ShivIka FF: Just the starting (episode 2)


hey guys! ..thats me again.. ik this is quite ear;y but u know like i was free n moreover i could have forgotten what i had to wrote next….
thanku so much everyone! i got khushi se paani paani reading the comments…i didnt expect even one..but u guys r seriously sweetheart..n i realised i wrote an enough long update..will try to make it shorter next time….
n thanku for ur wishes…. πŸ™‚ and @shaza i m also jealous of u, u got to see every episode after me ? i madly saw all at once…now waiting kills me..

BT on a short note big waala thanku u all..
n there r few things which i dont wish to put(bt u know if u all want i ll but i m quite anti to it) : 1.hate or a contract marriage-cuz already it will take time for shivika relation to establish
2.anika as the main person behind the whole thing just for taking revenge,i mean she looks quite mature not to act this way round
3. i wont show shivaay loosing his wealth since i love hispersonality, his attitude(leaving away a few irritating things) n i think as long as his wealth remains he will behave like this

(n yes i didnt write intro n i dont understand how to write one bt:: the story is majorly abt shivika n oberois, a little abt the other two pairs cuz idk what exactly is the behaviour of ishaana or saumya since nothing much abt them has been shown…n though much have been shown abt shiviks bt their story is not fast proceeding ,it looks like.)
PROLOGUE n PRECAP : Shivaay has comitted to marry Tia in two weeks…will the marriage really happen? what will happen when the big oberois secrets come out? is it going to be the end of oberoi empire or there will be something more to it? (first part: )
(umm what r tej n shakti for om and shivaay)
om: i strongly feel shivaay that there is something more to it ( shivaay mujhe lagta hai ki yeh baat itni si nahi hai aur isme abhi bhi kuch missing hai)
shi : dont worry om..what so ever is the truth we will find out..we will find out regarding gi..gayatri ….tej n shakti r innocent( om hum gayatri ka sach pata lagayenge, tej aur papa aisa kuch nahi kr sakte ..tum chinta matt karo)
om: see shivaay, u cannot just blindly say that they r innocent,maybe they r culprits…i know dad (dekh shivaay tu aise bina kuch jaane bina yeh bhi toh nhi keh sakta ki unhone kuch nahi kiya,maybe unhone yeh sab kiya ho)
shi: everything is not black and white om, i m telling u its grey( sabkuch black aur white nahi hota hai om,har cheez mostly grey hoti hai)
om:ishaana even said something like this to me regarding them ( ishaana ne bhi kuch kaha tha aisa hi ki unn logo ne…)
shiv cuts him in b/w n says u dont believe ur family om?
om:but..firstly police took the CD with them n suddenly they found nothing is in the CD ..why will gayatri steal something which has nothing..?

_______________(kuch der pehele/before some time)

shivaay announced it n moved where anika was standing as he saw her getting extremely excited n happy…
shi: why are u so happy (tum itni khush kyu ho rahi ho)
ani: now can i not even get excited ? finally u will marry n i will find work at a new place..this makes me happy…atleast i wouldnt have to see this face of kanji aanko waala bhaggad billa there ( oho! ab koi khush hai usme bhi SSO ko problem hai..mai khush ho kyunki aapki shaadi hogi mai yaha se khisak loongi..dusri jagah naukri dhoondhungi aur vaha mujhe yeh sadi si shakal vaale kanji aakhon waale bhaggad bille ki shakal nahi dekhni hogi naa,samje?)
shi: oh wow! i didnt thought this way..not listening to u again..makes me quite happy ( language anika! maine yeh toh socha hi nahi! mujhe bhi tumhari kich kich i mean tumhaari tedhi baate nahi sunn ni padegi)
ani: jo bhi hai billuji(whatever it is billuji)
shi: dont call me that ! u knoow that this can be….(firse matt shuru ho tumhe pata hai naa yeh sirf..)

anika: only spoken by ur do i look like i really care? (sirf daadi bol sakti hai..par aapko lagta hai ki mujhe aapki iss baat se koi fark padhta hai)

shivaay: Shivaay singh Oberoi jo bolega tumhe maan naa hi padega (what so ever shivaay singh oberoi commands u would have to listen to that)
anika: accha billu ghodi chadhega, billu ki baaraat aaegi, billu shaadi krega

anika was like aaa…as she slipped but shi held her by her waist..they looked at each other..n shi said: tum dekh kar khade bhi nhi ho sakti panika!(u cant even stand strasight panika!)
anika: dont calll..(muje yeh mat bu….) suddenly a call came to shivaay.. n shivaay put a finger on his lips n indicated anika to be shh..

shi:yes shiv.. sin.. ober.. speaking whose there
acp rathhore: sir i m acp rathore …i wanted to tel u something regarding the case
shi: say acp rathore…what is in the CD?
acp rathore:nothing sir..gayatri was bluffing..
shi:i had already told u this before acp:sorry sir..for the inconvienience
shi:no its fine..absolutely
acp: good day sir …n the call was ended…

shi gave the news: there is nothing in the C..gayatri was just charges r taken from us..
everyone should have been happy but they were staring at him weirdly..what was that he thought n asked..rudra even gave a whistle
shi: aap mujhe aise kyu dekh rahe ho?
ru: vo kya hai naa pic hi aisi chal rahi hai..
shi gave a confused look
om:neeche dekh .. shi looked down n realised he was still holding her…they gave an awkward stare to each other.. n shi suddenle lossened his hand n she could have falled but he realised that ,held her again n gave her a landing..n she quitely went to the kitchen…
ani didnt say anything but she saw a worried expression on his face..

(after some time)
shi closed his door n thought to play the cd n he did…..n anika was passingby when she heard the noise n peeped in… she saw that being played..n struk the door hard..
shi panicked n opened the door.. they fought…n after getting irritated
ani: jab cd dekhni hi hoti hai toh volume kamm krke parde laga kr dekha kijiye
ani: maine dekh liya… vo u were playing the cd..the girl
shi: oh shit! come inside now..even u see
ani: wow! SSO ka mind…kabhi kabhi intelligent bhi ho sakta hai(often can be intelligent also)
shi: see dont waste time..b4 any1 comes u come inside…..

they watch the same video here but the only difference is that a bracelet of someone is also caught in the video…seeing the bracelet anika get sonfused she think should she say or not n decides to keep that a secret n personally find out…….

after video anika goes… n omkara comes….n the same chat which was above……..
after the chat..
om: u r hiding something..arent u?
shi:no..why will i?
om:no shi u r…
shi: fine ohk..n he narrates the whole story…………….

PRECAP: anika takes the forged print of the CD..n goes to somewhere…shivaay reaches the place of recording with om….rudra meets anika…then rudra tells the secret to om as well..they 3 decide to stop it before its too late..
n i ll update the rest part today night..since i m getting scolded… i know its getting quite last episode n some part of this has significance…
sorry if its long..i hope u like this! fingers crossed…

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  1. Shaza

    Awesome ep??…and it’s better if u make it long na !? ppl usually say sorry for making it short ? ?….and yea post the next one ASAP ..exited for the next one….

  2. awesome πŸ˜€ nd plz dont spoil it by adding revenge or something like that.
    and plz post next part asap

  3. Super yr n yeah agree with shaza …but dear do what u want…but don’t make anika taking revenge or behind this all…plz..

    1. hey i wrote that..i just hate the idea of making female leads go negative..or hate luv or contract marriages..they r so rude.. aint they? btw thanku abiha,priyanka,shiju n shaza..means alot!! πŸ™‚

  4. Its superb. Plz update asap

  5. Awesome episode update the next episode ASAP

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