Shivika ff (ishqbaaz) 4th time the charm

?This fanfic focuses mainly on shivika and not on other ishbaaz characters

The first part of this series is based on events after the rakhi episode.. The only Change is that Omkara does go to jail.

Twice the lips fell on the other’s cheek, once the situation fell right into place, and the last time it was more than a peck.

Omkara was finally out of jail, these sudden turn of events which had gone out of hand had been bewildering for shivaaye. He was a type A control freak, not even a single leaf turned without him approving it. Therefore it nearly made him lose his mind when his own brother was falsely accused and put behind bars and he could do nothing to stop it. The fact that it was his own bua who did this made it all the more worse. The very bua who had been kicked out of the oberoi mansion for thievery, that too not once, but twice! This entire situation strengthened his belief that no one other than his immediate family could be trusted.

The entire family needless to say were rejoicing in omkara’s return. The entire family stood huddled around him expressing their respective concerns regarding him. His exit from the mansion had been so sudden, at one moment everyone was arguing and anika was making all of them understand how privileged they were for having a loving family. And the next moment there was police in the house with the right documents take him under arrest.
Even though Omkara had been gone only for a few hours it had felt like days.

Omkara, a little overwhelmed tried assuring everyone of his well being,
“mai bilkul thik Hun daadi”
he said in his soft tone. Which was met by another tiny burst of tears and sobs by everyone around.

As things died down, everyone sat and both shivaay and Omkara narrated everything to them. No one was exceptionally surprised everyone knew how bua’s character really was. Trying to put the entire unfortunate episode behind them they all decided to continue where they had left off. Recalling that they had been arguing and had stopped only after anika’s monologue everyone felt ashamed. Apologies were exchanged and the mood was uplifted to match the occasion.

Dadi, remembering anika’s kind words thanked her, “Sahi mein putarr thank you, Kayi baar choton ko bhi hum badon ko sikhane ka haq hota hai” she patted her shoulder.

Anika smiled back modestly and let her eyes travel around the room. Everyone was thankful to her and were looking upon her with appreciation ..well almost everyone. The infamous SSO gave her a look which was a cross between confusion and awe.

Pinky spoke up, “priyanka beta agar tumhara Mann bhar gya ho toh Hum apni dresses change kr lein? Oh my mata jethani ji aap aise kapdon ko kaise smabhalti hain?”

Everyone agreed with pinky and with priyanka’s permission they retired to their rooms to change their clothes. Smiling, anika too slid out of the room and went to shivaay’s room to continue packing the gifts. Reaching she silently did her job at one corner of the room and didn’t manage to notice shivaay enter. Shivaay walked in and gave a big sigh he was glad it was over he was missing his 3piece suit. Turning towards his closet he started changing, since the closet was on the other side of the room he completely missed anika. Grabbing the hem of the shirt he turned it and pulled it out of his torso leaving his body topless. Trying to find his shirt he turned back around to find it laying on the couch near the drapes. Anika was still crouched down on the floor wrapping the last gift. Shivaay silently walked and picked up his shirt as he started unbuttoning it anika simultaneously got up and turned around.

Both of them simultaneously yelled.
“Tum! Yahan kya krr rhi ho?!” Shivaay demanded to know as he tried covering his upper body with the shirt but barely managing.
“Mai kya krri Hun? Arey mai priyanka ke gifts pack krne aayi aap kya krre hai?” Anika asked him in turn.
“Yeh mera room hai” Shivaay was angry now.

The two stood inches close to each other and both of them refused to break the stare as if it was a competition.

“Mujhe pata hai! Zyada chadiye mtt aap hi ka kaam krne aayi thi ho Chuka hai jaa rhi Hun” she said with arrogance, and noticing him like that a smile crept on her lips, “kapde pehen li jiye ab.. Biloo” she giggled to herself and took a step forward.
But shivaay refused to move reducing the distance between them down to hardly 10cms. “Tumhari Itni himaat! Maine tumse kitne baar..” His sentence got interrupted as he shuffled his legs which caught between the drapes.

The shirt fell out of his hand and he grabbed hold of the nearest thing to him to gain balance. Of course the nearest “thing” to him was anika. And together the two got entangled in the curtains which fell all around them and the two regained composure only when anika’s back hit the wall. Shivaay’s hands were at anika’s waist holding her tightly and anika’s hands were at shivaay’s chest, her nails dug into his bare skin as heat emitted between the two and got trapped due to them being covered in the
curtains. Their noses were so close they were nearly touching the tips. As they looked into each other’s eyes time stood still. Seconds..minutes went by without them realising that they were literally in each other’s arms. These two who couldn’t stand each other, argued at every possible situation, who never saw an eye to eye just stood there. With shivaay’s body pushing anika back towards the wall. A blush crept up on anika’s cheeks as she realised their inappropriate position. Her eyes flickered down to where her fingers were settled- on shivaay’s well toned chests. Shivaay’s hands were nestled on the curve of her hips without him even realising his thumbs were slowly gliding back and forth feeling up the material of her pink suit. Not a single word escaped their lips their presence on each other was enough. Following her sight shivaay bent his head down to see her nails leaving tiny red bruises on his chest almost like they had been doing something far more inappropriate.

Omkara and rudra stood at the doorway barely able to hold the laughter and the teasing remarks in. Poor shivaay would never hear the end of this. Finally composing himself Omkara subtly and very politely cleared his throat.

By reflex anika swiftly turned her head towards the doorway and shivaay too raised his head. But what the two hadn’t realised was that they were awfully close to each other hence when anika turned her head and shivaay raised his, shivaay’s lips fell right next to anika’s lips on the left cheek.
A small squeaky gasp left anika’s lips. And shivaay’s eyes widened realising what had happened. The reactions from Om and rudra too were priceless. Their jaws were on the floor.
Shivaay quickly pulled his hands back to himself and anika mirrored his moves and retracted her hands. The two avoided looking at each other and blush spread all over their faces.

Rudra nudged omakara, “Bhaiya koi sher bolo na”
Omkara came to his senses and stammered, “sher ni rudra, aakh..aakh band kr le…” He giggled, “..apan intrude krre hai”
Rudra giggled too and they both high fived each other.
With swift motion shivaay backed away and untangled himself from the curtains, bending down he picked up the fallen down shirt and wore it while anika straight made a beeline towards the door. The two younger brothers parted to let anika go who couldn’t meet their eyes due to how much she was blushing.
The two chuckled loudly holding their stomachs in place. Right behind shivaay too walked towards the doorway and even before reaching warned in a very stern voice, “not even a single word you two”
This made the two laugh even more and shivaay simply avoided them by walking right past them.

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