A shivika FF A Devil That owned an Angel (Episode 6)

well remember me?anyways crazy here..
well as i promised i m here on weekend back with a new episode
and guys plz respond to ff..i m too buzy but yet writing it..u all wont believe v have sunday too clg that too full day..
i.e all 7 days i m full to lev home at 8 and cm back by 9..n night..
yet i manage hope u like it..todays epi has only past..enjoy it



s..the girl had irony within herself that attracted Mr shivaay oberoi..he never in his life had starved so much for a girl..and this lady had that gutty guds and some special thing within her self..
and he smirked…
s..he smirked and why not?he had his own plans now..hich even a evil man dont think of..but is an evil?na hes step ahead of it too..
hes a DEVIL..
yup he was an

for the evils….and his full proof planing was just began when he heard the sobs..
yup sobs of hs angel..his lusty angel..
he just got up and walked towards her
he-hai y r u even crying?
he(pissing off)-oky..here just drink the water and calm urself..
saying so he passed water bottle to her
he-matter not..nowtell me y z this angel becming witch by crying
she-(starred at him)
he-what i m true u look angel ..and its also bitter truth that u look like a witch if u cry so just stop crying and tell me the reason y did u do so?
she-vo..he called?
he-“he called?”exactlly who called u angel?
she-my boyfrnd i mean my x now..

he-what?u u had a bf?(just speaking greeting his teeth)
she-hmm i was calling him since a week..he nvr received my call..and today i think he got frustraed and so he called me..and said hes bored of me?
he said i m too navy and dont deserve a bf and all..
m i not good?m i not beautiful?
i dont were short dresses coz i dont ..
i mean i know i too like wearing it..but i dont were coz i feel one shd be loved by another keeping in taught the inner beauty not the lusty desire..

the moment she said these words something gulped within him..
something that should not have happened but did he ever care..?
he never did that..infact just pushed off those taughts..too
he was so lost in his taughts that he even never toticed that his lusty angel had driven to her beauty sleep..

IT was a new day..a new hope for her and a new challange for him..
he had informed her that he ll take her out..today as that ll change her mind ..but he mentaly thanked her so called X-BF coz his way was made even more simpler to get her with in him..underneth him..as she was going through the emotional turmoil…
soon the time came when both walked in a club..

both walked in..she excused her self with the excuse of washroom
as she had never came to any place like a casino cum club in her life time..so she prefered to just stare herself..in the mirror..of the private rooms that were alocated to the customers..
she also had told him that she ll be back after few mins..
he very well knew what turmoil was she going through so he too had given her sometime..but keeping some guards their as he dont like his things to be displayed to others..

Shaina rolled her eyes at his cards and then concentrated back on his face. Surprisingly he was noticing her which made her pass him a quick smile. He ignored.This was the first time she had the honour of having such a famous Young and dashing Business Tycoon in her Casino. She had her eyes on him from the time he had started playing his luck at this table and what surprised her was that he really was a Good player. He had already won two rounds and if he wins the third one, she might have to bear a huge loss which she cannot afford at the moment. She gestured the girl serving Drinks to concentrate on shivaay too. But the moment the tray was forwarded towards shivaay, he moved it away turning to the Bartender girl giving her a “Get out” look. His eyes were very expressive and anyone at the girl’s place would never dare cross his way again. She left whereas Shaina tried to change his sudden off mood.
after all..the way what he was thinking abt was his angel only..who had occupied everything and i mean all about that..

Shaina: Sorry Mr oberoi but its our duty to offer drinks to every guest here. I apolozise if that disturbed you.

He didnt feel it necessary to even respond back or accept her apology. He played his next card concentrating back on game. That was another reason for Shaina’s hurt ego. He was here in her Casino, and not even looking at her nor showing any interest to even speak?

Shaina: Uff.. You look too desperate to win .. A beautiful girl is trying to build relationship with you and you are hurting her by your cold attitude.. You are being unpleasant here Mr shivaay oberoi Arent you?

He played his last card finishing the game, winning it. Shaina was shocked but being a good host, she just got up from her chair and clapped for him. The person who lost, bowed his head down in despair.

shivaay (To Shaina): I dont gamble to Win Shaina.. I gamble because I like taking risks. Winning or losing money cannot change shivaay oberois Fate because I am the one who write it.

Shaina was very impressed. Before he could walk away, she blocked his way.

Shaina: You answered only half of my doubts. I had asked you something else too.

She tried to remind him about her last words about he being unpleasant towards such a beautiful girl who was giving him so much attention. He moved her hands off his with a smirk.

and continued..beauty lies in their values not in such open flirty talks. I dont think you need to know anything further after this. Good Bye.

He left the place with his guards following him. His words were pricky and little hard to digest for a Casino owner Shaina but she still was lost in this man. He was a Rude Charmer.!!

he walked to his private room only to find his angel all nervous..

shivaay- ohh angel u still nervous arent u?well u know what i won and i m sure u were the reason for it wernt u?

anika- just smiled..congo mr oberoi..

shivaay-y so forml?Mr oberoi?m i that old..
girls go crazy on me..
and here i m going on with u but u forget it..

he knew for sure she was too navy to understand his meaning the hidden meaning among his words..

Hope is what people have when they want to achieve something in their favour but his ways and beliefs were little different from all. He was the ruler of his own kingdom, a kingdom which comprised of all his business affairs. His manipulating skills always worked wonders with his business..and now he was using it in another waytoo..

shivaay-well sometimes u r too navy too

anika fltured her nose..i m not navy oky..mr oberoi

shivaay-ohh realy?
then prove it..
u r still thinking about that bf of urs..

anika-statrred laughing ..
u know what i even forgot him..
shivaay was like ohh really?
then she draged him..to bar..
and searched something..
he was just wondring what was this girl up too..
did he even ever knew what new siyappa what she gonna create?
he too dint..
and with in few sec she scremed “stop the music”
he was shocked for suc a gesture and then he noticed a glass in her hand..
and now he was clear with what wrong had actually happnd!
Breakup song, breakup song

Break break B B.. Breakup song
Break break B B.. Breakup song

Angrezi chidiya ki khaatir
Desi dil mera tod diya
Maine chhod diya
Usey chhod diya
Uski kaali kartooton ne
Uska bhaanda phod diya
Maine chhod diya
Usey chhod diya

Dil pe patthar rakh ke
Munh pe makeup kar liya
Oh dil pe patthar rakh ke
Munh pe makeup kar liya
Mere saiyyan ji se aaj
Maine breakup kar liya
Mere saiyyan ji se aaj
Maine breakup kar liya
Subah savere uth ke maine
Ye sab kar liya
Mere saiyyan ji se aaj
Maine breakup kar liya
Kuch din to rona dhona bumper kiya
Aur phir delete uska number kiya
Aansu jo sookhe seedha parlour gayi
Parlour mein jaake shampoo jamkar kiya

College ki saheliyon se catch-up kar liya
Arey college ki saheliyon se catch-up kar liya
Jinko mill na paayi unko whatsapp kar diya

Mere saiyyan ji se aaj maine breakup kar liya
Subah savere uth ke maine ye sab kar liya
Mere saiyyan ji se aaj maine breakup kar liya

Look, baby! mujhe lagta hai ki
Jo bhi tune kiya hai wo very very right hai
Bhoot-kaal ko bhool ja ab tu
Aane wala future very very bright hai

Main hoon na baby saath tere
Party sharty honi poori night hai
Mind na karna jo thoda zyada bol doon
Kyunki banda very very tight hai

Usey phone mila aur gaali de
Photo jala ke karde raakh
Saale teri maa ki aankh!

Kalti hua jo saiyan stupid tera
Jeevit hua hai phir se cupid tera
Baasi relationship ka label hata
Duniya ko tu hai available bata
Arey mere soye armaano ko wake up kar diya
Arey mere soye armaano ko wake up kar diya
Ke tere saiyan ji se (aaha!)
Tune breakup kar liya

Tere saiyyan ji se kaahe tune..
O tere saiyyan ji se kaahe tune
breakup kar liya
Tere saiyyan ji se kaahe tune
breakup kar liya

and she just fell in his arms..he very well knew what he had to do now..
he just picked her in his arms..and walked towards his car..
but their was someelse too too had watched these things..and was furious..




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  1. Jayashree

    Nice… I want love triangle ..

    1. Crazy

      Ll update tommo

  2. Nansshivika

    Hey I have a doubt he kind of kidnapped her na so y is anika is so sweet to him? But the episode is so good and very very different like always.pls clear my confusion

    1. Crazy

      He kidnapped her but also said her ki he’s saving her actually
      I mean he lied her so
      Chk previous episode

      1. Nansshivika

        Ya I read tat already still got confused thanks for clearing it

  3. Samaira20

    Wow….man I m liking this devil behaving good with his angel vala shivaay…. superb episode….

    1. Crazy

      U mean to say pretending to be good wala shivaay right ?

      1. Samaira20

        Haan somewhat like that….???

  4. Priyanka_22

    i guess That unknown person is that casino owner lady Shaina
    it was Amazing Crazy. Waiting for next part
    pata nai ab kya hoga 😛

    1. Crazy

      Hahaha keep guessing dear
      Coz the secrete ll not b revealed for now

  5. Fama

    Wow nice ff with different story line
    I like the story.

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      Tq dear

  6. Akansha

    its nyc waitng fr d nxt episode… all this is d past right dat shivvay is thinking??? so waiting to knw hw this devil changed into a loving charismatic person who loves his angel

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    Awsm episode…..

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  8. Crazy I just love ❤ all your ff’s….update soon

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  9. Shivika

    Wow it was nyc….devil gr8 with angel

  10. ShubhangiRokxx

    awesome crazy girl update both soon sorry fr being selfish but what to do i luv reading

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      Chall koi ni for u ll update both my ffs

  11. interesting concept. loved it
    continue so soooonn

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  12. loved it.pls post the next part asap.

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