Shivika ff (ishqbaaz) 4th time the charm (part-3)

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Anika draped a particularly pretty anarkali and checked herself in the mirror not once, not twice but at least 5 times. She had become more and more conscious about the way she dressed these days. It had been nearly half a month since janmashtmi and a lot had changed. She had started looking forward to going to the oberoi mansion for her job with a newfound fervour. And even though she was yet to admit it to herself at the back of her mind she knew that her excitement was only because of that one particular person.

The two had become almost civil to each other, there were less shouting and yelling during the fights and more teasing and hidden smiles. They behaved exactly the way they were supposed to behave- like a new couple infatuated by each other.
She looked at the the scar on her hand, even though it had hurt a lot, it gave her pleasant memories. Grazing her fingers over it subtly she recalled how she had got it in the first place.


They had successfully avoided each other for two consecutive days after janmashtmi and everything was fine in the world. Shivaay was busy in his work and Anika in hers. But this nice system broke eventually. It had been raining and everyone was gathered in the living room when soumya started humming some old songs

“aaye haye haye yeh dheemi gili mitti ki khusboo aur yeh jham jham baarish.. gaon ke dinon ki badi yaad dilate hai hai na shakti?” dadi commented enjoying the rains

Shakti nodded his head in approval and pinky spoke in his stead, “Oh my mata mmummyji kya sahi baat kahi hai aapne, this seasons mein na mujhe toh pakode khaane ka bada mann krta hai”

“arrey haan!” dadi replied

Anika who was standing nearby took the initiative, “ Mai aisa krti hun kitchen mein jaake thde pakode bol dun? Mast fry hoke imli ki chatni ke saath..mmmaah! waah! Kya lagenge!”

Shivaay who handled the kitchen in the house said, “Thik hai fir garmagarm pakodes coming right up” he turned around starting to walk when Anika came in his way.

“rehene dijiye kahan aap itte fried and oily cheezein bnaenge” she gestured with her hand, “mai jaati hun”Surprised, Shivaay was taken aback afterall it wasn’t everyday that he didn’t have anything to say back to her.

Reaching the kitchen Anika instructed one of the servants to pour some oil into a kadhai and started preparing, pouring the baesan and water into a container and cutting up vegetables. Once the vegetables were done she started tipping them into the batter.
Shivaay was at the entrance of the kitchen a little annoyed at what Anika had said to her. Out of anger he swiftly walked beside her, “ What do you mean mai yeh sab cheezein nahi bana skta? Its my kitchen! Mai sab bana skta hun! Everything!”

Anika didn’t even bother looking up to him, “ Acha aapka ho gya ho toh mai pakode bana lun?” her hands were dipped int the baesan batter

To stop her Shivaay did what first came to his mind dipped his own hand in the bowl too. Surprised, Anika pulled the bowl towards her and shivaay did the same. Now the two stood in a slightly awkward position with Shivaay’s and Anika’s hands dipped in the sticky batter, swirling around their fingers caught each other and without realising the two stood holding each others hands. They looked at each other silently with no words being exchanged. Embarrassed anika pulled her hand out and SPLAT a good amount of the mixture landed on Shivaay’s face. Shivaay’s mouth fell open as he made a very angry sound. Recovering quickly his lips dropped down to a smirk and raising his own baesan covered hand, he nicely rubbed it on her cheek almost as if it was gulal.

“HHUUUHH aapki Itni himmat?!” Anika was angry and surprised, noticing that Shivaay was in fact smiling a little, that too with his teeth showing she said, “Upar se aap hass rahein hai!!” She pouted and moving to the sink washed off the mix from her hands and cheek.

Shivaay was laughing now, “acha hua you deserve this” he followed her and washed his own hand.

Not one to be angry for long anika walked and stood beside the servant who was about to fry the pokades, “acha ab aap jaiye jaise hi bante hai mai bahar le aungi”

If Shivaay was unable to cook then he was happy atleast anika wasn’t cooking either. He started walking out of the kitchen when a sharp scream came from anika and he turned around to see that the careless servant had splashed some burning hot oil onto her hand. Something of a rage overtook shivaay and within seconds he was threatening the servant holding him by his collars he yelled, “ek kaam dhang se ni kr Skte ho! Tumhe kaam pe rkha kisne! Useless..incompetent Kahin ke..” He stopped realising that Anika was still whimpering in pain.

As the servant silently slid out of the room shivaay said “Shit!” He stopped yelling and turned to anika. With one arm around her shoulder he guided her to the sink and gently holding her right hand put it under the tap water.

“Aaah Aaaaaa” anika was in pain, she was leaning on shivaay..nearly hugging him with her right hand under the water and the left wrapped around his back. She was hiding her face in his shoulder as she was in quite a lit of pain.

Shivaay’s right hand was gently stroking her back trying to soothe her and with the other he held her burnt hand, “hey hey hey come on.. Sshhh” he talked very gently to her. After some time he parted just a little and for the first time realised how much he had liked the situation. Not the accident part ofcourse but the part where he stood holding her. Reluctantly he moved away slowly, “tum yahi raho, don’t move, I’ll get some ice”

As he turned his back Anika couldn’t help think about how caring Shivaay Singh Oberoi really was. A smile crept on her face as her eyes followed him around the room. In minutes he was back with ice and a first aid kit.
“Hold this. Ok?” He gave her a few cubes and opened the box.

As Shivaay took out the medicine and bandages Anika admired him silently. She loved how much in control of the situation he always was. Taking her hand he made her drop the ice, he gently patted it dry with a towel. Then leaning closer he applied some ointment to it and bandaged it properly. His face was inches from her hand, “there you go..” He said while tying a knot in the bandage and by reflex softly kissed her hand. “’ll be fine” he smiled a little not at all realising what he had done. When he raised his head and his eyes met a blushing Anika..he realised what he had done.
“Oh no..I mean sry..I mean I didn’t mean it..mera mtlb hai ki..”

Anika was all red now, she was blushing constantly, and now so was Shivaay.

“ should head home, nai?” He said not meeting her eyes and looking away a little.

“Haan ab aise toh pakode ni bana paungi” she said in a low tone

“True..true” Shivaay nodded his head, “I’ll ask a driver to drop you off”

“Ni ni mai chale jaungi uski zaroorat ni padegi”

“What do you mean ni ni. Just shut up tum car se hi jaogi ghar”

Whatever had had happened a minute ago was forgotten. The two were arguing AGAIN!

“Dekhiye Mr. Bagadh bille ji. Mujhe adat hai rickshaw se aane jaane ki aap takleef Mtt uthaiye”

“Oh really?” He raised his eyebrow and then holding her hand to indicate said, “aise halat mein bhi adat hai auto se jaane ki?”

“Mai sambhaal lungi shukriya” she said angrily and pulled her hand back from his grasp.

“Oh hahahaha” shivaay mocked her, ” ‘sambal lungi’ tum duniya ki clumsiest ladki ho you need to go-”

“Aapko kya lgta hai mai clumsy Hun?!”

“Lgta ni malum hai I know it! It’s a fact!”

The argument was heating up they were nearly fighting now.

“Aapko waise bhi farak kya padta hai mai auto se jaun, paidal chalke jaun, aapko kya???” She said angrily

“FARAK PADTA HAI!” Shivaay too was angry now and yelled at her, “Kahin tumhe Kuch ho gya toh?”

Anika was astonished, did he just say he cared about her deeply? She went quiet now and so did Shivaay after a moments pause she said, “thike chaliye”

Shivaay had to drop her off because none of the drivers were available. The entire time they were in the car not a single word passed between the two. As they stopped infront of her house Shivaay got out first and then opened Anika’s door for her. Helping her out the two walked together till the doorstep. She didn’t have a good enough reason to invite him inside but she really wanted him to stay longer. He didn’t want to leave her alone but just like here didn’t have a good enough excuse to stay. The two stood at the doorway half expecting the other to say something.

Ultimately Shivaay spoke, “you sure hospital jane ki zaroorat-”

“Haan..mai thik hun” she smiled genuinely.

Another 3minutes passed without any of them saying a thing but delaying parting ways. Reluctantly Shivaay said, “alright take care Kuch zaroorat hone se-”

His sentence got cut off with anika standing on the tip of her toes, leaning in and planting a sweet and gentle kiss oh his cheek, “thank you”she said in a small voice, “aaj ke pure help ke liye”

Shivaaye was left speechless, his jaw had dropped down a little. Without another word anika turned around and went inside. Leaving a Lovestruck Shivaay outside. Slowly he too made his way to his car and after sitting down he touched his cheek where she had kissed him and blurted out to him self, “you’re…welcome”

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      That’s the point of this ff..if you read the intro in 1st part you’ll see what I’m talking about ??

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