You and me (Shivika– Chapter 6)

Anika’s POV

Since it’s a weekend, I think I should complete the work, I have been pushing ever since. I need to look for a good house and today is the day. The apartment that I am living in right now, is very small and it has many problems.

The whole day was spent in looking for house but in vain. Either the house was very expensive or it was in a very bad condition. To be precise, in a condition worse than my current apartment.

The whole event was very tiring for me. I had no energy left when I returned home so I had some food that was in the refrigerator.

After a long tiring day, I slumped over my bed and sleep engulfed me easily.

After my shift was over, I was waking down while chatting with Riya. This girl is really adorable and cute.

Then I saw Shivaay, who was waving at me. What is he doing here? Nonetheless, I waved a hi and walked to him.

“Hey Shivaay! This is Riya, my colleague cum friend ” and then I turned to Riya, “Riya,this is Shivaay, my best friend”

She looked quite amused, “You are Shivaay Singh Oberoi, owner of Oberoi industries, aren’t you? ” he nodded in agreement.

“I have seen all of you interviews and I am a fan of your attitude. You know I must say you really are handsome” I rolled my eyes.

It’s true that he is hot and s*xy but complimenting him this much and that too in front of me, will only boost his already mountain sized ego.

“Thanks sweetie” he winked at her.

“Bye Riya, I’ll see you tomorrow” I kissed her cheek and gave her a hug.

“Hey! Don’t give me those f**king looks, we are very straight” I said as I saw Shivaay’s eyes wide.

Riya cringed as I sweared. She really hates swearing but now she’s stuck with me, a girl who swears too much. Nevertheless, she waved to me and walked away.

“So what are you doing here? ” I asked as I turned to Shivaay.

“I was waiting for you”

“Woha! When did Shivaay Singh Oberoi start to wait for people? ”

“Not for people, just for you” he zoned out. I called him twice, when he finally snapped to reality, “Dinner? ”

My stomach grumbled, “Well you know the answer” A soft chuckle escaped his lips.

I got in the passenger seat and he, in the driver seat. He pressed on the gas, causing the car to lurch forward. The ride was quite as I kept staring out of the window. He drove us to a nearby restaurant.

When we reached, we ordered Mexican food. We both love Mexican.

“I’m so happy” he said out of the blue. I looked up to him, giving him my full concentration.

“Huh?” I was confused.

Our food came and we talked about random things. He told me about Rudy’s demands and his antics. After we had our dinner, he paid the bill, even though I insisted to pay but he is too stubborn for words.

“What about a drive? ”

“Why not?” a smile broke out on my face.

Well, who wouldn’t enjoy a ride in such a good weather, cold and calm. The moon beamed at me. I had always loved moon even more than the sun because it gave light even in the darkest of time. My bracelet, has these moons too.

My chain of thoughts were broken when the car came to slow halt.

“I’m going to get ice cream. You stay in the car, alright? ” I nodded and then he went.

My eyes fell in diary. It was brownish black in colour. It was probably his personal diary. I picked it up and started rummaging through it. I know it’s bad to read someone’s personal diary but he’s not someone he’s my best friend. There should be no secrete between besties.

My eyes caught a title; Angel of light. It was written in bold letters. I was about to read when I saw him coming back. I put the diary in my bag, thinking to read it later.

“What took you so long? ”

“Umm… There was a pretty long queue”

I raised a brow,”The great Shivaay Singh Oberoi doesn’t wait in line, now does he? You got a business call, don’t you? ”

“How the heck do you know?!” he sighed as he massaged his temple. I chuckled. This man is never going to learn how to lie. Such poor acting skills, I tell you. “Sometimes you behave like a creep”

“Now give me my icecream” I demanded like a kid. Told you, with him, my maturity goes down the drain.

He gave me and I started to eating my favorite chocochip ice-cream with extra toppings on it.

“I’m so excited to see Sona and Om. Aren’t you excited? ”

“Is that even a question to ask?! They are my siblings”

“Oh yeah! Sometimes I tend to forget that they are your siblings and not mine” I chuckled. It was true that I treated them like my own siblings. To be honest, I don’t know what I would have done without them.

I saw the ice cream parlour and nostalgia took over me.

“What are you think about? ”

“I was thinking what I would do without you guys. I still remember six years back… ” I stopped as I I felt him squeeze my hand in assurance. I nodded and wiped the tear from the corner of my eye. “You didn’t let me break. If not you, I would have been scattered into pieces. ” I gave him a small smile as I remembered the incident six years ago.

“Same goes for you. When Mom…. ”

“Don’t. I know it still hurts and Shivaay please stop fighting with Uncle”

“I can never forgive him,”

A/N- Hey guys! Do you like the chapter and what do you think happened to Shivaay’s mom and why does he fight with his dad? Why can’t he forgive him? What did his father do?

Keep smiling and do watch Ishqbaaaz on TV.

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