Shivika ff (ishqbaaz) 4th time the charm (part-6)


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Anika knocked lightly hoping Omkara had reached home she was a little distracted by what had happened a few moments ago. A million thoughts ran through her mind, the day suddenly felt windy, more than the thoughts it were the feelings that were arising in her heart that disturbed her. She had never allowed herself to feel anything even close to “love” before hence when such feelings started erupting she dismissed them out rightly.
There was no way she could have any feelings for that SSO he was by far the most irritable, annoying, egotistical man she had ever come across. They didn’t meet eye to eye on anything hence there was no way those feelings that were invading her heart could be true.
“Anika?…ANika?!” Om was waving his hands in front of her eyes she had knocked on the door but then had seemed to be lost in some thought. She seemed troubled.
Breaking out of her train of thoughts Annika startled and then composing herself smiled, “Mujhe aap se kuch kaam tha”

[[ I had something to related]] —
Frowning a little Om nodded his head,”Haan bolo? Sab theek? Tum thdi pareshaan pareshaan si dikhri ho? Is everything all right?”

[[Yeah? You all right? You don’t look ok]] —
A little surprised by how well he had read her face Anika was taken aback she fumbled, ”haan haan mujhe? Mujhe kya hoga” but the lines on her forehead said completely otherwise.

[[Im fine Im fine]] —
Not satisfied he gently put on of his hands on her shoulder and lead her to one of his chairs in front of his art supplies. A troubled Anika silently followed she couldn’t get all the things out of her mind. Everything that had happened with Shivaay till date was running through her mind. The many times they held each other, the time he cared immensely for her when she got hurt and how good holding his hand had felt, almost as they were supposed to hold each other for an eternity. But Anika wasn’t having any of it she was a professional and there was no way was she letting such feelings arose for her employer. Suddenly getting up she said, “Arey mai toh bas voh Ganpatti ji ki murti ke liye aayi thi. Apne voh prepare kr li na? Mai bas aakhri saari tyaari check krri thi”

[[I just came by to make sure everything on schedule with the statue? I was just checking everything one last time]] —
Om who had been standing nearby and watching her expressions said calmly, “ Haan voh complete ho chuki hai. CHinta ki koi baat nahi hai” He smiled at her sweetly and then continued, “Wasie Anika, tumhe kissi cheez ke baarein mein baat krna ho to I’m here, tum kch bhi bta skti ho mujhe.” He smiled sweetly, “ab hum itte ache dost toh hai hi na?”

[[Yeah..yeah its complete. Dont worry]] [[By the way Annika, If you ever want to talk about something? I’m here.]] [[After all we are good enough friends now aren’t we]] —
Anika was touched by his offer she smiled widely, “ Aapne itna keh diya vahi kaafi hai mere liye” assuring him she said, “Mai bilkul theek hun” with that she walked out of his room and silently made her way out of the mansion unable to stop thinking about the unavoidable Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

[[the fact that you offered that is more than enough]] [[I really am fine ]] —
She had been significantly avoiding him. It was very noticeable and it was eating the brains off of Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Every time he tried making some sort of eye contact with her she would break it off and go after some work or other. After two to three failed attempts he took things in his own hand, the minute he saw her go to the kitchen for the offerings and sweets he slid out of the main hall and followed her there only to find the kitchen full of servants and other members. She was looking exceptionally pretty today but then he was seeing her in a new light today. She was no more annoying, middle class, irritating Anika. She was intriguing, interesting, mesmerising Anika. Ever since their little incident by the pool where had shown exceptional courage she was all he could think about. “Love” was still too strong a word for him to describe what he felt for her. All he knew was being around her made everything seem better, he was calmer, he didn’t realise the stress of work, he felt like she and his happiness were the one and the same thing. The puja went smoothly and she went home without them interacting privately even once.
Everyone parted and retired to their rooms after the grand puja, the brothers too went back to Shivaay’s room to lie down and rest a little. Reaching the room Om took a side of the bed and laid down, a little hyperactive Rudra moved from one edge of the bed to other. Bored he spoke out, “O kch kr na mai bore hrra hun” he whined like a child.

[[ O do something Im bored out of my mind]] —
“Kya chahta hai Rudra? Nachun?” Om said with his eyes still closed.

[[Do you want me to Dance]] —
Rudra turned to Shivaay, “Bhaiya aap toh kch btao mai bore hrra hun!”

[[Bhaiya come on! You suggest something Im bored!!] —
“Abhi ni Rudra can’t you see im busy” Shivaay replied pointing at his laptop.

[[Not now Rudra..]] —
“Yaar aap log an useless ho” he cribbed and sat down beside Om

[[You guys are useless]] —
Om spoke, “Waise Shivaay kal jab ghar pe koi ni tha tere aur Annika ke alawa, tab kch hua kya?”

[[By the way..Shivaay? Yesterday when you were alone at home with Annika? Did something happen?]] —
Shivaay got surprised and even a little scared as to what Om was trying to say.
He continued, “ mtlb mai jab ghar aaya toh koi nahi tha fir Annika tere room se mere room aayi and badi pareshaan si lag rhi thi, you know kind of like in a daze.” He sat up and turned to him, “mere bolne ka mtlb hai kch hua kya?”

[[..I mean when i came home Annika came out of your room and she didn’t look that good kinda flabbergasted kind like in a daze]] [[I mean..what was up with that?]] —
Rudra as usual said, “O bolna chah rha hai kal kch..” he took Om in his arms and bent down a little and then blowed a little air from his mouth so that Om’s hair blew very gently kinda like a romantic scene. Om too played along and softly closed his eyes and made sighing sounds. “..aisa hua kya?” The two burst out laughing seeing Shivaay’s red face.

[[What O is trying to say is did anything of ..]] [[..THIS sort happen?]] —
Shivaay held a nearby cushion and threw it at them, “Cut it you two!” he got up and taking his laptop with him exited the room

“putarr zara pantry se tel ka ek packet le aa” Dadi directed Annika

[[Putarr get me a packet of oil from the pantry please]] —
“um..?”Annika stood beside her in the kitchen confused.
Understanding dadi laughed a little, “arey iddhar aa” she directed her to the end of the kitchen where a door opened to a small passage like room, “isse pantry bolte hain. Yahan atta, dal, gehun, chawal, sab rakhte hain”

[[Oh.. come here]] [[Look this is called a pantry, the pulses, rice, etc., we keep them all here]] —
Annika grinned, “pan-try? Arey isse toh store room bolte hain hum log”

[[Pantry? ..aah! you mean a store room? Thats what we cal it]] —
“That’s a pantry. Not a store room” Shivaay was standing a few steps behind them at the entrance of the kitchen.
The two locked eyes and Annika was the first to look away, she was blushing a little.
“Acha jisko jo bulana hai bulao mere aane tak bas tel aur rajma aur moongfali nikal ke rakh dena beta.” Dadi exited the kitchen to look at the arrangement for the sweets and other Prasad.

[[All right we can call it whatever we want..just get me oil, rajma and peanuts beta]] —
Not wanting to look at him Annika quickly entered the pantry and stared searching for the things. Taking out the items in the right amount Annika continued till she couldn’t find the peanuts, She searched thoroughly, though each shelf, each cabinet, each container but in vain. Finally hearing someone in the kitchen she called out assuming dadi was back, “Dadi mujhe moongfali nahi milre..” She was all sweaty now.

[[Dadi, I cnt seem to find the peanuts]] —
“God! Call them peanuts will you?” Ducking his head to enter through the door shivaay entered the pantry closing the door behind him.
“Aapki problem kya hai dadi ne bhi toh unhe moongfali hi bulayi aur moongfali ko moongfali ni bulayenge toh kya bulayenge!”

[[Whats your problem?! Literally a moment ago even dadi called them “moongfali”]] —
“All right all right shush let me search ok?”
“Nahi milne wala hai meri baat maan lijiye”

[[You are not going to find them, believ me]] —
“Please tum bahut careless ho Im sure tumne achese nahi dhoonda hga.”

[[Please you are very careless, Im sure you didn’t look hard enough]] —
Shivaay started looking for the peanuts same as Annika he searched every container and shelf. Finally satisfied that the peanuts were nowhere to be found he gave up. Standing up he stretched his back, the pantry was not very lit there was just one bulb and no other means of light. Annika stood nearby very smug tapping her feet she said, “Mil gyi kya MOONGFALI?”

[[Did you find it? MOONGFALI?]] —
“Fine! Yahan nahi hai!” he said in a stern tone. He moved towards the door and lightly pushed it, but to his surprise it didn’t open, he then tried again with force but the door didn’t budge.He then tried to push itopen with his shoulder but the door didn’t move even a single centimetre. And how could it move? Dadi’s servants had my mistake blocked the pantry door by keeping huge boxes containing various things right in front of it and they were heavy boxes who wouldn’t move without the power of at least 3 people.

[[Fine, its..its not here]] —
Behind him Anika got scared a little, “dar..darwaza khul nahi rha?” her eyes had widened and she looked pale.

[[Is the door not opening?]] —
Shivaay turned around and silently shook his head conforming her fear that they were stuck in that tiny room where they couldn’t even stand without touching each other… for quite a while.

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