ShivIka FF: Just the starting (episode 1)


guys i hope you like this one 🙂 …i m=have suddenly been a bif fan of the show,watched all episodes in 2 days n read all the ff in next two during the exams time,u c..soo maad m i now…
n instead of commenting on every ff..this is for all the writers,u wrote very well n i loved it…ishkara ff were also good though i m shivika fan bt i read them…n shivika ff were too gud….omru converstation r always overwhelming…

bt i m a bit i like seeing people together, seperation bcomes painful for me n my imagination(seperation tracks were written very nicely,must say PS it made me feel sad)

n yes this is basically a ShivIka OS or maybe a FF but i ll give each part an end…i really hope u like it since this is my first try…..if u feel any problem dont think twicee to share your views…
n ik its quite weird but i ll start from yesterday episode since it allows me to change the suspense n mystery… (but i wonder why were the girls hitting drums when 6 drummers came with 6 drums)
hope u like it!!

while the drummers were getting checked by the security,one of the drum rolled down to some distinct part of the house…
anika n soumya notice it n cranked a joke…but soumya asked her to look out for it…
thus,anika went to search the dholak,,,,searching all around the hall while shivaay stared at what was she doing, she went to that distinct part of the hall, that was probably behind a seperator….

she went ahead n suddenly hear some noise, she ignored n u turned thinking that how can a drum roll so far…bt then she heard the drum beat again which created an anxiety in her mind and forced her to move in the direction of the drum….
what happened was that gayatri was cutting the dhol…but what she saw was the slaughter knife n someone(gayatri) murmuring that “if anyone comes in the way of mine getting to the dark secret of oberoi,i will kill that person “..n she came out of the drum but anika’s reflex action was to hide…..

when gayatri went from there anika came out n she was very scared….she felt like she was having goose bumps…
she knew she had to inform someone about it asap…so she was walking thinking n murmuring something in her mind when she bumped into someone….
someone was obviously shivaay!
shi: where is your concentration (dhyaan) always? oh but how can i forget anika and concentration can never go hand in hand…

anika gave a look,a look which was not showing anger but a look showing she was scared…
shivaay looked at her confused wondering what had happend..
anika didnt utter a word n changed her direation to move away
shivaay held her from her shoulder and inquired “what happened”
ani lost,didnt answer…n shivaay understood so he gave her a jerk n asked again…

anika told him : “i..i dont know but i saw some old women who looked a bit scary….
shi: you dont have any other work other than to comment regarding an old women?
anik: see you should listen first…n she told him that she said………….. n she is an intruder…n i believe she happens to kill you, if u stop her..she said this with a heavy heart…

suddenly the happy cheerful atmosphere changed to a serious one and bcuz anika insisted shivaay that if he goes,he could be killed as she had a slaughter knife,n she dosent want it..shivaay stopped there n sent his bodyguards…..
gayatri was caught n CD was taken from her….while she was moving her last sentences were
“if not today then tommorow..i ll ruin oberoi mansion respect, money n what not….” n then specially pointing towards anika,she didnt think twice n told “u better be careful,i m not going to leave u,u be the first in the list “….
hearing this shivaay lost all his temper..n harshlly said to the police “take her!”

there was a two minutes silence to which…
dadi interrupted “haye meri anika, u r so good,dont know what is our relation with you
rudr said: bha… (everyone looked at him,om,daadi n rudr chucked…..)
daadi:chup kr
rudra: aree mai keh raha tha ki bhaar utha leti hai saara..of every function..
daadi:haa toh i was saying that u save us from every risk…god bless you beta!i wish we get a bahu like you!

pinky :oh my mata
all of them gave a stare with an eye brow up(n om rudra n soumy looked towards shivaay)..n anika got a bit embarassed (shivaay got a little red too which was unnoticed n even not known by him)
daadi: why are u all looking like this? i meant we have om and rudra left…a bahu like anika(to her mmind but not anika) would be a saviour…

shivaay disturbed the moment n said ” if u r done then let us do the aarti…”
anika:i ll see in the kitchen…
rudra: another intruder ? ( :O )
ani:no .. i ll check if the food is ready
shi:come rudra n om….

n that is when that aarti happpens….(PS some things i desperately wnat so i m repeating,from the next one i ll put more of my ideas)

everyone was collecting prashad n eating when tia was busy making a pig face n clicking selfies…n anika noticed the bracelet hanging out(i loved this spoiler so)
5 times she callled out her name but she didnt notice anyone n anything other then the wish of his followers…the bracelet fell…
so anika went to her n tried to put it back ..but tia noticed it…
tia: anika (shivaay looked in the direction) if u liked the bracelet alot u should have asked me dear (this drew the muskeeters attention)
ani:no i dont want it, i was just…
tia: u were just stealing it,werent u?
ani: no actually it fell from your purse so i thought..

tia: u thought u should taked it..
ani:keep it in your purse
tia: u could have told me this…what was the need to steal? i mean its vry costly,more than you two months sala….
shivaay:what is the problem tia!! if anika is telling she didnt steal,she didnt
(OmRu put their hand on their face)
tia:but shivaay i was just..
shivaay:there is no need of any more argument !
shivaay:leave! anika u can go now…………..

shivaay pointing out to OmRu “why were u shocked btw”
omru:no nothing we just felt that someone got really affected
shivaay:shut up
anika felt weird,the person who used to blame her for everything supported her today

daadi:billu go n drop anika home..its late..
shi:am i her driver? n i have work
rudr: daadi should i drop?
om:or maybe me?
daadi: ohk since shivay feels a driver dropping a girl who saved his family..u can go..n infact in the way,i have told anika to do a work so u first take her to the place….go with her inside n then drop..

anika got confused n asked daadi which..
shi(acts like looking hes message) :my work got cancelled dadi..then why will OmRu go? specially so late? so i m going….
the trio of OmRuDa gulped their chuckle…
n anika n shivaay left……

daadi:lagte hai na bilkul picture perfect?
OmRu: genunely..
shivaay n anika were on the way…
shi:where do we have to go? i mean u have to go?
shi:daadi said u had some work?
ani: idk she never told me?

shivaay infuriated a bit but thought to ignore……

shi: the thing u have did today,no1 could have ever done this for our family
ani: kya? u r praising me? n that time u supported me? is this a dream? or today billu ji apne bill mein se west side se nikle hai..
shi: i dont understand what is the problem…it was such a simple thing which i said but u have long answers ready for my each sentence..
ani: if billuji start behaving abnormally..this will only happen naa?
shi:u called me abnormal…n dont call me that again..
anika:oh billuji..? ohk kanji aakho waale baggad bille….

shi:shut up panika!
ani:look what i have got today..:( she opened the cap of the water kept in the car..)
shi:ohk leave…..
ani went out but while going she said to him “even though u didnt say ,i understood sso”
n she turned n stepped ahead when
(shi remembered gayatri words)
ani gave him a confused look.. shi:take care …anika smiled n went inside….

_____ (NEXT DAY)
Ru: aree bhaiya how are u here? after yesterday we thought that we will get a news that u r still there?
shivaay gave a disgust look…
Om:aree ru wanted to say how was your drive last nigt?
ru:romantic drive:
shi gave an annoyed look n went outside ….

@ drawing room…
tia mom:i think we should cancel this alliance…
pinky:why?what happened? everything was fine till yesterday? all of a sudden?
tia mom:see dont mind but…..(as she saw anika going towards shivaaye room n shivvaye coming out)
pinky:no no you says without any worries..
tia: but tia told me what happened…n if gayatri could harm anika ,she could harm anyone,including my tia..
pinky:aree but u dont worry.. shi hainaa

shi:yes i am..till Shivaaye singh oberoi is here,,,nothing will happen to her
tia mom: anika ke liye?
pinky: did u say something?
tia mom:no nothing there is one more thing…till when will their marriage linger on…i think it has been a long time since they have met n shivaay has been cancelling it n it is lingering on and on… i dont think the de…delay is required now (She said giving a fake yet a wikid smile)
shivaay: bt tia safety is imp! n tilll we r safe i cannot put her in risk..
tia: like this it will be more danger, n if u cant marry us tell us now..her followers n partners r asking her…

pinky:dont worrk he will..shivaay please declare it today!
shivaay:ohk fine..thhe next two weeks n i will get married with TIA…..
shivaay felt that a knife struck badly on his heart n heart said please dont kill me but the mind said thats what you want shivaay,she has lineage surname n what not

————————————————————————————i hope u like it..ik there was nothing much..but yes there will be more in the next part i promise (not in terms of writing,ik its long, bt in terms of story)

n I SERIOUSLY HOPE U LIKE IT…fingers crossed

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