A shivika FF A Devil That owned an Angel ( Episode 11,12,13)


life is a changing color..theirs a saying that a person must go through all ups and downs of life..be at anything..and must reassurate with all colors..
the seven colors of rainbow together form white?
so the color is ethernal..
in the indian tradition the widow wears a white sarre !
do u all know y?
a girl after marriage is said to be an outsider to her maternal house.
she then later only belongs to her husband..!
and when he dies she wears color white..ahe adores herself with in all clors of her husband and then wear it..

anika’s gesture was somewhat similar!
though she never wanted to lev her maternal home..
though shes not married..
but shes all alone..
all alone left in this world..
when she thinks to end her life..
a devil stands forth her..
controling her life..

it was a new day..
anika had decided that she ll adore herself white..
she wore a white plane chudi..no makeup..lefther hair open and walked towards the dine all to have her breakfast..
she was pale..
her eyes were soken red..pulped with the cry,,,
but was their any one with her?
no their was none!

as she walked down to dine hall..
the maids of the house felt bad for her..
but what could they do?
they were just a mere servent their!
she simply sat on the chair…
shivaay walked down the stairs and sat on his seat..
he noticed her pale..
somewhere in his heart it pricked him..but he dint care..
but he had decided after using her he ll make sure that he gives her lumsum amount of money so that she can start her life afresh..and before all that he had also made up his mind ki he ll make her independent! like him..who dont need anyone

(MY POV-(guys i m not bashing anyone ok..)himmat toh dek isski..coz of his lustful desire shes suffering and he is still thinking of his lust ..but ll it ever be sucessful?huh!..wahh kya hevan (devil) i have made him hai na guys?spare me but u ll love his character only the most later)

“anika he called out softly..but yet firmity in his voice”
she turned her head towards him..like a robot do..
y r u so silent ll u not fight with me todzay?

anika – for whome should i fight?i fought myself thinking about my family..my own persons..
when they disowned me..then i have no need to fight..
and for myslef?
huh! i have given up everything now..i dontreally need anything in life..
this life is just waste!
(she kept on blurdering)

he felt a tug in his heart!
may be he was a devil and he never showed any thing ..may be her was an emotional person may be he was tough like a coconut but their was a huminty in him..
he had seen the world more as of his age must c..
and theough that he knew one thing..
that this girl had got a biggest shock of her life
and need to bring her emotion out..else it may become a blunder for that moment that devil in him had died thinking abou her condition..

he closed his eyes for a moment..and
S L A P ! !
yes he slapped her and then pulled her towards him and hugged her tight…!
as much as he could!

she needed someone and got that someone within him..
she gave up and hugged him and let out all the emotion..
“y shivaay y..he did that..i was his daughter na…he bought me up everyone want a father..i got after so many years…
u know when i was small all frnds teased me ki i dont have a papa..
but i got him i was on cloud 9!
i never disobyd him!
but he..he tho disowned me..!
m i so bad?is money everything?is it so much that he felt his daughter as a burden and taught to sell her bolo na…”
she cried out her heart and fell unconsious…!
a slight perl like tear was seen on the corner of his eyes..!

he carried her to the bedroom..later doctor was called!
doctr suggested him to takecare of her and she fainted due to stress and she needs rest..
sooner did she gained her consiousness!

she felt a bit good now as he had pored out her heart!

shivaay – take these tablets and lunch..
anika -i hate tablets!
shivaay gave her a typicall look she gulped down tablets and the lunch quitly
he without uttering a word left to his rrom!
the night passed in the whole shivaay took great care of anika!
she found something good in him!

she remembered all those before days when she was unknown to the fact that she was aold and how much she enjoyed with shivaay!
and then she remembered how angry he was when he saw her with his emplyee…
was it jeleous?
when she taught of it a glimpse of smile came to her mind!
then she rembered how he cared her how he caught her hand when her own family left her to die..

she had fallen for him!
s…she had fallen for him..
and she wanted to confess it to him right now in anycost
she ran to his room!
and what she saw was utter shock!

he was packing his bag and dumping his things in it..
anika – u r going somewhere?
shivaay – hmm..
anika -office work?
shivaay – yeah..
anika – then wait i ll also pack my bag..after all i m ur PA na?
shivaay – no its not needed..
i m going for newyork! after 2 days!
anika – oo…par i ll also come na!
shivaay – i m going their forever i cant stay in this city..
and i want a promise from u..
anika – promise ?
shivaay -yes..a promise!
well i m freeing you i dont own you from now on..and i want u to look after my mumbai branch office..
and a promise ki u ll not take blames of the society..
u ll becm an independent women..
u ll be strong..oky..he cupped her face and planted a kiss on her forhead
and went out of room dailing a number..

the world choked to her..
everything wnet blank she came here to confess her love to him..
and hes planning to lev her..
how can that be possible..
she had already lost everything now she cant loose again..
she cant loose her love..her first love..
her everything he was now!
she ran back of him..

and hugged him from back!
he was strled to the act..
he cut the call and turned and saw her weeping he hugged her back and consoled her..
“anika..shhuuuu…chuo anika kya huva..
u wanted na ki i lev u..c i m freeing u ..u must be happy na..

anika -no plz dont lev me..
shivaay -but y?lagta kya hun mein tumhara!
anika-plz dont lev me..everyone has already left me i cant afford loosing you this time..
i love u shivaay plz dont le me i ll die without you..

shivaay broke the hug and starred her..
shivaay -what did u just say?
u what me?

anika-i love u …!

shivaay hugged her immediately..
shivaay-u r not saying this in pressure na?
u are saying on ur self na..
u dont need to do so for me..

anika-no shivaay no..i m not saying anything in pressure i m saying all in my sences..!
plz dont lev me..plz…she fell on her knees..
he made her stand and hugged her again..
iwas waitin g for this moment anika..i was waiting for it!

he hugged her more tight with an evil smirk!!

—– * —— * —–
guys these are those episodes that i tries posting many times but were being denied..


It was a brightful day! a day full of blissness happiness and what not for anika..
and as soon as she opened her eyes..she saw her prince her charm her shivaay
who is ment to be her world now..!
its been 6 months that both are staying together..
a lot more changed in their life since then..
her day started from a smouth and ended in his arms..
han han they never crossed their limits though..
and now they stayed in Newyork ..
she was still his PA..a perfect example for a perfect girl who any boy would wish too..
yes shivaay had actually work..and he very well knew that for the crime he was doing indian govt would evently would land up him in trouble..
though he very well knew that he was too powerful and could handle but he also had his own boundries..!
and s he choose taking anika with him..
and their relation with her was intimate but yet she was an vergin!
a perfect vergin! still..
gods grace on her!


anika – shivaay utho na!(shivaay get up na!)
shivaay – hmmmm
anika – kya hummm uto na plz..
shivaay – kya hai yar let me sleep..i slept late yesterday..and cm u too sleep..he pulled her on to him taking her in his arms..
anika -hai bagvan..chodo..lev me..and u better get up now did u get that v have our flight for India..
u know na?
shivaay – hmmm
anika -(hitting her forhead) firse..
i m going to freshup and later on to prepare our breakfast u better get up and fresh up gt that?
else no one could be bad than me to u!


guys all the above was an eventuly a try to make u guys think and know that how he was behaving with her..like a typically good boyfriend(i just hate this bf gf..and still i dont know y? kisko patha ho tho tell me)


It was night by the time when they landed back to pavellion back to INDIA..
the nation of Tradion..the nation of blissfull seasons..the nation of different lifestyle..the nation of belief..the nation of secretes…

(if i start i would end up writing an easy on MY COUNTRY..so let me stop here k..)

shivaay walked past his personal jet carrying anika in his arms..
nope nope..dont think anyasie waise..
actually she had slept..and he dint want to break her sleep..coz he had something else in his mind..
so eventyully he landed up taking her in his arms..
they were in manali..he had come all over here just to meet an important person of his life..


anika opened her eyes..rubbing it..cubbing it..
and dint find shivaay beside her and the new place did made her scared for sometime..
but just then a servent walked in..

servent – goodnoon mam..
anika – hmm..
servent -mam lunch is ready plz get freah up and come down..till then we shall serve u…sir has strictly ordered us to make u have the food..!
anika -but where is he ?and where m i?
servent -mam sir is out for his work..and we dont know where he is right now..as he dont discuss about it to us..nor he likes it..
and mam u r in Manali…in the farmhouse of sirs!
u fresh up
anika – just give me few min!
servent – would u like to have it here or ll u cm down..
anika – no i dont need anything right now..just prepare me my energy drink till that i ll freshup k..
servent(nooded and walked out)


anika was standing by the window..when she noticed that their is snow fall..she jummped in happiness
she ran downn quickly..

dancing and singing..
haan Hai Koi to wajah
To jeena ka maza yun aane laga

Yeh hawaon mein hai kya
Thoda sa jo naasha yun chane laga
Pucho na pucha mujhe kya
Hua hai teri raahon mein aakar Pucho na pucha na
Pucho na pucha mujhe kya
Milega teri bahon mein aakar

(twisting her waist..and throwing her hands up she danced gracefully)

Yeh Ishq Haaye Baithe bithaye
Jannat dikhaye haan
O raama
Yeh Ishq Haaye Baithe bithaye
Jannat dikhaye haan

(shivaay who had just entered was eventuly awwstruck with the angel right their..
anika saw him and ran to him throwing her arms on his neck then eventuly moving back slwoly around him saying the lines)

Todi mene sare hi bandhan zamane Tere
Todongi na mein vada
Aadha hissa mere to dil ki kahani ka tu
Piya Mein baaki aadha

Dekho na dekho mujhe hua hai
Teri yaadhon mein kho kar

Pucho na pucha mujhe kya
Milega teri baton mein jeekar

Yeh Ishq Haaye Baithe bithaye
Jannat dikhaye haan
O raama
Yeh Ishq Haaye Baithe bithaye
Jannat dikhaye haan

Mere jaise lakho mile honge
Tujhko piya
Mujhe to mila tuu hi

Tu hi mere hooton ki khilti hui se hasi
Gila bhi piya tu hi

Dekho na dekho mujhe kya hua hai
Tujhe sapno mein lakar dekho na dekho

Pucho na pucha mujhe kya
Hua hai teri baaton mein aakar

Yeh Ishq Haaye Baithe bithaye
Jannat dikhaye haan
O raama
Yeh Ishq Haaye Baithe bithaye
Jannat dikhaye haan

haan Hai Koi to wajah
To jeena ka maza yun aane laga

Yeh hawaon mein hai kya
Thoda sa jo naasha yun chane laga
Pucho na pucha mujhe kya
Hua hai teri raahon mein aakar Pucho na pucha na
Pucho na pucha mujhe kya
Milega teri bahon mein aakar

Yeh Ishq Haaye Baithe bithaye
Jannat dikhaye haan
O raama

Yeh Ishq Haaye Baithe bithaye
Jannat dikhaye haan

Yeh Ishq Haaye Baithe bithaye
Jannat dikhaye haan
O raama
Yeh Ishq Haaye Baithe bithaye
Jannat dikhaye haan

she caught her hands and ran across the whole varenda..
and his lustful eyes still on her..
scanning her everymove…and undressing her within his eyes..


anika and shivaay was sleeping cudlling with in themselves..when suddenly shivaays phone vibrated he froned and stil closing his eyes..he picked up his cell
“hello who the hell is this disturbing at this hour ..dont u guys have timesence?”
he rored in low but authorative voice!

caller: ———–

and eventuly what ever the caller said was enough to shivaay to grown!
he seperated immediately from her and took his car keys and walked out !

y shd i tell u what happened next?
wait for next update to know more!

—– * —– * —–


“come here..come..catch me!..haha u cant catch me..hahahaha!
u looser looser..hahaha”

and suddenly he opened his eyes..and got up..shocked coz after many years these lines stooped echoing in his sleep but today again it started..

he was frustrated..and he turned his head only to be hit ki he was in his another farm house with a chik arranged by adi..

and he just moved on her..who was sleeping peacefully..
he got on her..chik(his tonight ahem ahem-i ll call her chik)
and started exlporing her but he was too harsh without giving her any time to even breath..and after he was completed he just threw a cheak on her face and pushed her on floor and shouted “OUT!”
thats what he did when he was frustrated!

he sat quietly on bed ..thnking why he dint do it with Anika..he could have done it with her too na?
but he taught about her about her feelings..he got a smile on his face when he taught about her dance..

so something was cooking within his heart !

but ll he allow that to happen ?
nope he ll never do that..


(my POV:kud aur kud..chudail taking Anika’s place aur kud ..ahahaahah! jokes apart i m not liking this part myself but thats the reality of life)


(In Mumbai,next day)

Anika and shivaay were having their breakfast
shivaay – Anika!
Anika – humm ?
shivaay -get ready quickly i did ur addmission its ur final sem and i hope u ll not let me down..
(Anika was speechless)
what?u taught i wont allow u to go?
u joined my office as intern and its over baby..and now u shd continue ur studies..i myself feel that everygirl must be independent..
and so i have done all arrangements..oky?
that y v have cm here not coz of my bussinesss…
he gave a quick peak on her lips..she smiled ..


he stopped in front of her clg..and gave her a peack on her lips..
and handed her ,her addmission ticket,she hugged him and then removed pen from her bag and removed the initail (i mean her maternal initial/surname) and in that place wrote shivaay !

shivaay was shocked a bit he looked at her being in shock..

she looked at him..
“shivaay i m what ever now its only for u and coz of u..
u mean world to me..
my life start with u and end to u..
u are m life..
if Anika is here today then its coz of shivaay..
i love u..
and i dont want the name and fame of the people who dont even trust their daughter..i dont want such name that ll make me remember that i was tagged as….”she just hugged him he hugged her back plcing a kiss on her temples..

shivaay went speeckless

she gave him a smile and moved out of car..

he was about to start the car when he remembered her words ” u know shivaay we perform on our first day of our sem and i lead it.. vs my enemy whome i hate the most..”

he taught too go and see what’s the performance about..


thats all for now..


Just hope its being posted..if at all its posted than mind u readers muje kahi belan belne pade hai to post it…hope i get such response in return..

and yeah i may not be able to reply back to all but insted of me puh ll their for all u guys…

well if these episodes are posted ll hope ki i ll post further too else tata byebye..
btwn anyways u all can read my story on facebook..

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