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Shivika , bhavya , Gaurika (Jab Tak Hai Jaan) Episode 8


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Hello…. I am back with today episode hope u guys like it and thank you that u like my episodes…. Please give ur reveiw & suggestion about this episode also hope u guys like it…..

Scene 20:–
Ankita turn around:– Rohit Tum..
Rohit:– Tum yahan kya kar rahi ho….
Ankita:– Kuch nhi !!!! chalyn…
Rohit :– Hmmmm….
Scene 21:–
Shivaay :– Sahil!! Mai meeting khatam kar ka ata hn…… Phir baat karta hn…..
Sahil :– Okay bhaiya
Scene 22:–
All board members present in a hall….
Board members:– We like two presentation and very confused to choose one so we have decided that they both work together on this project…..
Mr Oberoi & Miss Ankita we want both of u to work together…… If u both have any problem so the one who have the problem can have right to quiet……
Now there is the main problem for Ankita to work with Shivaay its very difficult for her…..
Shivaay :– no i have no problem to work with her as its a pleasure to work with such a big business women……
As Rohit get some call so he leave for some other work he is not present there at that time…..
And now Shivaay have some doubt over Ankita his heart saying him many time’s that she is Anika his Anika…..Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi ASSO & this deal is only a chance to get close to her & know the truth……
Shivaay :– Miss Ankita we are waiting for ur answer…..
Ankita :– Yes its really great to work with u Mr Oberoi….. As u are the one best businessman and i listen many thing about ur work it pleasure to me also to work with u……
Shivaay Shocked….. As he think if Ankita is really Anika she would never be ready to work with him…
& Anika knows this as she know Shivaay only doing this deal so he would know Ankita’s truth….. thats why she say yes….
Shivaay & Ankita sign deal…..
Everyone leave…..
Ankita Leaving from Hall…..
Shivaay :– Miss Ankita….
Ankita :– Yes….
Shivaay:– u are from UK…
Ankita:– Yes
Shivaay :– But u are indian…..
Ankita :– Yes…..
Shivaay :– So when you sifted to uk….. or u born in uk….. if u never come to india then how u know hindi….. or if u come so where are u from in india……
Ankita :– who are u to ask me so many question & why i answer ur question…..
Ankita leave…..
Shivaay :– I got my all answers Miss Ankita Chopra….. Shivaay give small smile….
Ankita:– Mujha lagta ha Shivaay ko doubt ho gya ha mujh par i have to be save……
Scene 22:–
Shivaay back to his room sahil waiting for him….
Shivaay :– ab bta kya baat ha….
Sahil :– bhaiya kal ap or Ragini didi ki engagement ha….
Shivaay :– Pagle ha kya tu kuch bhi….
Sahil :– Ya lne invitation cards….
Shivaay :– Meri engagement hai aur mujha pta bhi nhi aur ya kis ka plan ha…..
Sahil :– mera & Mom ka…..
Shivaay :– I have some idea about it…..
Shivaay think that its a great chance to take one more test of Ankita so it make eassy to guess that she is Anika or not…… because if she is Anika she can’t handle to see Shivaay with any other girl…..
Shivaay take one invitation card from Sahil & tell him do what he and Mom want……
Sahil leave…..
Shivaay call one girl…..
A beautiful house shown a girl in green silk saree pickup a Call…..
Shivaay :– Good morning
Girl :– Good morning
Shivaay :– I send u the picture and all details related to it ….. find each and every detail about it
Girl :– Okay Sir…..
Shivaay :– don’t call me sir pinku
Yes she is our pinku….. She is living in a beautiful house not so big not so small , After kamini get revealed pinku left Ranveer and living with her daughter ( Ruhi ) in this house & There is also nanny of her daughter. … Pinku is now brave girl living alone happy family working with Shivaay in information department.. .
Pinku :– Okay bhaiya ….
Shivaay :– Ankita Chopra I am comming…..

Scene 23:–
Shivaay take Ankita’s Hotel address from some where and go there…,.
Shivaay to Receptionist :- Miss Ankita Chopra room …..
Receptionist :– Sir room 401….
Shivaay :- Thanku….
When Shivaay going towards Ankita room …… Ansh comming from other side & after that clash…. Father & Son first face off….
Ansh :- u didn’t see i am comming from that side…… u know who am i…..
Shivaay :– I am Sorry
Ansh :– That’s better….
Ansh left from there…..
Shivaay this child i can’t believe that much of attitude how could be some kid in this much tadibaazi ….. just Shivaay think of Anika….. & Smile….
Knock on Ankita room ……
Ankita :– Yes ….
Shivaay didn’t say anything…..
At this time Rohit in Ankita room and they are just talking normally like friends….
So Rohit open the door…..
Rohit :– Mr Oberoi ap
Shivaay :– Is this Ankita’s room
Rohit :- Yes please come in…..
Shivaay in some shocked enter in room , Rohit call Ankita from bedroom…..
The hotel room is made up of two room one bedroom & other dining room….
Ankita:– Mr oberoi ap yahna kasey…..
Rohit :- what will u take??????
Shivaay :– Nothing ….
Rohit :– Sure….
Shivaay :– Ya …. Actually i am here to give u the invitation card…. As now we are business partner so we are like a family so i am here to invite ur family to my engagement party …..
Anika didn’t give any expressions on her face… instead she congratulates Shivaay for this….
Rohit :– Congratulations Mr Oberoi…..
Shivaay :– Mr Rohit Mehra I really listen about u such a great business man u are,,,, So u & Ankita are business partners…. Shivaay just ask in very serious way but he is very desperate to listen the answer…
Rohit :- actually….. he get call and just excuse a site…..
Ankita get chance to make Shivaay more believe that she is Ankita not Anika……
Ankita :– Actually we are married he is my husband ……
Shivaay now get a huge shock after 5 year he get a hope that Ankita is Anika but this hope is also break…..

PRECAP:- Shivaay get some link of Anika & Ankita ….. Anika in oberoi mansion… Ansh also enter in oberoi mansion…..

  1. Awesome episode.Keep writing dear.

  2. U reposted the same update

    1. Shivika_Ishqbaaaz

      No its next part episode 7 i put 8 episode so sorry for it

  3. its 7 th episode… isn’t it

    1. Shivika_Ishqbaaaz

      No its next part episode 7 i put 8 episode so sorry for it

  4. Sagithya

    It is the previous part… Part 7….

  5. Shivika_Ishqbaaaz

    Sorry guys its my mistake i upload this part again so sorry for it

  6. Alekhika20

    Superb update

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