Shivika by Anshika (Part 6)

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Next Day
Everyone went to their work. Harsh to office , Annika to hotel , Ayush to summer camp, Rohan to college.

In evening
Harshika(harsh+Anika) were returning.
In car
Annika saw a panipuri  stall
Ani: Harsh stop the car.
Har: (applying brakes) what happen ?
Ani: Panipuri.
Har: What?
Ani:I want to eat panipuri.
Har: he know there’s no use of argument. Come.
As they were crossing road a car was about to hit Anika but Harsh pulls her and he himself got hurt.

Ani: Haaaaaaarsh…………..
Annika and driver of car rushes him to hospital.

Dr: He has lost lot of blood. We need blood immediately plz arrange AB+ blood. ( he leaves).
Ani:(in mind) Harsh’s blood grp AB+ mera B+ Rohan ka bhi B+. Kaha se arrange karu.
She began to cry. Rohan comes there.
Ro:Bhabhi (consoles her)

ShivOm are also there for regular checkup. They are leaving.
Dr: Mr Oberoi.
Shiv: Yes Dr Kumar.
Dr: Actually there is a patient who need blood immediately & your blood grp matches with his will you….
Shiv(interrupting): Yes I’ll donate blood.

Here Anika is crying on her helplessness. The nurse comes
Nurse: Mam blood has been arranged.
Annika’s happiness has no bounds
Ani: Where is doner? Can I meet him.
Nurse: No u can’t meet him right now but after half an hour & He is in your husband’s room.
Ani: Ok
After half an hour Anika goes to Harshs room. Shivaay was talking on mobile when Annika enters Shivaay feels her presence.Harsh was sleeping.
Annika: I don’t know how to thank you. It’s bcoz of my husband is out of danger (continues her thankyou speech)
Harsh wake up ( Harsh-H, Annika-A, Shivaay-S)
H- Annika….( hearing her name Shivaay turns but (she goes, make him sit and hugs him)
A- Harsh
A-(faking anger) kya zaroorat thi heropanti  dikhane ki agar aap ko kuch ho jata toh socha hai Rohan ka kya hota Ayush ka kya hota. Main aapse baat hi nahi karugi.
H- Aur tumhara kya hota tummhe koi farak nahi pdta.
A- Main marjati Harsh
Harsh sees Shivaay
H- Mr Oberoi aap.
Annika brakes the hug and look at Shivaay
S-how r u feeling Mr Raizada.
H- I’m fine now. Jisske pass itna pyaar karne wali wife ho usko Kese kuch ho sakta hai. Yesterday I was unable to introduce you to my wife.(side hugging annika)She’s my lovely wife Mrs Annika Singh Raizada.

Shivaay was hell shocked. In meanwhile doctor enters

Dr: Mrs Oberoi you can take him home tomorrow
Annika-Harsh looks at each other.
H-  She’s Mrs Raizada not Mrs Oberoi.
Dr – Oh I’m sorry but your DNA matches with Mr Oberoi.


PRECAP Harshika in OM

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  11. Lakhshmi2810

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