Shivika ff (ishqbaaz) 4th time the charm (part-5)

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“Dekh Sahil Mujhe na yeh Tera camp jana pasand ni aara hai” Anika was a little anxious about Sahil’s well being.

[[Sahil, I’m not exactly liking you going off to this camp alright?]]

“Arey meri Anika di” Sahil grinned widely, “aap tension kyu leti ho? Mere saare friends jaare hai na mere saath Mujhe kch ni hga”

[[Oh come on Anika didi!]]
[[Why are you so riled up? All my friends are accompanying me. I’ll be perfectly fine]]

Anika bent down to his level, “Mujhe Teri chinta hai bhi nahi” she smiled a little sadly, “Mujhe toh meri chinta hai haaayyyee kya hga mera tere bina?” She pulled him close and planted the sweetest kiss on his cheek

[[Im not worried about you]]
[[IM worried about MEEE!! *overacting a little* what will ever happen of me]]

“Eeee tum ko bola hai na aisi pappiya mt diya kro” he glared at her

[[Eeee have I not told you NOT to do that ]]

Laughing Anika replied, “arey Mujhe toh aadat hi padd gyi hai aaj kal”

[[I can’t help it! It’s become a habit of mine]]

Seeing Sahil off Anika then got ready for work. She put on a pretty long skirt and her regular accessories.
Reaching Oberoi mansion she started compiling all her work. When at one point she needed Dadi’s advice she searched for her only to find out she wasn’t home. Roaming around she bumped into priyanka.
“Arey priyanka sab kahan hai?” She asked

[[Wheres everyone?]]

“Dadi and mumma log toh kissi get tohgether mein gye hai and Rudra saumya college nikal chuke. Mai apne friend ke yahan nikalne hi wali thi”
Priyanka replied

[[dadi and mumma are off to some get together,Rudra and Soumya are in college and I was just about to leave for my friends house]]

“Acha? Mtlb ghar toh pura khaali hai kya? Ekdum safa-chat”

[[really?! You mean the entire house is empty? ]]

Priyanka laughed at her phrase and replied in affirmative. Bidding her goodbye Anika started making herself more comfortable, knowing no one was there to judge her. As the day moved on she completed all her chores and called dadi to ask when everyone would be home. Dadi informed her that it’d be a couple of hours before people would start returning. Making the best of the time Anika decided to do something which she had wanted to do the minute she had laid her eyes on it.

On tiptoes Anika entered Shivaay’s room even without his presence she was scared. Making her way across the bed she headed out towards the swimming pool. Sliding out of her faithful “chameli” and holding her skirt upto her knees anika dipped both her feet into the pool and sat down. She let out a sigh, the cool water felt very relaxing against her skin. The day had been particularly humid so the coolness of the water was a welcoming feeling. She threw her head backwards and started swirling her legs the water was knee deep and it splashed a little. Enjoying herself she closed her eyes and hummed to herself very slowly.

With a loud *BAM* Shivaay threw open the door to his room, he was speaking in a very loud and angry tone. Something had went wrong at the office by one of the workers and Shivaay Singh Oberoi hated it when things didn’t go his way.

“Is this what I employed you for?!” He was outrightly yelling into the phone.
Anika’s ears picked up on Shivaay’s steps even before he entered the room. The minute she heard his angry voice she hastily pulled her legs up and wanted to exit the room as silently as possible. But of course that wasn’t going to happen the sound of splashing of water reached Shivaay and with three long strides he was facing Anika. Who looked like someone who had been caught red handed. With wet feet, skirt lifted to her knees and her loyal chappals in one hand she looked at him a little embarrassed.

None of them spoke, Anika had expected him to burst at her with anger, but nothing of that sort happened. On the contrary with very slow movements Shivaay hung up the phone and put it down. Understanding what she had been upto he calmly walked towards her. He himself was surprised at how big a change his behaviour went on seeing her. He checked her out from the bottom to the top he looked at her pretty face, her long curls, her accentuated curves, her beautiful eyes and ..those lips.. Without even realising he had stopped in his path and was admiring every aspect of Anika’s beauty. Still a little anxious as to what mean words he’d say to her Anika herself started moving towards him. She observed his face and noticed the frown lines that had made a near permanent mark on his forehead, probably from the stress. Looking at the guy she couldn’t help but feel sorry for him, here he was such a young person wasting away his youth running a big group of industries. Her heart melted and before he could angrily ask her what she was doing she stood close enough to him and slipping her hand in his brought him near to the edge of the pool, guiding him by his hand. Dropping her sandals to her left she again lifted her skirt and sat down, dipping her legs in the pool.

Shivaay glided behind her he was going wilfully, for a few moments he remained confused as to what she wanted. But when she looked up at him with her deep dark black eyes and indicated him to do the same as her he knew what she wanted. Forgetting all about the blunder that the idiot at work had committed Shivaay silently removed his shoes and socks, then folding his pants up a little he sat himself down just next to her. There were hardly 4inches between them.

She rested her hand beside herself, between the two of them. Anika was a little surprised that he hadn’t screamed at her on the contrary he had joined her by the pool. She turned her head and looked at him, he was busy swirling his legs around slowly, moving the water, making tiny waves. He seemed so unlike himself, so carefree, at peace, infact he was even smiling a little. Satisfied she turned her head back to her own feet.

He looked up at her and realised how much she was helping him, he had calmed down instantly. Shivaay then noticed his left hand’s little finger slightly brushing her right. Not even knowing what he was doing he moved his left hand and placed it directly on top of hers. He could feel her body tense up at the contact. Despite what his mind had thought she didn’t remove her hand.

Her breathing raised, she could feel the warmth of his hand on hers and it felt very good. Something inside her, near her stomach, coiled in nervousness. But she overcame that turned her hand around a little so that their palms were touching each other’s. Soon, without a word his fingers crossed hers and a smile was stretched on her lips. It was by far the most amazing feeling to Shivaay, he wasn’t sure why he felt like that. Their fingers were entwined and they sat silently individually playing with water, enjoying the ripples and the soft splashing sounds.

Unable to keep quite any longer Anika spoke up, “Agli baar se aapko gussa thanda krna ho na? Aap yahan aayiga aur yeh hi kriyega” she looked at him and smiled sweetly.

[[the next time you have another one of your fits of anger? Come right to the pool and cool it off just like this]]

He looked at her, “tum rahogi har baar?” He said out of the blue.

[[well, it depends..would you be here every one of those times?]]

She got a little flabbergasted by his flirting and tried to not pay attention to it. Mending his words he started talking this time, “office mein this fool created a real problem for us and I couldn’t help it! Mai kch ni kr paya! We suffered a loss I mean it wasn’t that bad” he paused, “but fir bhi we hardly ever lose anythi-”

“” Anika stopped him with a finger on his lips. He looked her in the eyes and the two felt a connection. They felt at home with each other.

“Mai just…Itna..Itna..” He said in a weary tone very exasperated.

[[Its just that..I’m]]

“..thak gya Hun?” She completed his sentence for him and tilted her head implying her question.


“Yeah..exactly” he replied in a very tired tone and rubbed his eyes like a small kid who had just cried because he hadn’t got his choice of toy.

“Us din bhi aapne itne pagalon type ka gussa dikha diya tha..jale hue haath se zyada toh aapse darr lg gya tha Mujhe” she said in a very small voice.

[[ Even that day, you bursted with anger. It was terrifying, I was more scared of you than my poor burned hand]]

“That,..that was different” he justified himself

“Gussa toh gussa hota hai”

[[ anger after all]]

“Nahi..voh alag I said it was different than this believe me” he then gently squeezed her hand and Anika understood what he meant. That time it was about her, her pain and hence it was different. None of them were sure what kind of situation they were in. But neither wanted to leave. Everything seemed like it had stopped just for the sake of them.

A few moments passed and anika loosened her grip on his hand and started getting up ready to leave. A slight ache occurred in Shivaay’s heart, he realised he didn’t want her to leave. But nevertheless he too loosened his grip and watched silently as she got up. But he didn’t leave her hand entirely, holding her by the fingers. She stood up straight and turned around assuming he’d leave her but he pulled her back by the hand. Surprised she looked down at him a smirk played on his lips.

“Tumne abhi tak Javaab nahi diya. Kal jo hua? Kya tha voh?” He said looking intently at her.

[[ You never answered me. Whatever happened yesterday? What was it all about?]]

Anika blushed remembering what had happened infront of her house yesterday, “kya?” She freed her hand from him and tried pushing the topic away, “aap kya bolre hain Mujhe koi idea ni” she turned away ready to walk out.

[[what do even mean? I have zero idea what you’re talking about]]

“Oh really?” Shivaay too was standing he had walked right behind her and was now pouring the words right into her ears. She could feel his breath on her skin and he could smell a pleasant fragrance, a pleasant fragrance of hers. It was intoxicating. She was breathing fast now, that sensation near her stomach? It was tripled in effect. He spoke again, “tumhe Sahi mein koi idea ni?” He slid his fingers against the skin of her hand brushing it against her shoulder, sliding it down to her arm, her forearm, reaching her wrist he turned her around in a swift motion. Anika’s hands landed on his chest and she looked up at him blushing deeply.

[[Youve got zero idea huh? Literally?]]

She muttered more to herself than to him, “Dekhiye, jaisa Maine kaha..Mujhe koi-”

[[Look, like I said I have no-]]

He interrupted her, “yeah yeah I know tumhe KCH idea nahi” he smirked and out of nowhere kissed her on the cheek, “ab koi idea hua?”

[[yeah yeah I know you’ve got NO idea]]
[[how about now?]]

Anika’s eyes widened and she pulled back still not ready to answer nor ready to face him she fleed the room.bbringing her hand upto her cheek she stammered, “Mujhe…Mujhe jana hai” with that she ran from the scene. While Shivaay was left there standing completely mesmerised and baffled by her. Smiling he ran his fingers through his hair slowly realising what his heart was telling him.

[[Ive..I’ve got to go]]

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