..they found that this business elite was to be present in the wedding of SVR n mallika….. now,can there be any better reason for them to go together……

#MALLIKA WEDDING DAY( this part is like peace before thunderstorm—nothing really about the secret bt abt the couples…….)

The hall was immense,big chandlier, lights,flowers,hangings n what not….this was a sort of ballet room in disney stories,a stage,DJ,alcohol,many chattering auntys n it felt like all business elites were situatated at one place… n there were two main people,mallika dressed in pink n SVR in beige hosting the wedding,n making sure that no1 leaves disheartened….
After about couple of hours when the event has started…
a black aston martin arrived….SSO came out in the most well fitted n expensive three piece suite……acting as a gentleman because of no fine reason but his reputation he moved to the opposite side of car n opened the car door for his soon gonna be lady love….tia? :p she moved out wearing a tube top n a extremely heavy n flared(not embroidered but printed) skirt…….he gave her a hand n she without thinking twice held it and walked out of the car as if she was ruling the world right now..she was anika ofcourse….he gave her his arm n she held it..they went inside..tia was coming late…

meanwhile on the tv…SSO pahuche apni nayi dream girl ke saath…kyu nahi aae yeh tia ke saath? Kya ho gaya hai unka jhagda ya shaadi cancel..jaan ne ke liye dekhe live —tv network…mai sidhika ki wedding se live bol raha hoo aur sources se pata chala hai ki yeh inkin wedding planner hai…kya SSO de rahe hai tia ko dokha ya inko ladhki ke saath gediya(its like loafing around in car doing nothing but stunts) karne ka hai shol?aur ya iske peeche hai wedding planner ki koi saazish? Jaane ke liye dekhe —news

they entered n I must say..i mean my imagination imagines them to be looking most b’ful couple on earth…….mallika also couldn’t take of her for her..she was seeing the future…
they walked upto stage…mallika hugged both
SVR: shivaay singh oberoi..nice to see you! N SSOO nice to meet you! (he said shaking hand)
Before anika could speak anything

SSO:sidhart vikram rana…nice to meet you as well…SSOO’s name is anika btw…
ANI: I am also glad to see you n malika…long time…
SVR:this wouldn’t have happened if u wouldn’t have explained that day…n SSO would have continued to do so…
ANI: I know..i told u naa about my phd…bagg(ggad….she didn’t say bcuz of the angry stare of shi;malika chuckled)for SSO to explain something is the hardest task n explaining him is next to impossible
SVR: means u both didn’t understood till now…

Just then Harshit Khurana,came…n..SVR,harshit had a talk…n SSO too talked ….anika was telling malika that how much tadhiya do they make..malika then gradual concentration of the three men shifted on the two ladies…SVR introduced harshit to anika n praised her a lot….
Harshit:harshit khurana,(kissing the hand of anika) nice to meet u.. (sso was thinking chappal padegi aaj isko)

anika:same here (faking a smile)(to herself : haw kitna besharam hai,does introduction happen in this way in elite class? my baggad billa is much much better from him..wait a min did I say MY baggad bila)
shivaay getting red with jealousy again n asking anika by eyes u didn’t take ur champa out huh?
Anika signals by eyes that is chameli not champa..i just didn’t do bcuz I came with you so to keep ur respect..
Shivaay speaks from eyes again telling her that is she would have really cared so much abt him,then wonders would have panika dosent care?
Anika couldn’t deny the fact so she pouted..shivaay smiled..SVR saw this n smiled as well…..

Then sso,ani,harshit went down…..when shivay left anika…harshit came…
Harshit:SVR told me that u counsel people really well
Ani:yes I cant deny to this thing
harshit:well then I need to get counselled as well…how much do u charge for this person …(he said trying to hold her hand) shivaay say that n got a bit angry again….
Ani:I m a wedding planner sir…not a councillor
Harshit:then u coul be a friend ofcourse..i would need u for my wedding in future…
Anika:oh u r getting married.. harshit:no finding the right lady..
(shivaay was near,trying to ignore their talk,bt couldn’t..n seeing him flirting with her so outrightly n she not spanking him got his nerves)
Harshit:umm would you… anika cutted n said : I have to go…shivaay is calling me..
(shivaay heard that as well..n gave a smile listening to his name) anika fled….

Meanwhile ,
Ishaana n omkara enters..congratulated them n blah blah….
Ishaana met anika n asked her surprising u r here? Shivaay n om replied ur entry was late she had entered in the first episode….anika hugged her n said long time…om asked u know each other..anika told she was my junior,best junior In college…ishaana said we had sister like bond….

Tia too entered……harshit n anika were talking again…ishaana pointed he is who is he with..omkara said this is anika di..ishana said what?problem solved now anika did will find out the truth…I ll tell this to mr.Shivaaya …….omkara noticed shivaay angrily looking at anika n him..he understood n stopped ishaana to tell..n he went to chidhaofy shivaay n he replied like always ,idc!

Saumya n rudra had not reached,…..why? (bcuz I don’t want this secret to come b4 the end of shaadi)

It was rainig..they were in car..when at the way they saw romi,she had to somewhere bt her car was rudy decided to help her…while rudy was fixing he was dancing also on “dilbara dilbara..apan ki tum apan tera…tujhse dil lagau mai bhi…..(that dhoom 1 song xD—I am sorry for showing him like this)saumya:phekta hai saa”a…soumya now gets very angry….romi goes n she stands out…rudy finds it very difficult to convince her to come inside …so he has to convince her…

Everyone dancing in the party… told anika to do work..n she did insult of him (not in front of him but back) to harshit n ishaana.they all laughed…everyone was dancing…when song changed to a romantic flick……..
Shivaay n anika were looking at each other..being 5 steps away……
Tia:shivu baby! Come on let us dance…. Shi:I dont want to.. tia:plz
Harshit: mam can I please have the pleasure to dance with u… don’t want to..
Svr n malika from behind:every1 is dancing..come on anika…
Anika: ohk fine…harshit held her hand n started to dance with her..
Shivaay:lets go tia (very angrily)

N seeing harshit so close to anika…..shivaay was wishing to kill him,burn him alive like he is…bt he was helpless because of tia…n seeing him so close to her…how dare he be so close to my anika I ll not leave him once we r out…wait did I say MY anika?
They were all dancing,harshit-anika,ishkara,saumya-rudra(not in party),sidhika etc…
It was time to change partner..malika went to shivay,tia to harshit,anika to SVR
Malika again stressed on the fact regarding anika,SVR also tried to make anika understand indirectly that how shivika look good…n tia n harshit were chattering something…malika told shivaay he is hopeless n she(ani) will go n never come back then..then he ll realise n it will be late..shivaay said go..n malika said change…malika left sso,svr left anika that she spinned n reached to shivaay….
They were lost in each other eyes..n I don’t need to explain intense dance,do i?
___________________________________AFTER wedding
Next day in evening…
Ru:arrey,where is anika didi leaving? Om:on a date ru:what?why?wid whom?
Om:I ll explain later…. Ru:n shivaay bhaiya? Om:where do u think he will leave(slight tedhi smile) Ru:meeting? Om: pyaar mein vo kuch iss kadar kho gaye,pata bhi nhi chala ki kab baghbaa hog ye
ru: oho! Aap seedhi baat nhi krte! Om:aree he has gone to keep an eye that anika is safe
ru:he said that(shocked) om: u think he will, he will always say…
daadi,saumya,rudra, om say I don’t care..n all laugh

ru: ohh toh majnu gaye hai heer ke paas om:that’s ranjha bro! ru: are aap bhi naa feeling bigaad di…
n now om tells story n shows him pic….rudra get shocked ..
why……………………………..he ask him is he sure he is the says yes..he says he is tia’s bf….om says what? U r sure? Rudra says yes I am….

Anika n harshit r on drive… anika asks him that u were saying u have many properties…harshit says yes! U wanna see a few? Anika says all…….he says some…so anika tells him the ones I say…harshit replies coffee? Anika is left with no option bt to say yes..shivaye is silent follower n is thinking whenever he moves 1” close to her..i ll break his leg…
Now anika chooses that property name….harsht she says again..he says please choose any other..after a continuous session of please n agreeing on dinner..he agrees to tell why is he saying no n allows him to show the property as well…

He tells…that though the property on papers is on his name bt it actually belongs to the they only handle it..i loved their daughter n she broke my heart(here he pretended ,he knows she is digging tells the truth tht kapoors have building)..anika tried to be centimental n showed her sympathy..they went on the building…she made a friend there so that she could visit again to find out the video he showed her 3rd floor. Same setting,same everything but no1 was there..he told that the girl sucided…………harshit work was finished now
(PS here harshit came to know shivaay was following so he confused him)They went on an unknown location n he tried to hug her n was trying to drung her n get too cosy bt shivaay came n rescued her fighting…he broke his leg,hand n he was badly hurt and anika was hooding:billu-ji!billu-ji!billu-ji!…shivaay was also hurt (bt hero ko kabhi as such lagti hai kya?)..after hitting him..he saw anika who was almost crying after hooding for him… he held her hand n asked her was she fine(I don’t feel billuji cups face)..she nodded n hugged him tightly in A gush..he too hugged her back…he could feel her n that was the best feeling n the best property,wealth he could ever posses,his heart said bt his brain gave it a mere name of humanity but this time somehow heart had more scores..n she had the nost secured feeling ever..after a while they broke hug n went back in an awkward silence

………n anika told this thing(not his but abt building) to everyone …shivssy understood the reason of anika not killing tht was angry with everyone that if anything would have happened to anika what would have happened to him…(realising what he said) them
Anika told them how here chameli broke hitting the sit gut..n enviornment went back to normal…everyone laughed

After shivaay went…rudra told anika that he is tia’s bf…..n anika told then billuji must not marry tia..we need to stop it,any how…. N team TGO(tia-go-back) was made
——————————-(next day)
Next ch:
Anika n shivaay r standing out of that building…while om n ishana r busy finding traces……
Anika sees someone n gets shocked…but BOOM……doctors say condition is critical..shivaay says no matter what happens she should be alive..

Ik my pace was extremely fast..n I skipped minute they r for u to imagine xd
Bcuz I wanted to focus on the video n bring anika’s past..n connect dots earlier..bcuz tia’s marriage needs to be stopped..n the culprit has to be caught…n I have an explanation to the last part of harshit,next part maybe

I hope u like it..some melodrama n some more secrets wait to be unfolded..there r abt 10 secrets…very small bt make up what I thought….
That’s it! …n if u find it clumsy then also tell…bt still I hope u all like it(n ik romance is not my cup of tea that’s why I drink sairabano)! N thanku for commentin n supporting me guys…lots of love to u all n good wishes from my side..
I hope u like it n find it interesting! Thanku all for reading looong one…fingers
—————————n i ll try to improve my romance writing n writning skills…do ignore the errors! thanku again

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    1. Kashi

      lol yes…u r right i realised this much later after i wrote the thing..n i was laughing on myself that my shivika ff has everything bt not romance..for which i solely wrote an ff….
      i ll do that definitely from next time..i wont be rushing from the next part….

      n thanku so much priyanka means alot to me…each n every comment gives a smile on my face..

  2. Amazing 😀
    Track is really really good.
    Plz try to add some more shivika moments and romance
    And plz post next part asap 😀
    Keep it up

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      Precaution ?** ..actually I meant to say recap ?

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    In her serials usually …when the leads will be about to confess or marry there will be a blast but for good IPKKND there was a misunderstanding but they got married cuz of it ….
    In QH also when they were about to marry there was a misunderstanding but after it got cleared they were United till death …

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