Shivika by Anshika (Part 7)

Hi guys I’m back with another update of my ff. I think it is the longest one. Enjoyy

After doctor left Shivaay was about to say something when Harsh stop him.

Ha: Mr Oberoi can we talk afterwards.
Shivaay was shocked at once but manages to say
Shiv: ya sure first u get well the we’ll talk. Saying he leaves.
Ha: Annika I was knowing this fact but I didn’t tell you. I know you’ll  be hating me for this.
Ani:harsh I don’t need any explanation. I trust you
At that time Rohan enters with Anaay.

Ro: Hw r u bhai?
Har: I m fine now
And they spend some happy moments with each other


In shinky’s room Shivaay ask pinky about if he had any other brother. Pinky told him that they were kidnapped at age of 1 and they managed to find Shivaay but lost his brother.
Shi: U want to meet your long lost son.
Pin: but he died
Shiv; no he is alive
Pi: do u know him plz take me to him
Shi: not today but tomorrow
She agrees

Next day at raizada mansion
Rohan was playing with Anaay & Harsh was coming down when Shivaay comes.
Ha: Mr Oberoi you here
Shi: I want u to come to OM
Anika comes down when pinky enters
Anika: harsh here is your file.(seeing pinky) aap yaha.

Pinky: Destroying life of my one son is not enough that you are destroying his life also. Manhoos hai tu.
Ha: Enough is enough. This girl is my wife. You have no right to say anything wrong about her. Bcoz of her I m alive. 
He hold her hand and take her in room.
Ha: I can’t live where there’s no respect for u

An: She’s ur mother she has right to scold
Ha: but
Ann: no arguments we’re going.

Ha(unwilling) fine
In hall
Ha: I’m coming with you but I have some conditions. 1 Anika & Rohan will stay with me. 2 I’ll not use Oberoi surname I’ll be Raizada only.
Pinky agrees unwilling. And they depart for OM

At OM pinky does arti of Harshika. Annika introduce him to omri&rumya. Rumya left for college.
Dadi: puttar u go and rest I’ll call you for lunch.

At noon
In room
An: arrey we haven’t informed rohan to come at OM. Wait I’ll ask Rudra he’ll take him along.
Ha: I’ll get Ayush from school.

When rumya comes with rohan Annika explains him everything. When harsh enters with Ayush
Ayush: mumma
An: aagaya mera baccha chalo change kar lo and come
He goes at that time no one was in hall

At dinning table
Da: who is he
An: he is ur great grand child Ayush. Ayush she is ur great grandmother.
Ay: that means par dadi ie PD
An: yeh bade dada badi dadi ( pointing to tejvi)

Ay: bigda aur bigdi
Ja: i like my new name
Ru: mai chote chachu
Om: main bade chachu
Ay: ok toh aap sicha sichi (i know its crap but he is a child) (shiv got a call in anger he broke his phone)
Ay:aap koun (pointing to shivaay)
Da: bade papa

Ay : yani BP always angery mode on.
Shinky comes
Pi: oh my mata who is this child
An: ur grand child Ayush they are dada dadi
Ay: but
An: Ayush
Ay: ok
Harsh leaves seeing pinky all feel sad

Plz ignore grammatical mistakes

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  1. Awesome.. next plz

  2. Ahsana98

    It’s was an nice episode dear.I have a doubt ayush is shivika son or harshika ‘s son. I miss 3rd part of your ff. if you have no problem then please send me the link of third part. In today episode is one mistake you mentioned ayush name as anaay .I going to leave TU because of my semester exams. so I can’t able read regular. But I will read your ff after my come back in TU

    1. Ahsana98

      Anshika please give the link of third part of your ff in this page

    2. Anshikamittal

      The name of child is anaay and thanks for commenting I’ll give link in next part

  3. Superb

  4. This was really cool please update soon????????

  5. Silverfish_trex

    Seriously ossumm…plz post the next part soom

  6. Hey ur FF is beautiful. I just loved it. And ya pls hv many harshika scenes than shivika. Pls tell who is playing the character of harsh. And do continue harshika scenes only. Find another girl for SSO. It will be good to see harshika.

    1. Anshikamittal

      Thanks for suggestion dear

  7. Pls post the next part soon. I’m waiting eagerly for it. Pls see that it contains harshika scenes. Let it even contains some fun of rudra’s antics,some harshika scenes like he in other ff shivika get caught while romancing in front of OmRu and other family members.

    1. Anshikamittal

      I’ll try to implement your suggestions

  8. Arthi

    I just love ur ff and do post soon and add some harsh and Anika scenes and do mention who is playing the character of harsh……and give some Rudy moments and I need harsh and Ayush scene and along with that want to see Rohan and anikas bonding do post dr….

    1. Anshikamittal

      Story is already completed dear but I’ll try to make changes. Only one part was left but now I’ll make it longer. It may take some time but I’ll post this weekend only. Thanks for suggestion

  9. Alekhika20

    Awsome update

  10. Superb..

  11. Pls post next part soon. I’m eagerly waiting for it.

  12. Anshikamittal

    I have completed the story on watty according to my watty story only one chapter is left. Do you want me to extend the story by 3-4 chapters or I go according to my watty story please tell me what you want I’ll go with majority and I’ll post next part by this weekend

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