Shivika ff (ishqbaaz) 4th time the charm (part-2)


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-the series is going to be a compilation of 4 one shots. There’s no main plot or twists or drama just cute shivika fluffy one shots that’s it.

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Janmashti celebrations had taken over the oberoi mansion the house was being decorated and anika was overlooking each job to the minute precision. She had her checklist in her hand and was ticking off the chores that got completed.

“Bhaiyaji ni wahan nahi! Arey..arey aise ni. Aap aisa kriyo aap utariye utariye aap mai krti Hun” she said to one of the workers

And then with utmost finesse she spread out the fairy lights all over the tall beam. The flowers were all set, pretty lights had been out up, sweets were bought, she even had made the jhula for the krishna idol.

“Anika putarr” dadi called out

“Haan dadi” anika answered but her attention was fixed on the fairy lights.

“Idhar putarr idhar.. Meri taraf dekh”Anika turned around and smlied at dadi, “beta ghar ke kaam toh saare ho chuke tu aarti ke liye rukegi na?”

“Dadi mai rukti, zaroor rukti magar ghar mein Sahils akela hai aaj school ki chutti hai na isiliye jana hai” she kindly refused

“Acha thik hai beta tujhe jaisa thik lage. Bas jaati jaati ek kaam krti jaa?”

“Haan dadi bola na”

“Biloo ke kamre jaake uske liye ek achi si salwaar kameez nikal de, mai ni chahti voh aaj bhi shirt pant mein utre”

Reluctantly anika agreed and slowly made her way to shivaay’s room. The two fortunately hadn’t come across each other since their last embarrassing encounter. Fidgeting nervously with her fingers she reached the door and knocked. All three brothers were inside and looked at anika. Shivaay’s eyes widened seeing her needlessly remembering what had happened the last time they were in his room together.
Rudra and Om started teasing shivaay, “toh Bhaiya humko ab jana chahiye kya?” Rudra said to shivaay.

Shivaay gave him a dirty warning look, “rudra just shut up”

Omkara watched silently, smiling and very amused.

At the door anika blushed for a split second and entered, “asal mein voh dadi ne Mujhe aapke -”

“Look jo bhi kaam hai jaldi krke niklo” shivaay cut her off mid sentence and said sternly.

Anika’s face distorted, “aap kabhi seedhe muh baat ni kr Skte kya? Har Cheez mein itni taddi maarne ki kya zaroorat hai?”

“Again with that language tum toh na-”

“Ai ai ai, sshhh aaj ke din toh at least bhagwaan ke liye hi Sahi aaj ke din naak mt phulaiye”

Om giggled, “don’t worry anika, tum agar bologi na toh bhi shivaay maan lega” he winked teasing her.

Anika again blushed and shivaay became flabbergasted. She walked past them and opening his closet took out a new pair of salwar kameez, “yeh li jiye..” She handed him the clothes, “jaake pehen ke aaiye”

“Uski kya zaroorat hai anika di ..ab toh shivaay Bhaiya ko aadat hai sabke saamne dress change krne ki, kyu hai na Bhaiya?”

Shivaay gently tapped his head and he silenced himself still controlling giggles and laughter. Taking the clothes from her hands he headed to the dressing room while anika waited silently. After a few minutes shivaay came out dressed in it looking very chic and sharp. He twirled around, “ab thik hai daadi ke liye?”

Omkara and rudra nodded their approval, “yeh colour tujhe bahut suit krra hai shivaay” Om remarked.

Even anika smiled unknowingly appreciating his looks. Suddenly she spoke out, “bas ek cheez..” She moved closer to shivaay leaving everyone speechless and shivaay breathless.

Standing on her tip toes she moved even closer and raising her hand she pulled out the price tag that was still attached at the collar behind his neck. Realising what she was doing shivaay exhaled in relief. His imagination had painted a very colourful picture in just a few seconds and he was thankful that she was just reaching for the price tag. As anika concentrated on removing the tag, without even realising shivaay stared at her. Not in a creepy, angry way but more in a soft amazed way. Time once again slowed down just for the two of them and shivaay continued looking at her lovely face. A few beads of sweat were decorating her forehead, whatever he may think of her he had to agree that anika was a hard worker she took her job very seriously. A few strands of her hair brushed her eyes, and by reflex shivaay’s hand raised itself and gently..very gently swiped the hair aside.
As his fingertips met her milky skin sparks flew and the both of them got lost in a feeling yet unknown to them. Gliding his fingers he tucked the hair behind her ear. And her eyes moved from the collar of his kurta to his face. She observed him as he observed her and without any disturbance the two stood like that forgetting that they weren’t alone in the room.

Om and Rudra were drop dead surprised, it wasn’t even funny at this point. They were simply AWED at how shivaay was behaving. It was so unlike him. Om gathered himself first and shook Rudra by the shoulder. The two exchanged looks and laughed to themselves not even daring to disturb shivaay and anika.

Anika was the first to come out of the trance, she dropped her gaze embarrassed. Shivaay too realised how distracted he had become due to her and pulled his fingers back and dropped his hand back to his waist. With her fingers anika continued ripping off the price tag, to get a proper look she moved her face closer to the nape of his neck when dadi knocked at the door.
“Mmmmmm..aur yeh ho gya” anika ripped it with force and her head fell back just a bit.

Rudra moved towards dadi, “dadi aapki choice toh ekdum Sahi Nikli shivaay bhaiya kitte smart lgre hain” he said trying to not comment on what had been going on.

As he hurriedly tried to make his way towards dadi his shoulder hit anika’s back and she got gently pushed towards shivaay. In moments anika’s lips were on shivaay’s jaw and by reflex his hand had reached around her waist to hold her still.Her hands were now wrapped around his neck using him for balancing herself. Anika’s eyes widened as disbelief settled in. She couldn’t believe it had happened once again!

Simultaneous sounds came from the three spectators, sharp inhaling sounds of disbelief filled the room. All three of them stood with hands infront of their open mouths.

As both of them regained their balance and stood straight anika stepped away and walked towards a laughing dadi and and smirk adorned faced om and rudra.

“Daadi Mujhe hadbadi hai mai NIKALTI hun” anika said in the fastest speed and almost..almost ran out of the room and the house.

The minute she was gone everyone except shivaay burst into peals of laughter. While he the poor guy stood mortified and yet unknowingly mesmerised. He couldn’t comprehend why he was not vein bursting angry right now. In fact on the other hand he was blushing a little.

“Arey biloo, mere ishqbaaz mai ni aayi hoti toh Mujhe itta kch dekhne hi ni milta” dadi said mid laughter

Om offered more remarks “Arey daadi aap jaante ni ho, upar se business man hai magar dil toh iska ..”

“Playboy ka hai” rudra completed and they laughed unified.

“Oh shut up you two and daadi aap bhi?” Shivaay pouted a little.

“Haw acha acha putarr koi ni” she walked towards shivaay, “kch hua hi ni hum aisa Soch lete..” She raised her hand to his left cheek, “magar anika ki lipstick ka kya hogaaaa?”

Om and rudra roared laughing as loudly as possible. And dadi failed trying to stop from laughing as shivaay stormed out of the room more embarrassed than angry.

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