ShivIka FF: Just the starting (episode 3)


this is really fast from my i thought it to break..moreover that was like half of what i had thought initially to write..nyways..thanku all again…
n here is a blooper..which i m doing ie directly switching on to thee suspense leaving the furthrr convo behind….

dadi:anika ghar jaa rhi hai (ani going home?)
ani: yes daadi have some urgent work (haa daadiji kuch kaam hai important)
dadi: sahil is ohk naa? n ur bua is not disturbing u naa? (beta,sahil toh theek hai naa aur tumhaari bua tumhe tang toh nhi kr rhi) –asked worriedly
ani:no daadi nothing like that bt..( kuch nhi daadi pr) —bt actually she couldnt see her billuji tensed
daadi:ohk go n tc ( theek hai beta jaao aur apna khyal rakhna)

n she left ..not to her home bt to her friend, arjun for help regarding the CD….n arjun was a techno savy guy…he could do anything if its technology..
she inquired him to let her know the exact date n time of the video..n to her utter surprise it was like 5 yrs later then what the girl in the footage said..infact arjun told that it is hardly of 2-3 days back…this shocked her….n she told him that she is leaving bt rudra arrived….. actually arjun is rumi’s brother) –ik its weird bt somehow i wanted rudra not to be left behind..

ru:di aap yaha? :/
ani:kuch nhi mai arjun se milne aayi thi..mera childhood friend..
ru:haww n yeh aapko drop bhi krne jaa rhe hai..(to himself:shivaay bhaiya ko bura lagega)
ani:late ho gaya tha..btw why r u here?
ru:actually i came to meet rumi..
arj: so u r the guy who disturbs rumi alot?
ru:no no mai seedha saadha innocent sa (ani coughed) baccha hoo notes dene aaya tha..
arj:oh really? then give them to me n go?
ru:did i just say dene? i came to lene notes
arj:ohk go…

ani was moving when rudra noticed her and asked u look tensed what happened? anika replied “notihing happened..btw u know where is billuji” rudra said “he has gone somewhere with u look worried?are u sure nothing has happened” (he looked with his detective eye n anika couldnt hide it anymore)
so she told a bit to him..n asked him to call om as well we will talk..n she bid arjun good bye…to which arjun replied ur service always… rudra put hand on his mouth n was like yeh kya ho raha hai?
they went to the cafe

actually shivaay had gone to the famous detective firm so that they find out the location of the video n all info regarding the case….they told they can give im one of the most efficient detectives…shivaay told he dosent want efficient bt he wants the best…n they told we will call her right now..u wait….omkara had gone by the time….

so shivaay was waiting…when a beautiful girl came..shivaay was shocked seeing her face…he knew everything…n so she knew what was he thinking..
she introduced herself : hi mr.shivaay singh oberoi….Ishaana here..nice to meet you(to which the detective firm’s head added that we have given u the best)
shi: i thought u would leave this place after hurting my bro….bt no…after con girl u r a detective..good going…now u will rob this firm, i suppose?(he said mockingly)
please give a new detective for this case
firm’s head: i believe there is a confusion sir..she had been working with us for last 10 yrs…n i can guarantee u there has been no problem..she successfully unravelled each n every task she was given,as far..
ishaana: yes mr.shivaay i am not a con girl bt a else it is your wish..u want to keep me in your case or not…
shi:why did u do that then?
ishaana:i m sorry sir we r not allowed to give any information regarding anything related to our ex or current tasks..
shi: ohk fine…u need to find out the location….
n shivaay n she sat for 15 mins to discuss…n thats how ishaana came back to story,to search regarding the loaction of the video n other things n ofcourse to come back to om’s life
(shivaay was impressed n ishana asked him one favour at the last that dont tell om regarding it)

[email protected]

om had arrived…………..the three were sitting on the table discussing……(there were two sections of the cafe one was internal n one was external,they wer at the external part…)
anika told them the whole story..n also the fact that she saw a bracelet in the clip….so rudra said if u liked the bracelet then buy it but what has the bracelet to do with the video….om scolded him saying when bha..anika is saying something it has to be relevant….. n she told that the bracelet was identical to that of tia’s which she kept in her purse the day before….. it shocked om n rudra…n they asked that have she told the same to shivaay to which she replied that billuji loves tia so he will feel sad..n moreover he will shout at me n callme a culprit instead–she said making a face…omkara and rudra made an agreeable face..though they wanted shivaay to know….

rudra said that i am coming n he went to the internal part of cafe..he was walking to the washroom when….he saw his lady gaga with a man holding hands…he was like nahi!nahi!nahi! chalo acchi b aat hai yeh kisi aur ke saath hai..ab shivaay bhaiya ko free krna chaheye…he took a menu hided his face and recorded the conversation…when rudra didnt come out after 10 mins…om decided to go n he checked in every washroom n was unablle to find….he told the same to anika n anika replied u should have checked the tables ..n she said imitating rudra: rudra ka charm hi aisa hai ladhkiya pagal ho jaati hai..n they both laughed…
tia’s man asked for the bill n rudra went out asap because he realised if tia sees any of them it will cause trouble…..n then ani n om asked him where he was….he said i l tell u later n he quickly took them to car before tia comes out)
inn car he showed them the video..they were shocked…om couldnt believe tia could be like this neither could anika…but rudra was very happy ki peecha chhotaa………

———————————————————————NEXT DAY:3rd day
om decided to tel abt the time of recording to shivaay n shivaay decied to tell abt hiring a partial truth can be dangerous from both sides u here it will just create a misunderstanding…which will end up to rigidity n thus not solving
so each n everything was shared amongst the four except tia’s bracelet n ishaana’s entry…
sfter finishing this telling each other n thingd…

shi:anika tumne kisi ko video dikhaaya
ani: nahi billuji
shi:toh phit yeh tumne khud patalagaya?
shi:then what did u do
ani: i asked arjun to tell the date ….i swear he didnt look at the video..we were all together the day before
shi: (angrily) who all were together… ani: i n arjun.. shi: is that ‘we all’ anika? n who is arjun btw (Angrily)
ani:aree he is my bachpan ka best friend..he is so cute,he didnt even ask me if or but..just did my work..infact i would suggest u that each and everything related to technology,u should give him..from hacking to tracking he is expert,he ll do anything

shi was more angry now..n got that red…while om n rudra chuckled seeing him in a never seen before state..
ani(continuing); infact his wife is also extraordinary…u should assign him with ur that detective..she will find out things n he’ll do hacking n tracking..
shi went normal again listening to “wife” he wont accept that…..
shi:how do u know she is a she?
ru:haww bhaiya is detective a she?is she a hot she?
shi: shut up rudra
om:but she is a she?what is her name
shi tried to divert the topic
om: dont divert the topic sivaay..who is she?
shi: she is she
om: u r telling me or u r not ?
shi:no i m not!
om:then i m also not telling u ur life saver fact! huh
shi: what life saver fact?
om:it can save ur life..that is a life saver fact! shi:what is it? om:you tell me this, i ll tell u!? shi:from when did u started making a deal?
anika defending him:aapse hi sikha hai usne…aap hi hai jo har cheez deal no deal ki game banaa dete hai (meanwhile pleading om not to say anything)
shi: ohk deal….shivaay told ishaana
om: told abt bracelet like that of tia..
and after a huge conflict they both partially agreed to each other….om agreed ishana to work n shivaay agreed that the bracelet was of that like tia……

———–4th day
ishaana was investigating n trying to find each n everything possible….but the location was too difficult to find that two days of continous hard work couldnt even help to get the track of the place…bt finally something struck in her mind…..she saw the video again n she saw some part of window open..n the buliding visible from the window was something havin “ut”…..
now she tried to find each n every building having word ut..she reached near omkara gallery searching n asking everyone regarding the building…n she banged into him….he held tight not letting her go…
om:we need to talk
ish:i m busy doing some work
om:the work u r doing can wait but not this talk..
ish:there is not point. let me go!
n she tried to move but om blocked her way n said
om:u r doing our work n its important for us to know…now will u talk?
ish:shivaay bhaiya told uthis
om:he tried o we three brothers r one..he couldnt hide u know the good! fantastic! now should i go
om:wait i m sorry! i shouldnt have said u all that..i thought u r con girl
ish:thats what the problem om..u thought..n u hurted..u could have listened to me work is i am a detective..i found something which was not good,which was regarding riddhima so i told u n thats it…bt u didnt belive…
om:what abt riddhima? dont drag her…
ish:see one word wrong or right abt her u r not wanting to hear but telling someone 101 words, u r willing to do that
om:ohk i m sorry i shouldnt have said that… what u said regarding ridhima was true? was it?
ish:yes it was….. n its ohk… now should i go
om: i wpnt leave riddhima….n now should i accompany u to where u r going? (he smiled)
ish:lets go….
n in the way ishaana told him each n everything regarding the case………
om liked her a bit n so did the most important thing was the reality was speaking…

shivaay was lost in his thoughts thinking tht could she be then denying that she is from a good family so she wont do this….

the day passed on like this….
__________________________________________5th day

a wedding card or should i say 3 wedding card reached the obeoi mansion……yes it was wedding card of mallika and SVR..mallika wanted to call them all since she was with her love only bcuz of them..n SVR wanted to call bcuz the enmity had almost ended…n he wanted to show his greatness to SSOO bcuz she helped them uniting…

1st card: rudra n saumya
2nd card:om n —-(where he could take ny1 along xD)
3rd card was special, it read ‘to SSO and SSOO, Tia’
infact things had so changed that SVR called SSOO through SSO n mallika called SSO….though shivaay first disagreed but then allika requesting him specially made him agree…n she wnated a gift that he should get anika along him n not let her come alone…….

though reading SSO n SSOO gave shivaay n anika a whole hearted smile…bt as every1 chuckled they made their heart understood that no…u dont know anything

finally ishaana had created a good list of her findings..n went in the saamne waali building of each “ut…”starting building…. many were rejected n finally she came to conclusion that the secret is there in any of the three buildings similiar…she could easily find the people living in the two buildings n she had got a suspicion bt for the third building , she had to meet someone….
n yeah om was most of the time with her so they started getting closer…………………………..

idk how m i doing it?is it too fast or is it too slow–actually suddenly i wanted to focus on suspense..m just getting a bit nervous now……ik i showed less of romance in the thing i m trying to create has alot of significance in the story of Shivika ,tia,gayatri n ishkara as well (which is my thought)? n specially regarding ishkaara i m not sure how did i write i hope i was ok for them ? i hope i was good to create suspense starting..n actually till now only two or 3 doubts have arose..abhi poori story baaki hai(n i promise it wont be bad)? i hope u all like it….fingers crossed.. n things which i dint focus or which i will not focus to show right now,for which i had mentioned in the last part or this one,has some relevance for the future…like the warning to anik..n gayatri telling sh will kill anyone on her way…the bracelet….n the video recorded by rudra… shivaay will realise his love all by himself n will realise the fact that bigname,lineage always dosent ripe good fruits

n 4th part of it also i ll update today cuz after that it will take time………n 4th part small glimpse is that : its mallika wedding, shivaay n anika reach together cuz anika is a bit late, a man named harsh is introduced by SVR to SSOO,they r having nice time n SSO fumes…. Ishkara enter as a couple….
is the video true? yes it is…bt who did that? tia..not exactly…. is there anymore secret ? many..why is the last building suspicious? is the girl in video dead or alive…..n if she is dead then was it a murder or a sucide? —-now this would be the start where nothing will be related to the show(leaving the characters n their chemistry aside)
u ll get to know that in 4th part ie tommorow…n after that not before wednesday………..

i can promise one thing that the logic n suspense is going to be good… I SERIOUSLY HOPE U ALL LIKE IT..I M TOO SCARED………………………..
n i swear i had the biggest smile when i read ur all comment.thanku, u all be such a sweetheart…..n i was scared before that too…bt this time i m much more scared…

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