SHIVIKA: My feelings towards you (part 2)

Hii friends… I’m Lalitha back with the next part… Actually I thought to update the previous ff but your response to this ff made me to update this first… I’m overwhelmed with your response… Thank you soo much & pls keep supporting me… If anyone missed the 1st part, here is the link pls check it..
Part 1

The engagement is of daksh & tia.
Shivaay’s friends gang- Shivaay, Om, Ishu, Saumya, Ranveer, daksh & tia.
Anika’s friends gang- Anika, Mallika, Siddarth, Rudra, Prinku & Daksh.
They all are of same age…

Here goes the part 2….

Shivaay’s pov:
After she left with her friend, I started searching my ring which was thrown by her. I got my ring & also a chain, the chain which has a locket of alphabet “A”. I thought that this is her chain & was thinking about how to return this to her but I was interrupted by om. He came to me & asked me what I was doing here?. I just nodded in -ve & went inside with him. We had fun with the couple (daksh-tia) & we left to have dinner. I, with my gang had a quite enjoyable dinner. We enjoyed chit chatting, teasing etc & had fun while having dinner.

Anika’s pov:
I was with mallika, she was asking me about the issue outside. I’m about to explain the incident but Rudy has come & took both of us inside. We spent some time with the couple & left to have the dinner. We were chit chatting, enjoying the dinner. After the dinner I went to have a glass of water. There I again saw him (shivaay) & he also looked at me. I took the glass, then he also took one. I had a sip & he too had. I kept the glass back on table & so as he. He was imitating me. This irritated me and I got a idea to get rid of him. I took the glass and emptied the glass by throwing water on him & ran from there.

Shivaay’s pov:
After having my dinner, I went to have a glass of water. There I saw her again. To cheer her up I just imitated her but never expected this reaction. She had thrown a glass of water on me. I went to find her but she was nowhere to find.

Anika’s pov:
I came back to my friends, they are discussing something but I’m unable to concentrate on that. The incident just now happened was only playing in my mind. I started laughing by thinking about him, his antics, his smile & the incident. When I saw my friends, I saw them staring at me as if they are seeing for the first time. They are totally confused with my act, especially sid & mallika. I just excused myself & left from there. I came outside and was laughing like hell. When I turned back, I was surprised as well as shocked to see him (shivaay) standing behind me. There was no movement in me as I don’t know what to do now.

Shivaay pov:
I came outside only to find her laughing like hell. I went to her & asked why she was laughing??. She was about to leave without answering me. I held her hand & pulled her towards me I can see that she was lil scared of me. Understanding the situation I went close to her & said that she was cute while laughing. With this she started blushing & again tried to leave from here but this time I held her hand more tight & pulled her again. I made her to face me.

Anika’s pov:
He was holding my hand & was not letting me to go. He made me to face him. We are too close to each other that i can feel his breathe, I started blushing. He made me to face him & shown my chain. Then I realised that I lost my chain. I tried to take it from his hands but he didn’t allowed me to do so. So I thought he might be wearing me the chain, but to my surprise he opened my palm & kept the chain in my hand. He just smiled seeing me & signed me that I’m blushing. I took the chain & left from there. After leaving from there i leaned towards the wall and was observing the raise of my heart beat, thinking about this incident. Later i went to my friends. We all gathered at the terrace to have fun, as daksh asked us to stay here this night & we agreed with him. There he introduced his college friends (Shivaay & his gang) to us. We introduced ourselves to them & then got to know about them. This was when I got to know his name- Shivaay.

Shivaay’s pov:
After she left I went to my friends & as per the plan of having a party tonight we left to the terrace with daksh & tia. Daksh asked for a sec & went down. We were chit chatting then my eyes again caught her. Daksh brought a group of people and introduced them as his school friends. This was when I got to know her name- ‘Anika’, how sweet. We introduced ourselves to them & so as they. Later we decided to some random games, soo we sat down making a circle. I was sitting beside her.

Anika’s pov:
We decided to play some games & sat in circle, shivaay was sitting beside me & daksh was sitting opposite to me. I’m becoming weak by seeing daksh with tia. Just then I felt a hand holding mine. I turned my head to that direction only to see shivaay holding my hand in such a way that he was assuring me, supporting me & this made me strong enough. I looked at him & he looked at me, we shared a cute eyelock. I just smiled at him & interlocked my fingers with his. We are playing random games like truth or dare anthyakshari etc.. when we got bored with these games so we decided to dance.

All the couples were dancing om & I were watching them. Shivaay was dancing with prinku & signed me whether i want to dance with him. I nodded in -ve but he came to me & asked for my hand, don’t know what I’m thinking I just gave my hand & started dancing with him. Its a couple dance, the song was playing Teri galliyan….. I-shivaay, mallika-sid, om-ishu, rudr-saumya, ranveer-prinku, & daksh-tia were dancing romantically.

Shivaay’s pov:
After the dance we thought of playing Dumb charades (guys i think you know this game right. This was the game in which we should mono act a movie name given by the opposite team members & our team should find it out) & that too school v/s college gang. In my team me-om-ishu-som-ran-tia were there & in her team she-mallika-sid-prinku-rudy-daksh were there. We started playing & when it was of her chance I gave her the movie name “Kuch Kuch hota hai” I know this was simple & a easy one but I just gave it only to divert her mind completely from feeling bad by seeing daksh.

Anika’s pov:
Now its my chance for the mono acting & he gave me the movie name “Kuch Kuch hota hai”. I know its simple to act this, but don’t know why I’m loosing my capacity of acting this in front of him. When I looked at him I can see him staring at me with a smile. I tried to ignore him & concentrate on mono acting. Finally I succeeded in acting & my team members said the name of the film. Mallika & sid raised their eyebrows & once again said “Kuch Kuch hota hai” by looking at me with a smile. I can understand they were trying to tease me.

So, done with the update. Kindly ignore any grammatical mistakes. & I didn’t added friends scenes more bcoz i wanted to concentrate only on shivika, but pls let me know if you want me to add them too. In next part more masti & shivika talk will be there. I hope you will like it. Please let me know your views. Bye for now.

Signing off


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  1. Awesome

    1. Lalitha

      Thank you?

  2. Good one…

    1. Lalitha

      Thank you?

  3. If your writing a story, then concentrate not only on plot but also language. It is equally important! Don’t cook up rubbish in butler English. What the hell is “wearing me the chain” .. “wearing her the ring”.. “didn’t allowed me to do so” . First work on your English then write rest of your parts!
    My suggestion.. Don’t continue this fan faction. To the language, it will do more harm than good!

    1. Aana

      Hellow !!! Miss grammar Nazi…how r u doing??? Well I don’t think u r doing good….I think u have a grt knowledge abt grammar ….may be some of us don’t HV that grt as u….but dude don’t u think … .u was just too rude….if u wanna say something good then most welcome if bad then also welcome but dude watch ur words… It may hurts anyone…. I will suggest u …to speak something good nd if not then u HV a option .. .’ don’t comment’….
      I am sorry if it hurts u.. …

      And our lovely lalitha Di…..u were amazing….

    2. I don’t like to give explanations or etc to u dear I can understand your POV about perfection but please understand everything n everyone has flaws when we walk for the very first time we fall that’s not our mistake but we should have the courage to walk again and I know lalitha has the courage to write I know there might be flaws as authors we all are not perfect we try …. And I guess her language was good not that bad thanks for the suggestions but as a reader and author we comeup here entrail others n us….

      Please motivate our efforts …
      She said “kindly ignore my grammatical errors “.

      Seriously I know my and other fans words would hurt you that I felt what I wrote ….so I ask an excuse as we felt what we wrote.

    3. Lalitha

      I agree with you that I’m not at all good at English grammar. But let me say you that “No one is born perfect” & “Time teaches everything to everyone”.

      Anyways, Thank you so much for making me aware of my mistakes, so that I can rectify them & I’ll surely work on it.

      & one more thing sometimes feelings & emotions are more important than the language or words we use. I hope you will understand my pov.

      I’m extremely sorry if I’m rude…

    4. HarSHaN

      Hi Gramme(a)r Nazi,
      I think U understood the full Epi while writing ur thought..
      Itz more than The language..
      Flaws r the creators of perfection..Acc to ur mind,ur view may be correct..Bt If the thought comes out,it must obey the rule of Kindness/Expressing..Her words didnt do harm to art,Bt maybe To language..acc To U..
      Language is to express ur thought,Itz not the rule..Sorry If U feel that my words r hurting U..Kindly make tiz as suggestion..Way of Expressing Ur view is more important than Language..

      1. Exactly Anna hope she got our words !!

    5. Mrunal

      Hello grammer_nazi

      U know what i got ur point…
      U need perfection in grammar/English..
      But before u could ask for more can i ask u one thing… What’s ur education..??
      I’m damm sure u must be English teacher.. That’s why u r concerned about grammar and all… rather than the storyline…
      Before giving my little sis the advice of stopping writing watch ur words…
      Don’t u think u r using rubbish language…
      As far as the ff is concerned if u want perfection to this much extent then u better leave reading fan fictions bcoz fan fiction is the place where u get to read the work of arising writer’s..
      Who does this for their passion or hobby… And ur words can make a great writer to leave his writing…

      No one is born perfect…
      Everyone takes time to learn and then goes to level of excellence…
      But seems like that u will not understand this.. Bcoz if u have understood this u would have given suggestion.. Not like this in such a rude way…

      Before giving others knowledge u yourself watch out ur behavior…

      I know she has flaws in her English…
      But u don’t know how much efforts she is taking to overcome that flaw..
      Hence please better take some time to understand her efforts… her talent…
      And then comment on her ff..
      Or better stay away from here…

      Bcoz I’m a peace lover i don’t want to create issue hence i sugarcoated my words..
      But if i found ur rubbish & stupid comment on my any friends ff then I’ll not be able to reply in this much calm way…
      And i really stay up to my words next time think before commenting….

      BTW i hope U will ignore my mistakes of English… Bcoz unfortunately I’m a engineering student… If i would have been in school then i would have checked my reply from my English teacher.. So plzzz ignore…

  4. Awesome… loved the new side of shivay…nd shivika chemistry was too awesome…

    1. Lalitha

      Thank you dear?

  5. Awesome….waiting fr nxt…

    1. Lalitha

      Thank you dear?

  6. It’s really good and loved it…..Ur story is so good that the grammatical mistakes are automatically ignored.. well atleast by me… Because I am not that good too;);)

    1. Lalitha

      Thank you dear?
      Not only for supporting me but also for understanding me..

  7. fabulous update when will u update the next one

    1. Lalitha

      Thank you dear?

  8. Shrutika

    Awesome Lalitha,loved it!

    1. Lalitha

      Thank you dear?

  9. It’s a good plot.Keep writing ,just work on ur sentence formation but plz don’t discontinue ur ff because of this

    1. Lalitha

      Thank you dear?
      & Yaa I’ll surely work on it..

  10. Nansshivika

    That was so different n beautiful Lalitha.loved it a lot???

    1. Lalitha

      Thank you sis?

  11. Ashwathy

    Lalitha, its really superb…… Don’t care about spelling mistakes…… Just continue it……. Its really amazing…… Plz update the next episode faster…… I’m very much eager to read it…….

    1. Lalitha

      Thank you dear?
      Not only for supporting me but also for understanding me…
      I’ll post it soon…

  12. Awesome….loved it…waiting 4 the nxt…

    1. Lalitha

      Thank you dear?

  13. Amazing update. Loved it?. Such a beautiful ff, pls do continue and post asap ? ?

    1. Lalitha

      Thank you dear?

  14. Vincy

    Loved it… Ignore grammar mistakes it happens dear

    1. Lalitha

      Thank you dear?
      Not only for supporting me but also for understanding me…

  15. Awesome dear….

    1. Lalitha

      Thank you dear?

  16. It’s a wonderful story dear
    The concept is nice but just a suggestion would be to work on the sentence error and grammatical errors
    Don’t feel bad

    1. Lalitha

      Thank you dear?
      I’ll surely work on it..
      & its ok dear noo probs

  17. Aana

    Hey Di….grt job….loved the plot
    …shivay is shown very understanding here….nd I loved it….eagerly waiting for next….

    Nd Di sorry agar apko accha na laga ho ki Maine upar kuch bola…toh…Isley sorry … But I wanted to say something nd I did….I hope no problem with u…coz its just not abt u….u kn many writer’s after reading such demotivated comment leave writing only….but many are there who just love their stories … I don’t think its fair.. .ki bcoz of 1 all suffer….nd specially aap jaise amazing writers chale jaoge toh kaun likhe ga….

    BTW …sorry ….I forget to introduce myself ….I am Anna…. Huge FAn of urs….love ur stories .. .on serious note….
    Ok Chalo …bye bye

    1. Savera

      Hey aana u have such a great thinking I agree completely with u just be like this always

      1. Aana

        Thank u…nd I will be…

    2. Lalitha

      Hiii dear…
      Thank you soo much dear?
      I’ll post it soon…

      Don’t be sorry dear you are not at fault.. You are just making him/her to understand ur pov that’s it..

      & your thinking is absolutely right.. Anyone will think so by reading such comments..
      & I don’t know how to thank you for taking my stand..

      Love you dear… I’m not getting any words to express my feelings towards you.. I can just say Love you dear..???

  18. Savera

    U write amazing lalitha keep writing don’t stop

    1. Lalitha

      Thank you dear?

  19. Killed it. Write more often.

    1. Lalitha

      Thank you dear?

  20. “Sweetheart I don’t know what to say exactly as I can feel that somewhere ur lil bit sad by -ve comments … I don’t know if my words motivate u or demotivate as for some people I am a demotivator … Its based on mindsets ”

    For me your storyline “inspired me in someway” and having fans and being inspiration is gr8 achievement itself …

    1. Lalitha

      Thank you soo much sis?

      Its ok sis, its my fault that there were some grammatical errors…
      And trust me sis, each word of yours will motivates me a lot & means a lot to me..

      And what you said was absolutely correct sis.. Everything & everyone will have some flaws..

      And sis as you said I will never stop writing sis instead I’ll try my best rectify my errors.
      I really don’t know how to thank you sis. You took my stand, that means a lot to me.
      Thank you soo much for understanding me..

      And the unexpected part was my story inspired you in someway… I really have noo words to say about this.. I’m on cloudnine.

      Thanks for everthing sis?
      Love you???

      1. ? yes ur story inspired me should I pinch u to proof ?, well come down from cloud as it is at top you would fall dear and taking ur stand becoz first I didn’t feel that the storyline is bore or faulty as a reader, as an author was I felt I wrote…. I am happy that ur happy ?

      2. Lalitha

        I belive in you sis… & I’m really happy for having you…??

  21. HarSHaN

    Hi Lalitha..Nycc plot..Ur view is gudd..It rectifiesss the error..I prefer that if U feel something different in any moment,just add here..Itz 100% more than ..The language.. Success only comes out with Coming out of Flaws only..So,I wish n hope U ll continue in full speed like b4 n take our Frnd’s suggestion as step of motive only ..
    Create the next Epi Soon!!
    Be Cool..N smile..

    1. Wow Anna after a long time I saw your comments you generally don’t read long articles but u rarely do so and I must say your words motivates a lot …
      You’re always there for your sisters

      Nandri Anna …
      Lucky to have u , miss u ….

      1. HarSHaN

        Shama!!!!!Hw R U Sissy!!???Searching TU fully after realising that U missed here..S,Sissy!!.(mm!!?S!!I ‘ll try to read Sissy!!!☺)I m always here n support my sisters..!!
        Miss U Sis..TC..

      2. Anna actually I took a break from telly updates for my studies and I will comeback with a new fresh I’d name account and stories …. Everything new …but I need all of urs support like old days…. I will comeback soon ..

        I miss all of u a lot to infinity ?

    2. Lalitha

      Thank you soo much yaar?
      U r absolutely correct…As you said i will take the suggestions as motivation only & I’ll post it soon..
      Thank you soo much for understanding & motivating me.. It really means a lot to me??

  22. Ruksy

    Amazing update

    1. Lalitha

      Thank you?

  23. Nice update plz continue

    1. Lalitha

      Thank you?

  24. Pri_24

    Sorry for the late comment and I just completed reading both the parts and I must say both are amazing and storyline is also fabulous one I love it and yeah I really don’t know you are one of the amazing writer and Shivay and Anika’s bond’s slow and steady race is treat to read and yeah I am waiting to for next part Di.

    1. Pri_24

      actually I don’t know that you are a writer Nandupie enlight me about your story so sorry for late comment once again.. . hope you don’t mind… And plz next time send me link….☺☺

    2. Lalitha

      Thank you soo much sis?
      As I already told you I’m a big fan of your ff’s & your comment on my ff is a treat to me.. & about the late comment its okay sis noo probs.. Your comment means a lot to me..
      I’ll post it soon & I will send u the link for sure..

  25. Beautiful update… loved it…

    1. Lalitha

      Thank you dear?

  26. Mrunal

    Hey sweetie….
    Mind blowing episode dear….
    I loved it….
    Shivaay supporting annika and assuring her that scene was so good…
    The way u r portraying shivaay.. Trust me I’ll surely fall for him again… Wow what cute act imitating annika just to bring a small smile on her face this act was sooo cute….
    After that “kuch kuch hota hai” was masterstroke… Wow…
    Malsid teasing annika…??
    And i really liked friends gang’s masti…
    Annika’s state u portrayed perfectly dear…

    Love u dear…???
    And post next one soon….

    1. Lalitha

      Hii sis…
      Thank you soo much sis?…
      & I’m really Sry fr the late rply…
      Your comment made my day… I’m smiling continuously…
      Love you sis???
      I will post it by today or tomorrow

  27. Hey lalitha, My feelings towards u is just gr8
    Plz post d nxt part soon.. we hav been waiting for so long…

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