Shivika ff (ishqbaaz) 4th time the charm (part-4)


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Shivaay walked around his room, desperately trying to understand what was going in his mind and more importantly hers. He rubbed his eyes with his fingers and sat down near the edge of the pool. Lowering his head he rubbed the back of his neck, the entire day’s events had stressed him out a little. Closing his eyes tight he remembered everything from the evening, how it had felt like his heart stopped because he got so scared that she got hurt. It had taken him a good while to realise that the burn wasn’t that bad and that he had slightly over reacted with the servant. He clenched his fists remembering how angry he had felt, each moment of that incident enhanced 10 times in his memory. Anika had always seemed so independent to him, never needing anyone’s help, always up to the task all by her own. Hence when she stood there by the sink, holding onto him, so vulnerable, he felt every molecule of his body in pain, he wanted to protect her, at that moment he wished to never let go of her. But this was something he wouldn’t accept to anyone, not even himself. It all led to a rather dangerous question which he wasn’t ready to answer. She was an object of constant surprise to him, nothing she did was ever predictable and he admired that about her.

Putting an end to his thoughts he got up and walked over to his bed. The day had tired him a lot and he wanted to stop letting his mind run wild and come to illogical conclusions. As he laid down Om and Rudra appeared by the doorway.

“Arey Bhaiya aap itte jaldi sone-”
Rudra spoke but was cut off by Om.

“Ssh ..shh..shh” the two stood by the door and looked at Shivaay who already was fast asleep, “thak gya hga bahut ‘eventful’ day tha aaj after all”

Shivaay wasn’t asleep yet but he didn’t want to talk about today, feeling a little guilty he kept his eyes closed but remained fully awake.

Walking through the door Rudra spoke again, “Mujhe ek baat samajh ni aayi, Bhaiya toh Humesha gussa hotein hai, magar aaj kch extra hi ho gya ni?” He said pointing to the events with the servant, “mtlb aaj ekdum salman khan kyu ban gye Bhaiya? Dadi bta rhi thi buri tarah daat diya bechare Ramu ko”

“Yeh tere bas ki baat ni hai dekh aa” Om said and sat down on the edge of the pool “life mein aise shayad bas ek hi baar hta hai Rudra, are you listening to me?”

Rudra nodded silently surprised by how serious Om was at the moment.

Om continued, “aisa tere saath bhi kabhi na kabhi hga, kissi aur ke rone se aasun tere bahenge, kissi aur ko chot lagegi and dard tujhe hga, saasein uski rukengi aur…dum, dum Tera ghutega. Zindagi Teri nahi rahegi. You’ll feel helpless, aisa lagega uss ek person ko duniya ki saari khushiyan dedo par fir bhi kam rahega. You’ll feel like cutting your heart out”

From the bed Shivaay listened silently and he couldn’t help it, his thoughts instantly went back to anika. Angry with himself he decided to ban any thought of her, he couldn’t believe he was even giving her so much of her time.

Back at the pool Rudra shook his head, “nai nai nai mere saath aisa ho hi ni skta, mai itta healthy khata Hun there’s no way Mujhe heart burn hga” he shook his head again, “no no not possible”

Om got irritated, “ugh! You seriously are dumbell oberoi, I don’t know why I even bothered” he got up and walked out with Rudra following him shortly.

Anika barely made it into her house, the second she stood on her toes and kissed Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi she almost expected him to scream at her. She expected him to turn so angry he could smash a wall down. But she wasn’t gonna wait for a reaction without even meeting his eyes she had turned around and ‘dabe pair bhaagi’ on hearing no sound from him she sighed and walke straight inside. Only to turn to the window to watch him go back and sit in his car. He looked like he was in a daze. Anika clutched her chest what she had done was a spontaneous thing. It had came out of no where. But she had done exactly what she always did- she did whatever she felt like doing. Never in her life had she stopped to think and this wasn’t a moment like that either.

That entire night she tried to think of various things to say to SSO the next day, to explain with a lame excuse that she had kissed him only to show gratitude. That it didn’t mean anything. She tried coming up with more excuses, but all in vain. At the end before sleeping she decided that ignoring that this thing ever happened was her best choice. Making that decision she slept soundly.

Shivaay was all dressed for work but was delaying going, he was in the sitting area of the house and every 5 minutes or so he checked his watch and then the door. 10..15..20..25 minutes had passed and his routine was the same. He’d first check his watch get up and then check the door.
On the opposite side near the staircase everyone- Om, Rudra, Priyanka, Dadi and Soumya stood in a Line. Their heads moved with Shivaay’s movements. Like a table tennis match their heads went left- right then left then right again.

“Dadi..yeh chal kya rha hai? Bhaiya toh usually 10 tak offie chalein jaatein hai?” Priyanka said with concern

Soumya continued, “haan aur ab toh 10:30 ho Chuka hai!”

Rudra then complied, “haan aur yeh yahan se wahan wahan se yahan baar baar pendulum type kya krein hain?”

Dadi was smiling a little instead of answering everyone’s questions she turned to Om, “Om puttarr tu dekhra hai jo mai dekhri Hun?”

“Ofcourse dadi” Om said smirking a little.

“Toh bhai hum yahan kya krein hain? Humko toh iss scene se hatna chahiye” she said laughing.

“Arey yeh koi crime scene hai kya jo humko hatna chahiye?” Rudra asked all confused and priyanka and Soumya too were equally confused. None the less all five of them moved to a little side and continued observing the show.

2 more minutes and the doors of the mansion flew open and of course none other than Anika walked in. She was draped in a white suit and looked mesmerising.. So beautiful that Shivaay forgot his own existence for a whole minute. The minute Anika saw him she panicked her eyes grew wide and she tried walking past him very swiftly. Shivaay expected her to stop when she saw him but she walked right past. With a smooth motion Shivaay held her by her wrist, the two didn’t face each other they stood back to back only held together by his hand and her wrist.

“Kahan jaari ho?” Shivaay asked in a calm voice.

“Mera haath chodiye Mujhe bahut Sara kaam hai” she said still not turning back.

“You’re late”

“Aapko kya? Mai apna kaam kr lungi mai late aaun ya early”

“Mujhe answers chahiye” he said through his teeth.

Anika turned around and freed her hand, “mai aapko koi gadnit ki pustak dikhti hun ? Jo problem answer sab mere paas hga?” She started walking away once again.

But Shivaay wasn’t letting this go so easily, he held her by her wrist once again and pulled her close to him. The two collided and stood like that for a second. Dipping his head down to her face Shivaay said in a very low and questionable tone, “I said I want answers. Kal jo hua? What was that?”

Anika blushed deeply but acted as if she didn’t know what he was talking about , “kya bolre hai aap Mujhe chodiye Mujhe kaam krna hai!” She freed herself again and went straight to her room where she worked from usually.

Shivaay was satisfied, all he needed was that reaction from her. She had grown all panicky at the mention of yesterday and that was more than enough for him. But of course he was Shivaay Singh Oberoi and Shivaay Singh Oberoi always got what he wanted. Maybe if not this time he was sure to get his answers sooner or later. Touching his cheek at the place where she had kissed him yesterday he smiled a little and then composing himself went out for work.

“Hai lah! Daadi yahan toh Sahi mein seen chalra hai!” Rudra was very surprised.

A less surprised Daadi and Om started laughing, “magar puttarr Hume pata toh karna padega hi ki chal kya rha hai”

“Jo bhi chalra hai daadi takkar ka chalra hai” Om said laughing, surprised by how Shivaay had smiled.

“Hmm Hume pta toh krna hi padega ki anika didi aur Bhaiya ke beech aise kya inside jokes chalre hain ki Bhaiya SMILE krre they” Rudra said

“Jokes nahi duffer!” Soumya said, “yeh toh kch aur hi hai” she laughed, “kyu hai na dadi?”

“Bilkul billu toh Chupa rustam nikal rha hai!” Dadi said as everyone joined in on her laughter.

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