A shivika FF A Devil That owned an Angel (Episode 2)

#Episode2 : I see An angel!


let me clear u all that i ll not be giving u all any recap guys so plz read the previous part if u are ever confused with any thing..

And guys as the story ll proceed this story ll take many twits and turns..and obio mature content to is included..
if i get good result then ll post another episode very soon..!

And how many were lucky enough to get the reply from Nakuul Mehta the other day?on his live chat on twitter.. @11:30?
well it was mindblowing for me..his hilliouious answers to us..and then not to forget getting back to the days of pyar ka dard hai..when he did similar chats with his fans..
and obvio my buddies of Twitter
after almost 2 yrs we did such fun by filling his notifications with our lame chats..hahaha!
sorry for the bak bak..!
par kya karun adat se majboor!

Sorry for the gramitical errors everyone! spare me for that coz i m not ding my litreture but i m a meer computer engineer !

His point of view..

“yeah i had seen her in that mildrainy day..
under that strom..when i was crashing and trashing my manager so send me up a car on hill road..
as i was stuck here..
i was cursing him when suddenly i saw an angel walking their no no not walk actually she got fritened by my voice..
though i could not watch her..completey..but an urge to get her..was increbeled with in me…
i urgently wanted her in any cost with me …but what next i saw made my heart prick..
she was standing their may be waiting for bus..but suddenly she dissappreared when i was busy in my own world of stairing..
i din knew her name..
so instantly i called her as my angel..
should i call that day as my best day of my life or the worst i din knew….
i had not even seen her full face after all it was covered by that bloddy scarf..
but still i managed to capture it in my mind..
ohh well let me introduce my self to u i m shivaay shivaay sing Oberoi(SSO)..
the top industralist of USA..
how have walked in to india to set up my business here..
s..i m an consova…a bloddy womaniser..
which people call me..
i always want a girl to satisfy my deed..
i venture all my anger on the girl beneth me..
and thats what i wanted..
1 week…a long 1 week had passed out…containg 7 days 7X24 hours..i still coud not find the girl…
and more over i was not able to forget those scary eyes..
too when ever i go close to anygirl i get her falshes..
han han not that ki i lev off the girl beneth me..
but i need this girl..i need that angel in my life..
i ll keep her as a queen but i need her..
and then later after 1 long month i found her..
i actaully used to travel daily to the same road where i met her and after 1 longg month i again saw her my happiness was of no bound..

Tonight was similar to that rainy night . Like that day she was alone, it was raining heavily and she was half drenched yet managing to stand in the shelter of the Bus Stop where she was waiting for the Bus to arrive. People were getting fewer in the Bus Stop as the rain started pouring out more heavily. She just hoped her Bus wasnt late today and that she reaches home on time. She checked her phone and the battery was draining , as usual.

“anika , tu kabhi nahi sudhregi” , (anika you will never change), she murmured to herself checking her phone. She saw a SUV standing right at the opposite lane of this broad road. She checked the time and realised this car was standing there, with the wipers on without any lights inside since the time she was waiting here in the Bus Stop. The car was facing her but did she care? It was too dark and the black glasses of that car made it more difficult for her to check if anyone was even sitting inside. Rain pouring high on the Car’s front glass and the wiper just wiping it off continuously. A sense of fear evoked inside her as she felt the same presence around her like the other night. Can this Car belong to that same BOSS? Was it him? Was he following her? But why ?

“Bus anika ..Kitna daregi? Yeh koi aur bhi toh ho sakta hai.. Darr mat..” (Enough anika. . How much will you fear? This car can belong to someone else. Stop fearing” ), She tried to ease down her fear but it grew more when the headlights of the Car turned ON and she could even hear the Car starting. That means someone was there inside? And.. And probably was staring her since long? SHe immediately clutched her dupatta which was already drenched and pulled it down to cover herself properly. Turning around once she looked at the Bus stop and found no one waiting there, except her. That scared her more. She desperately wanted to see this person who was inside that carif only he turns the light on but it never happened. Infact the car started taking slow speed towards her. Her breathe quickened, eyes widened as she bit her lip being scared. It was not safe to stand here. Do hell with this Late Bus she thought and started walking on the road, getting fully drenched. She hardly cared to turn and see behind, she was that afraid .After almost 5 minutes, she turned around but didnt stop her hurrying steps and saw that car was slowly following her.
but soon she hired a auto…but id that car really lev her?did it not follow her?
nahhh it was not possible nah?
yup it followed her till her house..

shivaay maintained a distance knwoing what he should do next…!
he smirked still sitting inside the car..

anika just ran to her house and closed the door..as no one was inside the house..she closed all windows too..
that frustrated him?

he walked in inside his mansion..
and had a satisfied smile..better we call it as smirk instead!
he quickly removed his celll called up his manager
“hey i just sent u an address i want every info about the humans their”
and without even listening to the reply of his manager he just cut the call..
he walked to his lavish room…
which had 2 more door..
1 door sliding towards the pool and other to a small garden an hanging garden in his room itself..
he walked towards the small garden and inhaled the fragrence of a red rose..which had just bloosmed..
just then his cell poped a msg..!
reading it he smirked..
so u r anika khanna(guys dint get wts anikas sirname in the ishqbaaz tried hard recalling it but dint get it..and who cares as i just watch the show for my Nakuul)
ll be great dealing with u miss bose..oppsss mrs Shivaay ..Mrs Shivaay Singh Oberoi

hope u liked it..



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      Hehehe glad pinku ki u liked d storyline
      But I m sure very soon u ll start bashing me
      Coz SSO ka character yaha bada dhila hai

    • Crazy


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      Han na
      I too searched a lot n mere dimak par bhi zordiya kibi remember
      But now I get ki y I dint remember her surname
      Now I get ki she’s without surnames anika hahahahakidding !

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